Best Electric Griddles of 2021 – Complete Round-up

| Last Updated: January 10, 2022

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Any food lover who fancies a nice brunch should have an electric griddle. It is a special multi-functional appliance that is often used for cooking a breakfast feast. Unlike a stove, a griddle doesn’t require you to cook one item at a time.

You can place your pancakes, eggs, hash browns, and toast all at the same time and on a singular surface and save time and effort. Not just that, but a griddle also retains the flavor of each food perfectly well.

To help you pick one, here’s a thorough guide. Not just that, but it also includes a range of products to help potential buyers make the right choice. So, if you are ready to revolutionize your breakfast table, we recommend you pay attention.

Comparison of the Best Electric Griddles

  • 200 square griddle surface
  • Equipped with slide-out warming tray
  • Grease and fat drains into removable tray
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  • Best for the Money
  • Can be easily stored
  • Heavy-cast aluminum base
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  • Best Electric Pancake Griddle
  • Simple plug-in and use setup
  • Easy to clean non-stick surface
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  • Best Ceramic Electric Griddle
  • Temperature can be easily adjusted
  • Enhanced durability with non-stick surface
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  • Best Large Electric Griddle
  • Very big cooking surface
  • Enhanced heat control settings
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  • Best Non Stick Electric Griddle
  • 1500-watt heating system
  • Can cook up to 30% faster
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  • Best Indoor Electric Griddle
  • LCD display for easier use
  • Digital controls are user-friendly
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Pros and Cons of Electric Griddles 

Electric griddles are the new best thing in the market, and they come with their fair share of pros. They are not only extremely reliable but also provide time and cost-efficiency. They are also safe and easy to set up and use. But that doesn't mean that they are free of any cons. Here is an honest take on the pros and cons of electric griddles.


Let’s first go through the pros:


This is the most obvious and the most important benefit of buying an electric griddle. No longer will you have to wait for hours to get all your food cooked. You can place a number of food items on the griddle at the same time and save your time. The best thing about this is that each food's individual flavor is perfectly retained until the end.


Using a stove for ten minutes, and using one for 40 minutes will obviously be different. When you cook all the food items at the same time, you end up saving money. Your utility bills will decrease, and you will manage to save a couple of bucks in the process.

Healthy Cooking

In this world of greater awareness, no one wants to consume unhealthy foods unnecessarily. One great way to retain the health benefits of a food item is to ensure it contains less fat and oil. Using nonstick cookware like a griddle will ensure that your food doesn't absorb much fat. 


Now let's take a look at the cons as well:


The problem with most griddles, especially electric ones, is that they can lose their texture with continuous usage. This is why manufacturers don’t include a very good warranty.

Difficult Cleanup

You will have to allocate some time to clean your griddle. You will have to follow a few simple steps, but some hard stains may require some extra effort.

What Should I Look For When Buying an Electric Griddle?

Investing in an electric griddle is a serious business, and we want you to consider a couple of things before you make the final decision. You will find a range of products on the market. All you have to do is look out for the features mentioned below to help you pick the right product.


The first thing to look out for is always the material. The make of the pan and its knobs, covers, and lids is important to consider. From stainless steel to plastic, manufacturers use a variety of different materials for the purpose. Stainless steel offers more durability, whereas plastic pans tend to be lightweight and relatively less expensive.

Easy Cleanup

The cleaning process may require some time, but if you choose a good option, this time can be reduced significantly. You can choose a model that offers good and smooth construction. This should also come with a good paint finish that doesn’t come off after usage. You should also consider ease of storage when buying such a unit.


It is important to ensure that the food cooks evenly on the pan. Heat distribution through the griddle should be efficient and equally spread out. You also don't want to end up with a product that takes a long time to heat up. Lastly, you need to ensure that the removal of food from the unit isn't very difficult. 


Electric griddles are generally more expensive than normal pans, but this extra cost is mostly justified. However, it is wrong to assume that only the most expensive products are worth buying. You will find plenty of relatively affordable products in our review here.

