Best Gas Grills Under $500 – 2021 Complete Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: January 7, 2022

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Barbecue grills have been at the center of traditional family entertainment for many nations across the globe. Barbecues are loved for their simplicity and convenient means of entertainment that simply satisfies every soul. 

The good part is, buying the best barbecue grill is not an expensive investment. Even if you prefer a high-quality gas grill, it can still be affordable. Here, we intend to introduce you to the best gas grills for under $500.

If you want a good grill but don’t have thousands to spend, you should consider these options before making a purchase.

Comparison of the Best Gas Grills Under $500

  • Best gas grill under $500 Overall
  • Packed with proud features trademarked to Weber
  • 529 square inches of cast iron, porcelain-enameled grates
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  • Small and compact
  • Ideal for families and friends
  • Easy to use and assemble with plenty of features
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  • Best for the Money
  • Features TRU-Infrared technology at a budget-friendly cost
  • Stylish and durable design that is attractive and tough
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  • Best Open-Grill Gas Grill For Under $500
  • Four independent burners for better control
  • Easy assembly and functionally, simple to work with
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  • Best Natural Gas Gas Grill For Under $500
  • Stylish design that is appealingly beautiful
  • A durable and convenient masterpiece from Weber
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Can You Find a Quality Gas Grill for Under $500?

If you are wondering whether it is possible to buy a grill for under $500, it most likely would be. Even if you are searching for a gas grill, you will encounter plenty of possible options within that price range. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is a good investment. 

Char-Broil 463370719 Performance TRU-Infrared

By all means, try and find a good bargain somewhere, but always make sure that you do not compromise quality for price. We implore you to find better deals if possible but ensure the quality before you complete the purchase.

What Makes a Great Gas Grill?

A great gas grill would be comprised of quality components. The desired size and abilities of the gas grill are completely up to the buyer. Before buying a gas grill, consider what you want most from the product you are looking at. How many people are to be entertained and what kind of cooking methods you prefer would be topics to consider.


The burners are the main source of heat on a gas grill. Different burners are used to burn different types of gas. Propane, butane, and natural gas burners are the most common types that can be found. Burners come in a variety of choices, from the traditional H-shape to more complicated designs like a figure 8. 

The broader and longer the grilling surface of the grill, the more burners it is likely to have. When checking the quality of a burner, make sure it is not cracked or clogged. Also, ensure that it functions within safe limits. 

Check the material it is made from as well. In better products, it will usually be stainless or aluminized steel. You will also find cast-iron types and some that may be porcelain-coated for added protection.

Cooking Grate

The cooking grate is only essential to assess the quality and quantity of food you want to prepare. A bigger cooking surface would better suit larger gatherings. For small families, a smaller grill would do. If you want the best cooking surfaces, look for stainless steel grates.

The Frame

The last piece to check is the frame of the grill. This plays host to the gas cylinder and determines the mobility of the grill. Most are made with wheels for convenience and would support a gas cylinder of specified sizes. Since the cylinder is often not included, always check to make sure you purchase or have the correct size.

Added Features

Anything else advertised or included in a grill would be considered complementary. If searching for a budget grill, do not hesitate to remove any special features from the purchase. As handy as some features may be, they will only increase the price. If you do find special features on a budget buy, consider it a lucky bargain. If all the components are sound, why not buy it?

Willy's Top Picks - Best Gas Grills Under $500

Reviews of the Best Gas Grills Under $500

Let's take a look at this year's top picks in this price range:

Best Overall:
Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310


  • Sports the GS4 Grilling System
  • Innovative but affordable design
  • Versatile and incredibly easy to use
  • Three 10,000 BTU per hour burners
  • Integrated storage space both convenient and ergonomic


  • Suitable for a small to medium-sized family

What Recent Buyers Report

Everyone familiar with Weber will know the kind of quality that you get from their products. No one who has ever purchased a Weber has been disappointed. For the Spirit II E-310, it is no different. There are no complaints whatsoever about the product, and it is considered the golden child of budget grills. The fact that it makes use of gas (specifically, liquid propane) makes it all the better. The only complaints filed weren’t related to the product itself. It is a jewel and well worth the investment. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

We chose Weber as our number one overall gas grill available for under $500 for one simple reason. It is the best innovation in grilling that you can find, and it comes with a reasonable price tag. It is packed with features that make it safer and more convenient than other alternatives. 

