Best Grills of 2021 – Complete Review

| Last Updated: January 9, 2022

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A barbecue is perhaps one of the oldest traditions man has ever known. Today, with so many options, choosing the perfect grill would be a wild and enduring search.

From traditional charcoal to modern-day gas grills, there are just too many to choose from.

For your convenience, we have searched the ends of the web to find you the best of the best. In search of the ultimate grill? Take a look at our fine selection.

Comparison of the Best Grills

  • Features One-Touch cleaning system
  • High-capacity ash catcher for hassle-free cleanup
  • Porcelain-enameled lid and bowl keeps in heat
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  • Easy to grill hot and fast or low and slow
  • Cast aluminum construction
  • Portable and can be moved around for better experience
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  • Best for the Money
  • GS4 grilling system with improved infinity ignition
  • 529 Square inches of cooking space
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  • Best Indoor Grill
  • Works as a contact grill, panini press and full grill
  • Brushed stainless-steel housing
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  • Best Gas Grill
  • Three high-performance stainless steel burners
  • Management system reduces risk of dangerous flare-ups
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  • Best Pellet Grill
  • Ash can makes cleanup simple
  • Large capacity pellet hopper
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  • Best Portable Grill
  • Two-burner portable grill
  • Porcelain cast-iron wave cooking grids for consistent, even heat
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Are All Grills The Same?

All grills are not made equal, and there are quite a few obvious differences between the different makes of grills available.


This is one of the most notable differences between the grills out there available for the home cook. It is mostly meant that the cooking space of one grill is larger than that of another grill.


All gas and fuel grills make use of burners to carry the heat to your food for a quick heating up. They also come in a variety of styles, and they may have a different quantity of burners for larger and smaller grills.


Not all grills use the same type of fuel to produce heat for the cooking of your food. Some grills may use electricity to produce the heat for cooking and are for indoor use mostly.

Other grills make use of charcoal or wood pellets to be burned to produce the heat to cook the food. Then there are the ones that use gas for cooking the food also in many different cooking methods.

Some gas and electric grills also make use of infrared technology to create heat for cooking.

What to Look For When Buying a Grill

Here are a few things to look for when you want to buy a grill.


Most of the time, it is the more pricey grills that are of the best quality and have the most features. So it is essential to decide what you want from the grill before you fork out the money for it.


This is one of the main factors to look into when you are out buying a grill for home and camping use. Electrical grills will always need an electric outlet for it to be able to work, and that makes them not very portable.

Charcoal grills, as well as pellet grills, are very easy to carry around and take with you on a camping trip. The charcoal grill is the easiest and the cheapest of this type of grill, and they are very portable.

Grills that work with gas or propane are also portable, but you still need to carry propane or other fuel tanks along. These types of grills also have the most features to them and come with lots of extras.


The size of the grill is also a factor, and it depends on the number of people you want to cook for.

Review of the Best Grills

This review will compare and show the differences between a couple of good grills for home use that are available.

Best Overall:
Original Premium Charcoal Kettle Grill From Weber

Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill, 22-Inch, Black


  • It has a large capacity as catcher included
  • This grill is now also available in two more colors
  • Hanging space is provided for the lid when cooking
  • With this grill, you have an ample cooking space on the grate
  • The grill is porcelain-enameled to resist rust and to retain heat


  • You get no grill cover included
  • Takes some time before hot enough
  • It can not be used for indoor cooking

What Recent Buyers Report

The Weber grill is very easy to assemble, and it is sturdily built and has a good quality look to it. This grill is quite large, and you can cook a lot of food on this grill in one cooking session. It looks quite nice and beautiful in the new colors.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is the old trusted kettle charcoal grill that will give you that authentic BBQ taste to your food every time. A lot of hanging space is provided not just for the lid but also for the cooking utensils. It comes in different colors to fit into your decor accent.

Who Will Use This Most

This is the ideal kettle grill for those people who love that authentic charcoal flavor and taste to their food. It is also great for people who love to do outdoor cooking and will look for an excuse to take it outside. And also great for every outdoor cook.