Willy's Top Picks - Best Electric Griddles

Review of the Best Electric Griddles 

We have already discussed the various aspects of the product that you have to look out for, but that's the easy part. With so many models in the market, it can be nerve-wracking to pick one. But don't worry; here’s a list of the most popular and trustworthy products in the market for you to check out.

Best Overall:
 Black+Decker GD2051B

BLACK+DECKER 8-Serving Electric Griddle, GD2051B, Non-Stick Cooking Surface, Warming Tray, Removable Drip Tray, Family Sized


  • Backed by a very good warranty
  • Temperature-ready light makes usage easier
  • Comes with a built-in tray for warming foods
  • Provides one of the largest capacities in the market
  • Click and lock thermostat features the temperature knob


  • Relatively heavyweight
  • Might require large storage space

What Recent Buyers Report

Those who were looking to get some extra diversity were really pleased to find it in this superior griddle. They love the idea of a warming tray that can be used to warm the food. You can place items like pancakes and burgers on top, and you can place things like cooked potatoes and steaks underneath to warm them to an adequate temperature.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Good warranty and a large capacity are two noteworthy features in this Black+Decker griddle, but that’s not all. You will get a non-stick cooking surface with extra durability and fast cleanup. The click and lock thermostat technology allows you to safely remove the probe features and adjust the temperature knob whenever you want. 

Apart from providing you with a constant temperature, this also ensures that the food absorbs less fat. There is also a built-in warming tray that can slide out and let you have everything ready and hot for serving. You can simply put cooked foods under the tray while you prepare foods on top of the griddle.

Bottom Line

If you don’t mind making a heavy investment in return for a durable model, you should definitely consider this model for your family. It comes with a click and lock mechanism that ensures easy turning of the knob. It also comes with a good warranty which further adds to its appeal.

Best for the Money:
Presto 07047 Cool Touch

Presto 07047 Cool Touch Electric Griddle


  • Has a cool-touch base that surrounds both sides
  • Fully immersible for a better heat control mechanism
  • Comes with a slide-out drip tray that can empty easily
  • Control Master heat control maintains an even temperature
  • Aluminum base allows the griddle to be used as a buffet server


  • Might take relatively longer to clean
  • Not suitable for cooking thick meat products

What Recent Buyers Report

In a market full of expensive and low-quality products, buyers were amazed at finding an affordable and extremely durable unit. They have rated the Presto 07047 very high. One reason they love this model is that it gives them greater control. The master control can provide an even and consistent temperature at all times.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you are looking for affordability and premium features all in the same model, here is a great option. This non-stick unit is made of stainless steel and offers extremely high durability. It is also dishwasher safe, which means that you don't have to spend a lot of time cleaning the unit. The heat controller can be detached, which is made possible with its low-profile design. 

Moreover, it is important to remember that the Control Master heat control is included to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the cooking. This will ensure even heat distribution so that you don't burn your food. 

Diversity is another reason why this unit stands out. You can cook your dinner, lunch, and breakfast, all on this singular surface.

Bottom Line

Affordability and efficiency come together in the making of Presto Cool touch. It is certainly one of the best models in the market and is loved by users. It comes with a cool-touch base that surrounds all the sides of the griddle. Not just that, but it also has an aluminum base that comes in handy when you are cooking and heating food at the same time.

Best Electric Pancake Griddle:

DASH Everyday Nonstick Electric Griddle for Pancakes, Burgers, Quesadillas, Eggs & other on the go Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks with Drip Tray + Included Recipe Book, 20in, 1500-Watt - Aqua


  • Backed by a good warranty
  • Comes with anti-slip feet and deep tray
  • Surface is PFOA-free and is easily cleaned
  • Can be used to make a diverse range of food items
  • Allows for a quick setup because of the simple design


  • Takes a longer time to cook foods
  • Can cook even the thickest of the foods

What Recent Buyers Report

Users are ready to swear by this model. According to them, DASH is one of the best models for cooking softer foods like pancakes and eggs. It also comes with a diverse range of temperatures that can cook multiple food items at the same time. Lastly, buyers are glad to finally find a griddle with a good warranty.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you are searching for a nice electric griddle, look no further because you have a strong and powerful unit here. This one is meant to serve food to you and your entire family. It is around 20-inches long and can be used for preparing foods for a small party. 

