Best Fire Pit Grills of 2020 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Nothing beats the feeling of a winter evening sitting next to the fire, with the sound of wood crackling and heat reaching your hands.

Whether you need to warm up your garden or grill a delicious meal, a good fire pit grill is all you need.

A beautiful and eye-catching pit grill with remarkable warmth will not only improve the overall aesthetics of your outdoor setting, but it will also prove to be worthy over the years.

Comparison Chart of the Best Fire Pit Grills


Bali Outdoors Fire Pit Grill

  • Movable grill for easy handling and cooking
  • Sturdy design and stability resting on four legs
  • Large cooking area for a vibrant flame
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Mosaic Fuego Grande

  • Robust framework of steel and high-temperature paint
  • Metallic cooking grill can turn 360 degrees to an adjustable height
  • Best adjustable fire pit grill
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Are All Fire Pit Grills the Same?

No, all fire pit grills are not the same because each one comes with a different set of features and qualities. Fire pit grills vary in their construction materials, sizes, styles, functionality, prices, and design. Some fire pit grills may have many attractive features, while others may be more economical. It all comes down to choosing something based on your needs and requirements.


Depending on the amount of heat you need, size is another important factor. Larger sized pit grills having larger surface areas provide heat faster and more efficiently, but the smaller and mid-sized ones are more affordable.

Materials Used

The construction of a fire pit grill is a measure of its durability and sturdiness. Various materials are available on the market, such as copper, steel, stone, or tiles. Steel may rust over a few years, but stone pit grills are trendy and chic. The best ones are made of copper, though, which prove to be long-lasting.


Pit grills differ greatly based on the function they perform. You can choose a fire pit for either cooking or grilling purposes or during camping and travel plans. A lot of people also purchase fire pit grills for decoration to add a warming and classic look to their house.

How Do I Choose a Fire Pit Grill?

Basic knowledge of the different types of fire pit grills is essential for choosing a product with maximum potential. The right fire pit grill will not only improve the ambiance of your outdoor environment but will also greet you with wonderful warmth on a cold night. When choosing a fire pit grill, you must be cautious and keep the following in mind.


Depending on the location where you want to place your fire pit, you should mark the dimensions so that you can purchase the right size. Large-sized fire pits range from 40-45 inches in diameter; the small ones are 20-25 inches, whereas the mid-sized ones lie between the two. The right sized fire pit will prevent your home from either being too overcrowded or too cold.

Style and Designing

Fire pit grills make a statement when added to any house. They instantly elevate the look of the room to a traditional yet cozy atmosphere. You can select a fire bowl if you prefer something portable, but a fire table has raised legs just like a coffee table. Fire rings are also in demand, which is best in the case of campfires. They do not have a bottom bowl but are lightweight and portable too.

Fuel Used

Based on the type of fuel, fire pit grills can either be the traditional wood-burning ones or fuel-powered by propane/gas, etc. Wood burning pits give a real burning effect and are less expensive than the fuel ones.

Willy's Top Picks - Best Fire Pit Grills

Here are the top fire pit grills:

  1. Bali Outdoors Fire Pit Grill
  2. Mosaic Fuego Grande

Review of the Best Fire Pit Grills

Need to entertain your guests in an outdoor bonfire arrangement? Want to beautify the interior of your house by warmth and light? Well, here it is; a review of the best fire pit grills, which will help you in making a decision.

 The best fire pit grills have been reviewed by us to provide a factual and research-based collection that will enable you to choose what’s optimum for you.


  • Elegant and modern appearance
  • Large grilling surface area holds more logs
  • Properly ventilated with a frame rack for a furious fire
  • Can support food items and drinks on the outer ledge around the central pit
  • Grill can turn around 360 degrees and can be adjusted horizontally and vertically


  • Material can get dented or damaged
  • Size might be a bit smaller than other fire pit grills on the market

What Recent Buyers Report

​Everyone will only see positive reviews for this one! The easy assembly of this fire pit is what particularly delighted many people. It is lightweight and portable with great quality. Being low in price, it serves many functions because it can be used as an adjustable cooking and grilling stand. It has a lot of space for air combustion, which gives rise to beautiful fires perfect for a cold night.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This fire pit maximizes the amount of heat by giving steady flames. It burns all the wood into ashes but doesn’t create any mess or damage to the underlying surface. The swiveling grill stand in 360 degrees allows uniform grilling and cooking in all directions. Built with a solid black and stable framework, this fire pit will modify your backyard and garden with a chic style.