Bottom Line

With this Weber kettle grill, you can cook every meal of the day for the whole family and more. This grill has a large cooking space for direct and indirect cooking. Weber was and always will be a synonym for outdoor food grilling.

PKO Grill And Smoker From PK Grills

PK Grills PKO-SCAX-X Charcoal BBQ Grill and Smoker Combo, Regular, Silver


  • There is a lot of working space on the trolley
  • A good overall heat retention and heat control
  • Can remove the grill from the trolley to make it mobile
  • A very convenient 4-point venting system is included in the grill
  • The grill is of durable aluminum construction and is rust-resistant


  • No thermometer included
  • There is no hook for the lid
  • You have a high price tag attached to this grill

What Recent Buyers Report

This grill is great, and it will stay hot for a very long time while you are cooking your food. It works very well for searing and smoking, and the grill is made very strong and durable. The charcoal grate and the grill for cooking are heavy-duty and strong.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The whole grill is made from cast aluminum alloy to make it rust-resistant to last a very long time. The aluminum body of the grill will also help to retain the heat very efficiently for better heat control. The 4-point venting system helps to control the heat and save charcoal.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a great grill for all home chefs and amateurs who love the outdoor cooking style. The versatile grill and smoker is very suitable for the outdoor chefs who take part in competition cooking. If you are one of those people who love to have home parties, this is for you.

Bottom Line

This grill from PK Grills will draw families together around the grill for a great outdoor BBQ cooking session. It can successfully be used for tailgating and camping, as well as for many outdoor cooking applications. Even if you pay quite a lot for this, you are paying for good quality.

Best for the Money:
Weber Spirit II Propane Grill

Weber 45030001 Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill, Red


  • It is available in ivory and black colors
  • This grill heats up very quickly to searing heat
  • You get a cast-iron cooking grate with this grill
  • There is lots of working space on the trolley of the Weber
  • A very easy and reliable ignition system built-in to the grill


  • It is difficult to assemble
  • There is no grill cover included
  • You have a high price tag attached to the grill

What Recent Buyers Report

This grill is very quick to heat up to searing heat, and you will have the food ready in a short time. This is worth the money spent on it, and it is very easy to use for cooking your food. It also has the best warranty on the market for a grill.

Why it Stands Out to Us

You do not need to wait for this Weber grill to heat up before you can use it for cooking your food. The very reliable ignition system will get your grill up and running in no time every time you need it. It is strong and very sturdily built.

Who Will Use This Most

This is the perfect grill for the professional home entertainer as well as for all those home chefs. It can be used at home for perfect cooking for many different types of cooking styles. It will also be suitable for every outdoor BBQ enthusiast and sports events.

Bottom Line

Even though you have to pay a lot of money for this propane Weber grill, it still is the best for your money. With all the extra features and the fast cooking of this grill, you will have the envy of your friends and family. It is a true cooking investment.

Best Indoor Grill:
GR-4N 5-In-1 Griddler From Cuisinart

Cuisinart Panini Press, Stainless Steel Griddler, Sandwich Maker & More, 5-IN-1, GR-4NP1


  • All the plates of this grill are dishwasher safe
  • The controls are clear to read and easy to use
  • A drip tray is included to catch for grease control
  • It is very easy to use for all the different types of grilling
  • You have 5 different cooking options for grilling your food


  • Needs an electric outlet to work
  • Not that easy to clean after use
  • The plastic parts are of lesser quality

What Recent Buyers Report

With this grill, you have an option between the grill plates and the griddle to when grilling your food. This grill looks nice and sturdy, and it is very easy to use for different types of grilling. This electric griddle will help to broaden your culinary experience and horizons.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With this indoor electric griddle, you have a variety of cooking options to prepare your food fast and efficiently. This grill is very easy to use, and you can switch over the plates for different plate options. All the plates of this grill can be washed in the dishwasher or by hand.

Who Will Use This Most

This is suitable to be used in the home of the grilled-food-lovers, as well as for everyday cooking. With all the extra features and cooking options, this grill can be professionally used for food preparation. It is also great for people in small apartments who love grilling.