The unit provides ease of usage along with some other great features. You simply need to plug it in and set the heat probe to your desired temperature. It hardly takes any time to heat up. Once it's hot, you can place your food on top and decrease the temperature accordingly. You can also rely on the good warranty that the brand offers.

Bottom Line

Pancake making is an art that very few people have perfected. But those who haven’t can do so easily with this DASH griddle. It is very easy to use and allows for a quick setup. Its design is also very simplistic, which means that you won’t need a large space for its storage. There is also a deep tray included that you can use to warm your cooked food.

Best Ceramic Electric Griddle:
Hamilton Beach 38518R

Hamilton Beach 38518R Durathon Ceramic Griddle, 200 sq. in, Black


  • Ensures proper retention of texture and flavor
  • Comes with cool-touch handles for safe usage
  • Ceramic coating provides a non-greasy surface
  • Dishwasher-safe and doesn't require any scrubbing
  • Cooking surface is four times as durable as some other models


  • Not suitable for steering steaks
  • Temperature range is not very diverse

What Recent Buyers Report

Individuals who were looking to cook non-greasy and healthy foods were extremely pleased with this unit. They have praised its better flavor retention power that ensures neither the texture nor the appearance of your food changes during cooking. The model is also very safe to use, which is another factor that increases its appeal.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Safety needs to be a top priority when you are using any cooking device. Hamilton Beach is known for providing better protection to its users, and that is exactly why this unit stands out in the crowd. 

It comes with extremely powerful and cool-touch handles. These remain cool even when you have cooked food on the tray for a long duration. You won't need any gloves to transfer or place food on top of the tray. 

The model also stands out because of its easy-to-clean mechanism. It is dishwasher-safe and hence does not require any manual cleaning. Lastly, you can use the temperature control mechanism to adjust temperatures anywhere between 200 and 400F.

Bottom Line

Electrical griddles are much better than normal stovetops, and Hamilton Beach proves that the quick and effective cooling mechanism of this unit. The 38518R comes with a cool-touch base that keeps you and your family safe. It offers relatively greater durability that comes in handy when you are using the unit multiple times a week.

Best Large Electric Griddle:
Tilt 'n' Drain 23" Griddle

Tilt 'n' Drain Big Griddle 23, PACK OF 2, black


  • Fully immersible with an effective heat controller
  • Ledge is automatically built-in for easier handling
  • A cool base is added to both front and back sides
  • Comes with a tilt and drain mechanism for easy cleanup
  • Provides a very large space for cooking many different items simultaneously 


  • Burns the food if unattended
  • Heat is more towards the center at high temperatures

What Recent Buyers Report

People can have a hard time choosing an expensive model, but once they bought this griddle, they were absolutely content with their choice. It is not only extremely efficient but also comes with an easy tilt and drain mechanism that makes cleanup easy. You can also place it inside a dishwasher and save yourself the trouble of cleaning it manually.

Why it Stands Out to Us

A large electric griddle is all you need if you want to cook food for multiple people at the same time. The tilt-and-drain mechanism offers efficient food cooking. You can cook pancakes, eggs, and a range of sandwiches on the same surface. 

But perhaps the reason people love it so much is its ability to protect you and your family. The cool touch surface surrounds the grilling surface from the front and the back. This ensures that there are no accidents in the kitchen. An aluminum base is also added to provide a non-stick surface for your food.

Bottom Line

A large griddle can come in handy when you have to prepare breakfast or brunch for a large number of people. Such a unit not only provides you with better space but also ensures that flavors from one food don’t mix with the other flavors. Moreover, the model comes with a cool base tray that covers all sides, thus providing more security.

