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Below are our most popular categories. Feel free to choose a specific one and browse the list of guides we have to offer. Each is loaded with a comprehensive archive of this year's top products. 

Perfect for a number of different occassions, air fryers are a revolutionary item that's proving to be a kitchen essential. Whether you're looking to upgrade or make a first-time purchase, these are worth every penny. 

From lighters and gloves, to tongs and mats, we have just about everything you could ever think of needing. You never know what you're missing until it's too late. So make sure you are prepped and ready next time you fire up the grill. 

A timeless must-have, griddles are one of those items you learn to love using. Regarless of what's on the menu, these portable wonders prove time-and-time again that they are are a crowd favorite. See our complete list of reviews and set yourself up right.

Considered a family pasttime by many, grilling is an experience like no other. It's filled with succulent flavors and jampacked with good times. Our comprehensive list of grill articles outline the best models of the year so you know exactly which to choose. Skip over these and you'll be kicking yourself later. 

When it's time to sharpen up and load your arsenal with a few new knives, we have a growing list of some of most popular topics: Budget picks, options by brand, type -- you name it, we've covered it. What are you looking for?

As the powerhouse of flavor, smokers have exploded in popularity and for good reason. Regardless of your experience level, these are worth checking out. Depending on your preference, our team has an expansive assortment of smoker guides waiting for you to scroll through.  

About Our Guides

When it comes to buying a new grill or smoker, you're not just buying that, you are buying an experience. 

Without the proper tools and set-up, your next backyard or tailgate outing may quickly turn south. 

Avoid buyer's remore and trust that our buyer guides will ensure you're on a path toward a wholesome evening.

Read, Click, Grill

Choosing which size, brand, or model to purchase might seem like a pain, but that's where we come in. Each guide is constructed after hours of research and our team puts in the work so your decision is just a click away.

From day one, our goal has always been to focus on the research and heavy lifting, so that you can get on your way an do what matters most - use the actual grill or smoker! 

Trust us, we do our homework, so you don't have to.  

Popular Articles

#1st Rated

Things break and it's not a perfect world. Luckily, since Masterbuilt models are so popular, we have rounded-up some of the top replacement parts and discussed them in-depth. Check out this guide if you're looking to replace something or simply want to have a few parts on standby. 

#2nd Rated

Let's face it, it's pretty hard to beat the flavor of a geniune, smokey campfire. Since not all campsites come with a grill grate, bringing your own is a must. Take a look at this year's best campfire grill grates so you aren't caught off guard without the necessary tools. 

#3rd Rated

Yakitori grills are a great way to experience some unique flavors and have fun while doing so. Also, perfect for entertaining, these handy grills are growing in popularity and for good reason. Do you know about them? Take a look at our comprehensive guide. 

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