Bottom Line

This griddle from Cuisinart is very easy to operate and can be quickly set up for a fast tasteful meal. It is versatile and functional to use for lots of cooking options and meal preparations. At the price you get this indoor griddle, it is an excellent addition to your kitchen.

Best Gas Grill:
Weber Genesis ii E-310 Outdoor LP Gas Grill

Weber 61010001 Genesis II E-310 Black LP Outdoor Gas Grill


  • A grease drip tray is included with this Weber grill
  • There is lots of space for food preparation available
  • The open cart design provides lots of extra storage space
  • The infinity ignition system provides an easy starting every time
  • You have porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grills with this Weber


  • For outdoor use only
  • Very difficult to install on the gas line
  • Not available to be sold in all 50 States

What Recent Buyers Report

This is the perfect grill for large families and small families as well as for entertaining friends and family. All the food prepared with this grill has that smokey grilled flavor you want with a BBQ. This is perfect for all your food grilling at home and other food preparation.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This Weber Genesis outdoor gas grill is very well designed and is solidly built to last a very long time. You have lots of space on this grill, not just for food preparation but also ample storage for all your cooking tools. Also included is a grease control system.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a great grill for backyard cuisine and a valuable addition to any type of cooking setup. You get a professional food preparation tool that is affordable to use for all your home cooking. This grill is the perfect gift for all backyard home chefs and entertainers alike.

Bottom Line

For the best gas grill out there, this is the perfect and only choice you can make for a home setup. This grill will be the center of every home entertainment as well as for everyday cooking. For a safe and every time perfect cooking experience, you should get one.

Best Pellet Grill:
Camp Chef Smoke Pro DLX


  • A grease management system is also included
  • A large-capacity pellet hopper is included with this grill
  • It has a large cooking surface for a large amount of food
  • You have an easy ash disposing system for easy cleaning
  • This grill can be used for high-temperature food smoking


  • It is for outdoor use only
  • Takes a long time to cook
  • Not very economical to use for everyday cooking

What Recent Buyers Report

This smoker grill is great for outdoor cooking and will give you that smokey flavor for your food. The temperature control of this smoker is flawless and can be easily controlled when you get the hang of it. This is the perfect slow-cooking outdoor food preparing method for delicious food.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With this smoker and grill, you can prepare a lot of food at the same time with the large cooking surface. It can also be very easily cleaned after use with the ‘one-pull ash can cleaning out’ system. The smoking of food is straightforward with this smoker grill.

Who Will Use This Most

This smoker grill is suitable for all home food smokers to your food in advance for time-saving purposes. It is ideal for those ever-busy people that do not have lots of time available for food preparation. If you love the smokey flavor, this grill is just right for you.

Bottom Line

This type of grill and smoke setup may not be very economical for food preparation. But the authentic taste from preparing the food in this smoker will be worth the effort and price. This unit is very well designed, and it will last a long time for excellent tasting food.

Best Portable Grill:
Napoleon TQ285X Propane Grill

Napoleon TQ285X-BL Portable Propane Grill with Cart, Blue


  • No batteries are required for the ignition system
  • Can fold up for convenient storage in a small space
  • You have lots of space available on the side shelves included
  • The JETFIRE ignition system is very reliable for a quick ignition
  • Dual stainless steel burners installed for different applications


  • Suitable for outdoor use only
  • There is no airflow control included

What Recent Buyers Report

This Napoleon grill is very easy to tag around with the large wheels included on all types of surfaces. The build of this grill is of excellent workmanship, and it is made from good quality materials. It is a very nice grill for the price you pay for it.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The dual stainless steel burners included with this grill allows for direct and indirect cooking of your food. There is lots of food preparing space available on the two side tables that are installed on the trolley. The ignition system used on this grill requires no batteries to ignite the burners.

Who Will Use This Most

This propane grill can fold up quite small to be stored in a small space, and that makes it ideal for taking out on trips. It can easily be used by campers and tailgate entertainers for a great meal. The large wheels provided on the grill make it easier to move around without effort.