Best Non-Stick Electric Griddle:
BELLA 14606

BELLA Electric Ceramic Titanium Griddle, Make 10 Eggs At Once, Healthy-Eco Non-stick Coating, Hassle-Free Clean Up, Large Submersible Cooking Surface, 10.5' x 20', Copper/Black


  • Features a heating system of 1500 watt
  • Allows you to cook food at a faster speed
  • Has cool-touch handles that prevent accidents
  • Offers a non-stick surface to ensure food doesn’t get stuck
  • Comes with eco-friendly coatings for better environmental protection


  • Accessories lack durability

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers can't stop praising this unit, and their words are a testament to the brilliancy of the model. Bella 14606 is unlike any other griddle because it comes with eco-friendly coatings. This not only provides better protection for your environment but also ensures you get a reliable model that can last for a longer time.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Getting your food stuck on the surface of your griddle can be pretty annoying. It not only takes a lot of time to remove it, but the food you end up cooking is also really bad. So, to avoid this, all you need to do is invest in a model with a non-stick base. This one does the task. 

The model features a 1500-watt heating system with a base of a built-in ledge for easy pancake flipping. There is also a backstop added for efficient cooking. The probe is fully removable and comes with easy-to-use dials. You can hence adjust the temperatures easily. Ceramic is also used to coat the surface, making it eight times as durable as any other cooking tray.

Bottom Line

Food can go to waste if it keeps sticking on the surface of your tray. To avoid this, Bella has ensured the fine construction of its base tray with this unit. This provides greater resistance against corrosion and abrasion. 

You can also rely on the high-temperature range of the model to cook anything and everything. So if you want a healthy and energy-rich breakfast, here is the unit for you. 

Best Indoor Electric Griddle:
Cuisinart GR-5BP1

Cuisinart GR-5BP1 Electric Griddler FIVE, Enjoy 5-in-1 Functions, LCD Display, Wide Temperature Range and Sear Function, Stainless Steel


  • Allows for cooking a diverse range of foods
  • Has a stainless-steel cover for better protection
  • Comes with a sear function for effective cooking
  • Dishwasher-safe so it doesn’t require any scraping
  • An instruction manual that is easy to understand is also included 


  • Repairs of accessories can be costly
  • Warms up the temperature inside your kitchen significantly

What Recent Buyers Report

The majority of buyers were delighted to get their hands on a safe and efficient unit. They no longer had to bear extreme heat such units produce in indoor settings. Cuisinart GR-58P1 comes with advanced technology that produces less heat. 

There is also a stainless steel cover that ensures better heat dissipation and greater protection for the user.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The model’s sleek design is one of the best ones out there and comes with a plethora of great features. The best thing about this unit is that it comes with an LCD display that monitors the tray's temperature and timer. 

There are multiple digital controls added that are easy to control. This user-friendly design can also be placed inside a dishwasher for effective cleaning. 

Diversity is another notable feature of the model. It acts as a contact grill, Panini press, half grill, and full griddle. The sear function is also aided with the stainless construction. Finally, the exterior is abrasion and corrosion-free. 

Bottom Line

There are a lot of griddles that can only be used in outdoor settings. This is because they significantly raise the kitchen's temperature and make it hard for you to stand in a safe space. But this Cuisinart unit is certainly different. This compact model can be used in indoor settings in the presence of adequate ventilation.

Best Small Electric Griddle:
Presto 07211 Liddle Griddle

Presto 07211 Liddle Griddle


  • Has a compact size that makes it easy to store
  • Comes with a fully submersible heat controller
  • Aluminum construction allows for even heat distribution
  • Built-in channels can catch all the drippings from your food
  • Can automatically maintain the temperature up to 400 degrees


  • Comes with a poor warranty
  • Offers a relatively less capacity

What Recent Buyers Report

Individuals who were long looking for an affordable yet durable model have found their perfect model in the shape of this Presto griddle. They love the inclusion of a heat controller that is fully submersible. This, they say, allows them to adjust the unit's temperature easily and without much hassle. 

Since there are not many reliable yet compact griddles on the market, buyers are happy to have found the one.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you are looking for an economical option, this Presto model might be your best option. The exterior is made with a combination of plastic and metal. This makes it lightweight and strong enough to resist high temperatures. It also incorporates a very compact design that comes with cast aluminum to resist warping and distribute heat evenly. 