Who Will Use This Most

Anyone who has an interest in grilling would benefit from the Spirit II. Even if you are unfamiliar with Weber, it is recommended that you try it at least once. Weber always satisfies and is practically functional for anyone. Even if you have a bigger family or event, Weber's efficiency will make up for the lack of abundant grilling space. 

Bottom Line

Practically anyone can invest in this fine piece of grilling equipment. It is convenient and efficient, and at its price, it is a clear bargain. The taste will never get compromised and neither will safety. Caution should, however, never be neglected.

Weber 46510001 Spirit I E-310


  • 529 square inch cooking area
  • Versatile, convenient, and simple
  • Small and compact, ideal for smaller dwellings or balconies
  • Three stainless steel burners at 30,000 BTU per hour collectively
  • Porcelain-enameled flavorizer bars to provide the best tasting meals


  • Older, outdated version of the Weber Spirit II

What Recent Buyers Report

Unlike the newer, younger version of the Spirit (II), the first model in the Spirit line (I) is not quite as fascinating. It still offers Weber quality, but it is noted for not lasting as long as other alternatives. Despite this, there was plenty of enjoyment from investors who purchased this item.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We chose the Spirit I as the runner-up for the same reason as its successor. The Spirit II is the better model, but the same ideas were used in the creation of its predecessor. It packs the same versatility, convenience, and efficiency, only in a smaller version. 

Who Will Use This Most

Anyone living in tighter confines would benefit from the Spirit I. It is ideal for smaller families or groups of friends, especially in small backyards or balconies. Otherwise, anyone looking for the brilliance of the Spirit II, but at a better price, could not go wrong with this option.

Bottom Line

As good a grill as any Weber product but at an affordable price. Considered as another favored budget gas grill, it is simply a masterpiece. So grab your family, grab your grill, and enjoy your favorite foods grilled to perfection.

Best for the Money:
Char-Broil 463370719 Performance TRU-Infrared


  • Affordable and budget-friendly
  • Stainless steel finish for ultra-lasting quality
  • Porcelain-coated steel grate offers optimum heat spread
  • Collective BTU per hour of 23,000 from stainless steel burners
  • TRU-Infrared cooking prevents flare-ups and delivers better efficiency


  • Difficult to clean and maintain

What Recent Buyers Report

Several recent investors found this grill to perform to their satisfaction, but it has endured plenty of ridicule. While affordable, the product seems to compromise practicality at a better price.

It is difficult to clean, and there were complaints about the inclusion of infrared technology. Some have found the additional attraction to be a fault in design.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you are looking to find the best affordable quality, the Char-Broil Performance grill is our recommendation. Although it isn’t Weber quality, it will nonetheless meet the needs of a tighter budget. It offers sound quality, but perhaps not the best quality available on the market.

Who Will Use This Most

Anyone who would be satisfied with genuine quality on a tight budget should invest in this Char-Broil grill. However, if you want something better and can afford it, feel free to look elsewhere.

Bottom Line

For the most affordable quality on the market, try the Char-Broil Performance grill. If you want a decent product for a good price, take a look at this option for you and your family to enjoy grilling without costing an arm and a leg.

4. Black Stone 1554 Gas Grill


  • Quick start ignition
  • Fully wheeled with lock brakes for portability
  • Versatile and compact, ideal for bachelor settings
  • Stainless steel burners for optimum efficiency and durability
  • Four 18,000 BTU per hour burners, for even heat spread at a total of 72,000


  • A few complaints about poor customer service and faulty deliveries

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent investors all agreed that this next option is a wonderful grill. Everyone liked the performance and easy assembly; it is convenient and easy to use. A few customers found the drainage system a bit impractical, but other than that, all opinions sound good.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We chose this as an alternative to the traditional lid-covered gas grill. It is suitable and all the components are of sound quality. If you prefer an open grill, this would certainly be our budget-friendly recommendation.