Bottom Line

You get a versatile mobile camping grill that can be tagged along on every camping trip without hassle. The battery-free ignition system and the wheels allow for much better portability with this functional grill. It is a very good and valuable addition to your camping and tailgating tools and equipment.

Best Smokeless Grill:
Philips Avance Smokeless Indoor Grill

Philips Kitchen Appliances Philips HD6371/94 Smoke-less Indoor Grill, Black


  • The grill heats up very quickly to searing heat
  • A die-cast grid is used for cooking your food on
  • It uses advanced infrared technology to heat the food
  • You get a non-stick aluminum grill that is very easy to clean
  • All the removable parts are dishwasher safe and easy to remove


  • Some parts are of lesser quality
  • Not very easy to clean after use
  • It needs an electric outlet to work

What Recent Buyers Report

This smokeless grill is great for indoor use if you live in a small apartment without outdoor space. The grill is smokeless, and the only thing you notice is the BBQ smell all over the place. You do not need an exhaust hood when you cook with this smokeless grill.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This smokeless grill heats up very quickly, so you do not need to wait for it to heat up before cooking. It is smokeless and ideal for a small space apartment and everyday cooking for a fast meal. The advanced infrared technology used makes it a fast and easy grill.

Who Will Use This Most

This is suitable for use by small apartment dwellers that have no outdoor space for outdoor BBQ. It is also perfect for people who only eat in their apartment and need something to cook the food quickly. So this is the ideal appliance for the on-the-go type of person.

Bottom Line

The price of this cooking appliance may be a bit steep, but you get quick and easy service from it. The no-nonsense quick-to-heat-up grill will not waste your time and cooks the food quickly. This smokeless grill will provide you a grilled meal without chasing you outside.

Best Infrared Grill:
Big Easy TRU Smoker Roaster From Char-Boil


  • A grease trap is included with this infrared grill
  • It is a nice multi-purpose roaster, smoker and grill
  • This grill and smoker is very easy to assemble for use
  • You get quite a large grilling surface for cooking your food
  • Convenient carry-handles are installed on this grill for easy carrying


  • A very small smoker box
  • It is meant for outdoor use only
  • Workmanship is of lesser quality on this grill

What Recent Buyers Report

This multi-purpose infrared grill is very easy to use and perfect for outdoor roasting and will save oven space. The grease trap included with this grill helps to make the cleaning very easy and quick. With this easy-use grill, it is not difficult to make a perfect meal every time.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This infrared grill can be used for grilling your food, and it also has a smoker box included. It can also be used as a roaster to roast a whole chicken with a very fast infrared roast chamber. This is a very clean and fast cooking appliance for many types of cooking.

Who Will Use This Most

This roast and grill are very easy to use, and anyone can use it even the first time smoker or roaster. It can equally be used as a BBQ and smoker for a variety of tastes and flavors. It is also portable enough to be used for a camping trip.

Bottom Line

This easy to assemble and easy to clean infrared roaster and grill is a great addition to your backyard cuisine art. It is also great for tailgating as well as for the regular camper and great for the RV. It is a good entry-level appliance in every kitchen.

Best George Foreman Grill:
4-Serving Removable Plate Grill

George Foreman 4-Serving Removable Plate Electric Grill and Panini Press, George Tough Non-Stick Coating, Drip Tray Catches Grease, Black


  • A drip pan is included for the grease control
  • All the removable plates are dishwasher safe
  • This grill has a very low price point attached to it
  • It is very small and compact for easy, quick storage
  • This grill will help to remove up to 40 percent of the fat


  • Not very easy to clean after use
  • Needs an electric outlet to work
  • There is no automatic shut-off switch installed

What Recent Buyers Report

This George Foreman grill is great for steaks and hamburgers, and it can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It is small and does not take too much space on the countertop or table. This is the perfect grill for a small family and a small apartment.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It can easily be used on a very small surface for cooking your food without leaving a large footprint. This grill is excellent for a much healthier meal with a lot of the fat removed from your food. The removable plates are all safe to be washed in the dishwasher.