Who Will Use This Most

The easy assembly and sturdy base construction are the perfect requirements for using this fire pit at home. Grilling and roasting have never been this much fun owing to the circular steel ring with the outer ledge. Round up around this fire pit with your friends and family, roasting smores on a raging flame to enjoy what this fire pit has to offer. The artistic design and attractive construction will add a pleasant touch to your evening.

Bottom Line

Featuring multi-functional attributes, Bali Outdoors has excelled in creating this fire pit. It has everything to make it an outstanding product from the dashing exterior to the grilling experience. What more can you ask for when you can enjoy the best fires at such a low price.

Best Adjustable Fire Pit Grill:
Mosaic Fuego Grande


  • User-friendly and easy to clean
  • Adjustable cooking grate for easy applications
  • Constant air supply by the cross-support draw holes
  • Beautiful construction with a plain black metallic body
  • Crafted with heavy-duty steel for a sturdy and long-lasting look
  • Deep and spacious bowl design that accommodates wood logs


  • Wire mesh could last longer
  • Slight improvements needed

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers gave satisfactory reviews for this fire pit grill. Shaped out of heat-conducting steel, it provides adequate ​heat. An outer ledge supports grilling supplies for easy placement without taking up much space. It is created with supreme materials to promise a hard-wearing experience. The stylistic looks will definitely make a statement wherever you place it.

Why it Stands Out to Us

A product that adapts itself to its user’s needs automatically stands out from the rest. Mosaic Fuego Grande comes with an amazing feature having a swiveling grill plate that can be toyed around effortlessly. This has a great impact when it comes to cooking and grilling. Moreover, it consists of heavy-duty steel to improve longevity.

Who Will Use This Most

A cold wintry evening accompanied by the Fuego Grande fire pit grill is the perfect idea to spend time with your friends and family. Its high-temperature heat can also be used to grill marshmallows while everyone relaxes in a snuggly and homely environment around the fire pit. Excelling in style and craftiness, it is bound to attract everyone in your home.

Bottom Line

A modern decorative option with a sophisticated style, this fire pit grill will live up to your expectations in terms of functionality and durability. It not only serves its purpose as a heat-generator but also performs well in terms of grilling and cooking.


  • Aluminum framework cools down quickly once extinguished
  • Lightweight and compact to lift it easily for handy transport
  • Steel meshwork allows airflow and prevents ashes from falling down
  • Opens up to a large-sized surface area perfect for spreading heat without smoke
  • It is user-friendly and sets up easily within a minute requiring no tools or instructions


  • Heatshield can get damaged from strong flames
  • Rails are sharp and thin, so they can get dented easily
  • Wire mesh demands precautions and care while using it

What Recent Buyers Report

It is the perfect companion for a campfire, a home party, or a travel trip. The quality and innovative design have certainly impressed almost all the buyers. It is easy to start up the fire, and the flame burns beautifully. There is hardly any smoke because the steel mesh is ventilated properly. However, wire mesh can burn out, so you need to be cautious. It doesn’t create any mess, holds more wood, and comes at an economical price. Thus, it's more like the perfect solution for fire pit grills.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This fire pit is built with simple engineering techniques that fold down easily and can be moved around as you please. The flame quality is absolutely splendid because the pit breathes well, allowing a great smoke-free fire to be put up. The stainless steel and aluminum framework make it lightweight and rust-free. Moreover, a heat shield protects the surface underneath, and there is no sign of ashes left. This fire pit grill has displayed itself to be the best choice for camping due to an easy storage solution.

Who Will Use This Most

The feature that stands out is the portability of this fire pit; hence it will be most effectively used for camping, river trips, or travel plans. Just pack it up in the case, and carrying it around won’t be a problem at all because of its lightweight structure. The hotter flames not only provide an exceptional cooking flame but create a warming environment in no time at all.

Bottom Line

Being a modified version of a traditional fire pit, this unit delivers its best heating abilities. It is quick to set up and take down. But what really sets it apart from the rest is its nice flame to warm up the environment instantly. You won’t need to look for anything else once you get your hands on this portable fire pit.