Moreover, the model comes with a built-in channel that catches any dripping that your food might produce. This keeps your kitchen counters clean and ensures you don't have to spend a lot of time cleaning the tray later. 

Bottom Line

Griddles don't always have to be large. If you don't cook food for a lot of food and don't require a large spacious unit, it will be economical if you stick with a relatively smaller option. This Presto model comes with built-in channels that will ensure drippings from your food are caught in the tray. So if you are looking to get high durability whilst also saving some bucks, this is the best option for you.

Best Cast Iron Electric Griddle:
Waring Pro CIG100

Waring Pro CIG100 Professional 1800-Watt Cast-Iron Grill


  • You can fold it for easy storage
  • Offers a good warranty that increases reliability
  • Has a stainless-steel construction for more durability
  • Can cook up to 6 burgers and sandwiches at the same time
  • Cast-iron grilling surface is detachable and provides three heat settings


  • Not great for cooking soft foods
  • Relatively heavier than some other models

What Recent Buyers Report

Equipped with a cast-iron grilling surface, there is nothing much that buyers don't like about this model. They are ready to invest more money in it in exchange for quality and easy cooking. The inclusion of a good manual is another factor that compels buyers to not replace their model at any cost.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Preparing food for your whole family or friends can be stressful and time-consuming, but a great way to make it all convenient is to get yourself an electric griddle. This model by Waring is a delight to use as it offers safe and easy storage. 

After every use, you can either clean it manually or place it inside a dishwasher to erase any food residue. Once it’s all clean, you can fold it up and place it inside a cabinet for safe storage. 

Not just that, but the model also offers greater diversity. It is able to cook more than six burgers at the same time. Similar is the case with pancakes and eggs, so if you want to save considerable cooking timing, this is a good way to do that. 

Bottom Line

Warranties need to be considered when buying any model, especially before buying a griddle. These units are fairly expensive, and you don't want all your money to go to waste after one year. Among other things, the Waring Pro also provides an easy and cheap replacement of your accessories so you can enjoy efficient cooking for a longer time.

10. Presto 07061

Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle With Removable Handles, Black, 22-inch


  • Detachment of the handles is very easy
  • Ensures that very little fat is absorbed in the food
  • Combination of plastic and metal adds to the diverse features
  • Nonstick surface is extremely durable and will last for a longer time
  • Provides a large cooking capacity suitable for cooking multiple foods


  • High temperatures might damage the texture of the food

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers didn’t need any pushing in terms of this model. They were awestruck by the sheer number of features that Presto offers. This includes easily detachable handles and the large cooking capacity. Buyers were also delighted to get their hands on a unit that is easy to clean and easy to store.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With its full immersive technology, Presto 07061 is certainly making a name for itself in the crowd. It comes with a durable base and allows for better heat distribution. The premium nonstick surface will not only provide you with an easy cooking process, but the immersible technology also results in even heat distribution. 

But perhaps the most noteworthy feature of this unit is its slide-out and drip tray. This not only comes out easily but can also be cleaned within seconds. 

In addition, there is a control master heat control mechanism that operates within the unit. This ensures that the most desirable cooking temperature is kept at all times. Among other things, this ensures that your food neither burns nor loses its texture during cooking.

Bottom Line

With so many great features, it doesn’t shock us that this model stands at the top of this list. It comes with a non-stick surface that is made of a combination of stainless steel and plastic. This ensures you can get efficiency and better resistance against corrosion. 

So if you don’t have a problem with spending extra bucks for better quality, look no further and buy this unit.

Comparison Overview 

The best way to find out whether a product is for you is to look at comparison overviews. These will help provide contrasting features between different products so you can see which type of products suit you more. 

To ensure that an electric griddle is what you’re really looking for, here’s how they compare to similar products:

Electric Griddle vs. Stovetop

An electric griddle and stovetop griddle differ in the way they consume energy. The former is a flat top surface that comes with a heating element underneath its surface. The latter sits on top of a couple of individual burners on a stove that uses either gas or electricity to heat the food. Cooking on a stovetop usually takes less time, however, an electric griddle can be used anywhere you have electricity.