Who Will Use This Most

This grill is exceptional for those who are aware of eating healthy meals and who love grilled food. This is great for a small to medium family to prepare a whole meal for the family. It is also perfect for the family on-the-go, and those have only a small kitchen space.

Bottom Line

You get this very functional and great quality grill for a very low price, but it seems worth much more. This is a great everyday appliance to prepare a quick healthy meal on it. The great grills from George Foreman require no introduction and are quite a favorite cooking appliance.

Types of Grills

There are several types of grills available on the market. Choosing which to support is not the easiest thing to do. There are plenty of benefits and negative points for each type. Determining the best that suits your needs would require a little investigation.

Charcoal Grills

The original idea of the grill in its earliest form. The most common fuel for charcoal grills is briquettes or coal lumps. The preparation and time-consuming method of grilling is the greatest known difficulty. It is still considered the most affordable and entertaining of all. 

Electric Grills

Electric grills would make use of heating devices such as elements to cook the meat. The most significant benefit is that it is both convenient and quick. One has precise control of the heat, and it is fueled by the cheapest source. However, cooking the perfect flavor requires painstaking practice.

Gas Grills

The control can be precision handled, and it cooks in half the time of traditional grills. Mastering the flavoring poses some difficulty, but with enough practice, it will become easier. Gas grills are ideal for indoor and outdoor grilling, and the fuel source is affordable and sustainable.

Pellet Grill

Instead of burning coal, pellet grills burn up pellets of pressed wood, often soaked in water or vegetable oil. The pellets are stored and burned in a firebox placed at the bottom of the grill. In general, pellets have varieties to choose from. Pellet grills are rich in flavor and can cook at sheering temperatures. 

Propane Grill

Propane gas is an alternative to Natural gas grills. It works and is designed in mostly the same way as other gas grills. The only components that need changing are the burners and regulators. Propane is, however, the more efficient fuel.

Types of Grill Grates

Choosing the proper grate, available in plenty of variations, is very important. After all, even with the fire, you need a surface to grill on. A grate or grid that evenly distributes the heat is the most ideal. The best surfaces are made of stainless steel, porcelain-coated metals, or cast iron.

Stainless Steel vs.Cast Iron

Of all the materials, stainless-steel is considered the best choice. It is the longest-lasting, can endure high heat, is easy to clean, and regulates temperature brilliantly. Overall, stainless-steel is the better choice but is produced under high costs. 

However, it is well worth it. Cast iron is a very effective choice, and due to both availability and cost efficiency is the mass choice. Cast iron is traditional to use and the safest option, since it distributes heat evenly and can endure high temperatures. But it will not last as long as stainless-steel options. Cast iron should also be treated against rusting.

Stainless Steel vs. Porcelain Coated Grill Grates

The next best choice, second to stainless-steel, would be porcelain coated grids. Grates made from metals like cast iron can be improved by coating it with porcelain. In fact, the best choice among coated metals is cast iron. 

Stainless steel variations are available but are more expensive and not suitable for searing. The endurance, as well as the evenness of the heat spreading, is improved with a porcelain coating. Note that it is more expensive than traditional cast iron.

Popular Grill Brands

Searching the web for the finest grills, we have come upon several names and brands. All of them are the top producers and manufacturers, leading the industry with their products and innovation. Take a look at what is considered the people’s favorite brands.

Green Mountain Grills

Green Mountain Grills are driven by their love for the barbecue. With passion in mind, and in search of the finest flavoring, Green Mountain develops pellet grills. Their grills are extremely popular and made with intricate care. Their love for the barbecue is clearly expressed in their products.

Camp Chef Grills

Inspired by the needs of outdoor adventurers and campers, Camp Chef created its first line of products in 1990. Since then, they have innovated and advanced the barbecue, creating a legend still spread among campers. Their grills are designed to meet the needs of every barbecue chef.