  • Quick and easy assembly in no time
  • Produces a nice, uniform and subtle smoke-free flame
  • Stabilized with four legs and a sturdy jet-black finish 
  • Mesh cage guarantees protection from sparks and flame cinders
  • Deeper base and large-sized heating area to sustain more wood


  • Can be damaged in intense weather
  • Large size might be a storage problem for some people

What Recent Buyers Report

This unit is totally outstanding and loved by all the buyers. It is easy to put together and move around, which makes it a great option for garden parties, bonfires, grilling, and RV trips. Constructed with sturdy materials, it serves as a great addition to improve the bravura of your backyard. The flame is stable and uniformly distributed for an enhanced grilling experience.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We find that this product promises so much for a small price tag. It can easily be afforded by families to enjoy the multitude of features that this fire pit provides. Moreover, it has a unique layout to improve the overall aesthetics with a touch of modernism. The durability of this product, along with a bright flame, is all you’re looking for.

Who Will Use This Most

Flawless for outdoor parties, backyard, or patios, this unit provides the ultimate relaxing and cozy atmosphere to enjoy with friends and family. It will be extremely convenient to be used by families, as adults and kids huddle around to spend quality time. The spark screen majorly reduces the risk of cinders and embers, making it easy to use with kids around. It works well by reducing smoke and improving airflow.

Bottom Line

This product is cost-friendly and multi-functional at the same time. You can catch up on your day’s busy routine as you sit around the fire at night cuddling with your loved ones, and the fire pit will prove to be your best companion to keep you cozy and snug.


  • Hotter and luminous fire by proper combustion
  • Cauldron shaped to contain more wood and logs
  • Hand cutouts of stars and moon add an artistic touch
  • Removable mesh screen for guaranteed security while handling
  • Prevents sparks from flying off due to the wire mesh spark screen
  • Cast iron framework increases longevity and unparalleled strength


  • Heavy weight makes it hard to move around
  • Storing it might be a problem because of the large size
  • Cast iron is susceptible to rust in extremely rainy conditions

What Recent Buyers Report

A large fraction of the audience was extremely appreciative of the durability and sturdiness owing to the cast iron. The cauldron shaped bowl marked with stars gives a mysterious yet eccentric look to the fire pit. The legs boost the stability factor, and the top cover protects the fire grill well enough in the rain. An adequate air exposure lets you build up a flaming fire. A few people, however, complained of rust.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Cast iron is a material of supreme eminence that strengthens the fire pit significantly. Having a tough and strong finish makes it last for many years with top-quality construction. The decorative exterior of stars and half-moons is bound to improve the mood of your house. Moreover, it sustains larger fires being massively spacious and large-sized with proper ventilation.

Who Will Use This Most

Catalina Creations 29" will go well with the patio in your house. The mystic and dramatic designs could be paired with similar furniture to opt for a unique and classic style. It will be extremely handy for outdoor purposes like spreading warmth, or cooking, etc.

Bottom Line

It is a delight to see something with an artistic design combined with an efficient fire pit. What really makes this fire pit grill on our list is its endurance and ruggedness. You don’t have to worry about any sort of damage or breakage if you opt for this one.

Benefits of Investing in a Quality Fire Pit Grill

A good quality fire pit grill having reliable features is something you definitely need to go for. Sitting around an outside fire pit will benefit your lifestyle in so many ways that you’ll find it hard to survive without one. Here are some of those benefits:

Coziness and Warmth

Whether you’re hosting a bonfire, or you simply want to relax outside in the air, a good fire pit is all you’re going to need. Instead of crowding around the television, you can get your guests seated around a fire pit while everyone indulges in memorable, deep conversations. Large-sized grills enable more heat dissipation to warm the surroundings and create a mellow glow to light up your evenings aesthetically.


Fire pit grills of the top and latest models are highly efficient in cooking and grilling purposes. Roasting smores and chocolate over the fire, or grilling some corn and meat, everything is possible with a heat-efficient fire grill. It will guarantee a whole new experience to cook directly over the fire as the scent of food fills the air.

Home Decoration

Customize and adorn your house with the trendiest styles of fire pits. Fire pit grills come in a wide range of colors, styles, and shapes, adapting to whatever decorating style you want to achieve, ranging from classic traditional ones to the contemporary table pit grills. Pairing the fire grill with matching furniture would enhance the beauty of your backyard or garden. 


Once you’ve gone through the entire article, you will find it easier to choose a first-class fire pit grill from the narrowed down options. Having the knowledge of everything you need to know, choosing a grill pit will seem like a piece of cake. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out for the perfect fire pit grill to turn your outdoor evenings into a homely and warming encounter. You surely don’t want to miss out on these!