Electric Skillet vs. Griddle 

There are more similarities than differences between these two types. A skillet, just like an electric griddle, can sit on top of your counter and heat the food up by consuming power from an electric source. However, a skillet will provide your food with a flat surface and small walls as a cover. This ensures quicker cooking of your food.

Griddle vs. Grill

This is an interesting comparison. Griddles have smoother and flatter surfaces, whereas grills usually have raised edges and a solid plate. They also come with bars and openings that allow cooking of food from a direct heat source. Grilling often uses higher temperatures and is hence, less cost-effective.

Skillet vs. Griddle

Skillets are usually considered very similar to a griddle, but the main difference comes in terms of the cooking time. A griddle takes a relatively long time to cook your food. However, it also provides better and more even heat distribution.

How to Use a Griddle 

Contrary to what many people think, a griddle doesn’t only require you to put food on it and wait for it to cook. There are a couple of steps that you need to follow to prepare a delicious breakfast or brunch. Here is how you can use a griddle.

  1. Since you are using an electric griddle, you won't need any sort of stove or gas input. You just need to plug in your unit to a socket and place it away from the reach of children.

  2. Ideally, you should rub a clean cloth on top to ensure there is no dirt or debris accumulated there. If the griddle requires a thorough cleaning, make sure you do it before cooking food on it.

  3. Then, place some drops of oil or fat on top of the griddle and wait for it to get hot. You should preheat the model to at least 350 degrees.

  4. Once it's hot, lower the temperature slightly while also pouring some extra butter on top. If you are a beginner, you can start off with cooking one food at a time.

  5. Once you get the hang of it, you can use it for cooking multiple food items. You can place different items on the griddle simultaneously and wait for them to get brown.

  6. Moreover, if you are using the griddle for cooking some thicker or tricky foods, it is best to cover or wrap them in foil paper to ensure thorough cooking. 

  7. You can also place vegetables around foods like steaks and meats and flip them at intervals to ensure even cooking.

Healthy foods prepared at home (Source)

How to Clean a Griddle

This is probably one of the most important sections of the review and one that you should pay special attention too. A griddle is fast and time-efficient, but it does require some effort in terms of maintenance. 

Whether you are using the unit for the first time or have been using one for some time, you need to ensure that your model is always clean and bacteria-free. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Once you have removed the food, switch off the power, and let the griddle cool down. Give it sufficient time to get absolutely cool, or you will burn your hands.

  2. Then scrape off the surface by using any scraper or metal spatula.

  3. The next step is to wipe it down using a clean and dry paper towel. You can also use a dishcloth, but since it might get greasy, make sure you get a new one every time.

  4. If there is any food stuck on the griddle, pour some water while the unit is still warm. The hot water makes it easy for you to scrape off any food.

  5. You need to ensure that the water doesn’t come near the wires because exposure to moisture might damage them. 

  6. Then, rub a scouring pad gently on the surface. Make sure not to put too much pressure on the surface.

  7. Rinse all the water by using clean paper towels and dry the surface gently with a clean cloth.

  8. You can also get a spray that makes it easy to follow the above-mentioned steps.

Tips For Using an Electric Griddle

You already know the procedure to clean and use an electric griddle, but that is not all there is to this unique product. You need to follow a couple of tricks and tips if you want to indulge in effortless cooking. Following these will also ensure that you always make safe and healthy breakfast and brunches. 

Storage Tips 

You should find a proper place to keep your unit that is large enough to place any cleaning material and lids. If you use your griddle too much, then you should keep it in sight. However, if you only use it on the weekends, you can also place it in a cabinet between cookouts. 

Maintenance Tips

You wouldn’t want to invest so much in a unit only to find it damaged from rust. One way to avoid this is to place it in a cool and dry place. This ensures that the griddle doesn’t get damp. Also, make sure that you don’t place any object over it. You should also keep it under a heavy-duty canvas to ensure better protection.