Z Grill

Z Grill takes pride in creating the wildest dreams of both customers and employees. Z Grill is considered among the leaders of modern manufacturers. They produce the next generation of pellet grills that are ideal for the barbecue or regular use. Z Grill aims to please its customers with every creation.

Traeger Grills

Traeger Grills are made with the intent to save time, money, and effort. It is made with the initial vision to focus more on the preparation of the food than tending to the grill. With that in mind, their first grills were introduced to the market.

Napoleon Grills

Napoleon Grills is one of the more exquisite brands on the market. Their vision is to inspire the good memories of the barbecue by innovating and advancing the comforts of the grill. Their products have been rewarded with plenty of trophies and are of the highest standards.


No list is without the original creation, the Weber grill. Previously known as Weber-Stephen, it was one of the first mass-produced grills to appear on the market. To this day, Weber continues to innovate and advance the grill.

Char-Broil Grills

Char-Broil is a division of W. C. Bradley Company that manufactures all kinds of grills. They are a trusted brand, driven to deliver performance. They have been innovating the grill since day one, and their products have driven the demands of the people.

Cuisinart Grills

Cuisinart is an American company owned by Conair Corporation. Cuisinart develops special appliances for the kitchen, aiming to produce top quality. They design and make some of the world’s best grills and fryers and other appliances. They are driven by culinary expertise and intend to spread the art of grilling.

Comparison vs. Snapshot

If you need more info to see what makes a certain grill a better option than another, here, you’ll get that. We’ll discuss the different features, and you can decide which is best for your needs.

Charcoal vs. Gas Grills

The argument is widely diverse. It all comes down to personal preferences. However, if the authenticity of a barbecue taste is not as desired, the efficiency of gas is very appealing. With a gas grill, it is easier to accommodate larger groups and functions.

Electric vs. Gas Grills

Electric grills are very versatile and can be minutely controlled. They are also safer than gas and work with a more convenient heat source. However, at a campsite, the electric grill would be impractical. Unless you have a generator, leave it behind and bring the gas along.

Griddle vs. Grill

Preferences between griddle and grill would be a personal decision. It is widely argued but yet to be settled which is best. A griddle offers a flat, even surface for cooking, which is very effective. It does, however, eliminate authenticity by reducing the smoking and the grilled char lines.

Propane vs. Natural Gas

Propane is by far the more practical choice. If you have a natural gas pipeline feed, you are free to grill. You should know, though, that propane is the more efficient fuel. Propane delivers better BTUs than Natural Gas, and it consumes less volume per hour too.

Smoker vs. Grill

Smokers are unique ways of experimenting with the finer tastes of grilling. It adds plenty of flavors and offers an abundance of exotic tastes. If you prefer the plain old traditional, then grilling is the better option. If, however, you need a little extra spice, try experimenting with different smoking techniques. 

Pellet Grill vs. Propane

Propane is the outdoor dweller’s budget favorite. However, for the connoisseur of the barbecue, experimenting with all the pellet flavors is a must-have. Both are ideal for outdoor use, but pellets are more expensive fuel. If you would rather have the grill and keep your wallet, go for propane.

Green Mountain Grill vs. Traeger

Green Mountain Grills are known to be the more affordable option than Traeger. However, if a broader selection with better, modern innovation is your preference, Traeger is the ideal option. If on a budget, though, and looking for a close competitor to Traeger, try Green Mountain.

Camp Chef Pellet Grill vs. Traeger

Between Camp Chef and Traeger, the first is the most expensive of the two. However, the design and intentions of each manufacturer vary. Camp Chef offers a variety of grills and Traeger only pellet grills. Traeger is the leading competitor on the pellet front, but Camp Chef has plenty to choose from.

Z Grill vs. Treager

Both names are respected among the grilling communities, but Traeger still stands out against Z-Grill. Although Z-grill is more affordable, it is not fully competing with Traeger’s leading models. Compared to Traeger, it leaves plenty wanting, but at least you save a bit of money.