Who Will Use This Most

Anyone more favored to open-grill cooking would be wise to try the Black Stone 1554 Gas Grill. It is ideally suitable for confined dwellings and perfect for bachelors entertaining friends. Overall, it would be a worthy investment for anyone.

Bottom Line

This is the best budget-friendly open-grill gas grill on the market. It is as good as any and makes for a reliable companion. The quality is sound, and at the price, it seems like a steal of a purchase. 

5. Weber 57067001 Q3200 Natural Gas Grill


  • 393 square inch cooking area
  • Uses natural gas from a house feed
  • Blasts a total of 21,700 BTU per hour
  • Glass-reinforced frame for durability
  • Two stainless steel burners for the best efficiency


  • Requires a natural gas feed from a utility provider

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers all praised the quality invested by Weber in the Q3200. As can be expected, its performance lives up to its legendary efficiency and class. Only a few customers had individual reports of bad products, but the common opinion is that it is an excellent grill.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you have a gas line and prefer to cook on natural gas, the Weber Q2300 is our recommended alternative. It is an excellent choice that will not disappoint you. The durability of this product is something that we really are impressed by.

Who Will Use This Most

Any household with access to natural gas could invest in this gas grill. It is big enough to accommodate medium and small families and is the ideal, budget-friendly, natural gas grill. It is packed with features and is easy to use. At its given price, it is a clear bargain.

Bottom Line

This is the best budget-friendly natural gas grill available on the market. If you are looking for a product that you can use for just yourself and your partner or for your whole family, this is the grill for you.

Benefits Of Investing In a Quality Gas Grill

With a quality gas grill, you will not have to deal with all of the issues experienced by those who use cheap, unreliable grills. Here are some of the biggest benefits of investing in a quality gas grill:


The clearest shortcoming often seen in cheaper products is the essentials of safety. When buying a gas grill, always keep in mind that you are working with hazardous, flammable materials. At any time, a compromise in safety can endanger your life and the safety of your guests. Often, greasy drippings that fall on the burners can lead to dangerous fires.


Quality gas grills have been constructed to last for many years. They are made from materials that do not rust over time, which means you can enjoy using them for family gatherings, cookouts, evening grills, and birthdays without worrying about getting rust on your food or the grill falling apart.

Better Cooking

Using a quality grill will allow you to enjoy improved cooking. The heat will be dispersed evenly so none of your food cooks faster than others. The regulated temperature will also remain the same throughout your cooking experience.


A gas grill has so many benefits in comparison to traditional charcoal grills. It is usable indoors and cooks relatively easier than other types of grills. The grill master also has better control over the heat adjustments and the methods that can be used to roast and grill the food. They are convenient to have, easy to use, and a delight to entertain with.  

People Also Ask

Below are some common questions surrounding this topic:

When is the Best Time to Buy a Gas Grill?

To get the best bargains on grills of any type, it is advised to purchase anytime from September through the winter. Towards the end of July 4th and the summer season, you will begin to notice a drop in the prices of grills. Before that time, you may notice the price of grills is slightly higher. Summer is considered the prime barbecue season. During summer and the summer holidays, grilling is one of the ultimate outdoor activities. The weather is perfect and friends and family are available. During winter, the popularity of grilling diminishes, and a loss of interest causes a reduction in prices.

Do I Need a Grill Cover?

Grill covers are textile products that are incredibly useful. They will protect your grill from accidental damage and dirt during storage and will ensure that your grill stays good as new. Covers are also useful for protection from elements like rain and snow if it is stored outdoors. However, due to a gas grill's convenience and ability to store and use indoors, this is not normally a necessity. 

Why Are my Grill Grates Rusting?

Rust most commonly occurs in cheaper grates made of cast iron. Through the natural oxidation process of iron, moisture corrodes the surface of the metal. This moisture can have many sources. Rainwater is a contributing factor, as are humid conditions. The fluids from foods can be another source. To remove the rust, use a steel wire brush before and after use. 

Is it Okay For a Grill to Get Rained on?

We have all had bad weather spoil our barbecues at some point in time. Rain can be a damper on the party and can ruin even the best plans. It is possible, though, to keep grilling in the rain if you have a gas grill. As long as there is no heavy thunder and lightning, it should be safe.

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