Napoleon Grill vs. Weber

Napoleon is undoubtedly the more refined brand but is, as of yet, not as recognized as Traeger. Napoleon Grills mostly manufacture gas grills, and if you wish to compare the diversity, it will come down to personal preference. Napoleon, though, is the more expensive brand.

Kitchenaid Grill vs. Weber

Weber has been in the grilling business for years, whereas Kitchenaid had only recently expanded to the backyard. Of course, there is a significant price difference, but with Weber, the money is properly invested. If Weber is a little out of reach, then Kitchenaid is a wonderful alternative.

How to Clean a Grill

Cleaning your grill is an essential task. Not only will it promote good hygiene, but will preserve the taste of your food. Often the burned on char can warp the flavors of the meals you are preparing. Depending on what kind of grill you have, the cleaning process would be different. Note a few things. Electric grills should never be submerged in water. 

Cast iron parts should be washed carefully and coated with cooking oil when dry to prevent rusting. The first step would usually be to remove the grate or grill. Soak it in water and scrub with soap until all dirt and char are removed. 

Follow up by cleaning out the ashes. On gas grills, this would require removing the heat shield or briquette rack. Then clean the inside of the grill with a grill cleaner. This can be done with the aid of a wire brush or something similar. 

Once done with the cleaning, assemble the grill and coat the cast iron with cooking oil to let it air dry. Next time you use the grill, fire it up for five minutes to burn away any washing residues. Plain and easy, if you need a visual aid, watch the video provided here.

What Do I Need To Know Before Buying?

When buying a grill, you should obviously keep in mind what your specific needs will be. That will affect what product you end up buying. There are several considerations to remember.

Gas or Charcoal

You should decide whether you want to have a gas grill or a charcoal grill. Charcoal grills will give more flavor to the food that you prepare thanks to the smoke. On the other hand, gas grills are more efficient. 

You’ll buy a propane tank and save on buying charcoal. Take a good look at the grill, though. Some gas options do attempt to give your food that popular smoky taste. A charcoal grill may also take longer to clean, but a good one will heat up quicker.

How Often Will You Use it?

This question will influence how much you spend on a grill. If you will be using it very often, you’ll want to spend some money. If you’re only going to use it occasionally, there’s no point in splurging too much. You also have to make sure you have the right space to store your grill properly. By storing it properly, you’ll extend the grill’s lifetime.

Extra options

Your budget will determine this. Can you afford all those extras if you don’t really need them?


You’ve been given a lot of information to work with. You know all the useful features that a proper grill has, and what some lack. You also know what you can do with the grills reviewed here. From here, you can make an informed choice and choose the grill that suits your needs.

People Also Ask

You may still have some questions about things that aren’t quite as clear yet. Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions. Perhaps you’ll find your answer and learn something new.

Is Grilling Bad For You?

This depends on how you grill. Grilled meat is tasty and contains less fat and calories, in general. It has been found that sugarless marinade will help reduce heterocyclic aromatic amine (HAA) formation. These are linked to cancer. Also, be careful not to char your meat too much, as this causes the formation of HAAs.

Is Grilling Carcinogenic?

As discussed above, grilling meat can cause 2 types of carcinogens: heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. PAHs are formed when fat drips from the meat into the flames. The chemicals cling to the meat. You can help prevent the formation of these carcinogens by using a marinade without too much sugar.

Are Gas Grills Safe?

Some risks go with using a grill, as with anything that uses fire. In general, gas grills do not burn as hot as charcoal. However, they can explode if they get too hot. If there is a gas buildup, there can also be an explosion.

What is the Difference Between Grilling and Barbecuing?

There is actually a difference between the two, although many people confuse the terms. When you barbecue, the lid of the griller is closed. The food is cooked with hot air. Grilling is about direct contact with the heat, with the lid up.

What’s a Good Grilling Temp?

For the best results, you would want your grilling temperatures to be something around 200°F and 450°F. Anything lower won’t kill bacteria and could cause problems. For low heat, go with 250°F - 300°F, for medium, go to 300°F - 350°F and for high heat, go all the way to 350°F -400°F.

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