Temperature Tips

When you plug in the socket, make sure you give the unit at least three to five minutes for proper heating. This will also ensure that even distribution of heat is achieved. You should also keep the heat to medium or high at the start. Moreover, make sure you adjust the temperature according to each food to prevent burning.

Safety Tips

The most obvious tip is to use the unit as far away from kids as possible. Moreover, you should ensure that you give some time for the unit to cool down before you clean up. This is to ensure that you don’t burn your hands. 

You can also cook in an outdoor space with proper ventilation to ensure there are no leaks. Lastly, make sure you don’t place any plastic bags or flammable materials close by.


We scoured the internet to not only find you the best products in the market, but we also went the extra mile and included comparison overviews to help you make a better choice.

The article also contains tips on proper storage, maintenance, and usage. Make sure you read through them before cooking any food. These guides will ensure that you don't make any rash mistakes during the process.

So, if you too can't wait to prepare mouthwatering dinner for yourself on the next weekend, we suggest you hurry up and get yourself a nice electric griddle.

People Also Ask

People are awe-struck by the idea of cooking multiple meals at the same time, and hence they want to get the best model as soon as possible. However, they might have some questions. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked ones.

What is a Griddle?

A griddle is a cooking surface that comes in a flat and smooth shape. It is usually perfect for cooking breakfast or brunch. You can cook things like bacon, grilled sandwiches, and pancakes easily on the surface. But what differentiates a griddle from other units is that it's fairly large and allows you to cook multiple food items at the same time. 

Are Electric Griddles Worth it?

If you are a working man or woman and hate having to spend extra money in the morning to cook proper breakfast, all you need is a good electric griddle. These are extremely durable and can be used to prepare different foods at the same time. Moreover, most products offer a non-stick surface, making them worth your investment.

Is an Electric Griddle Better Than a Grill?

Both grills and griddles work in different ways; hence drawing comparisons between the two might be hard. Electric griddles usually heat food more evenly and properly. They don’t have flames or require air movements. On the other hand, a grill will consume more energy and will take more time to cook the same amount of food.

What Size Griddle Should I Buy?

This really depends on your needs. All ranges and shapes of griddles are available in the market, and as the size increases, the cost increases too. If you have to prepare brunches for a party or your family often, you should invest in a larger model. However, if you only have to cook breakfast for yourself, then a small model of approximately 36-inch will also suffice.

Can You Spray Pam on an Electric Griddle?

The real question is not whether you can spray Pam on the griddle but whether you should. Although most models offer a non-stick surface, it can prove beneficial if you spray oil to the surface to ensure foods don't get stuck to the tray at high temperatures. 

How Many Amps Does an Electric Griddle Use?

This again depends on the size and model of the griddle. Since these units have to cook multiple foods at the same time, it is fairly obvious that they will consume a greater amount of energy. On average, a griddle may require 1500 watts of energy to cook food at a temperature of 400 degrees. If you are looking for softer foods, the current drawn might be slightly less. 

Can I Use an Electric Griddle as a Warming Tray?

Not all models come with a warming tray, but most do. Electric griddles will usually have a large tray underneath the actual cooking surface. You can place things like a large casserole or cooked potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil and wait for them to be heated to an adequate temperature. You can also adjust the temperature settings of the warming tray for greater efficiency.

Can You Put Aluminum Foil on an Electric Griddle?

It is advised that when you are cooking thick foods like steaks or lean meat, you wrap the items in an aluminum foil. You can also do this while cooking pizza and making steaks. This not only protects your food from burning but also ensures that its texture remains intact.

Can You Put an Electric Griddle in the Dishwasher?

A lot of models can be placed inside a dishwasher as they come with advanced technologies, but many don’t and need to be manually cleaned each time. You should also remove the heating tray every time you place the griddle inside a dishwasher. This will ensure that no harm comes to the electrical equipment underneath.

What Can You Cook on a Griddle?

There is a never-ending list of food items that you can cook using a griddle. It not only works extremely well with pancakes and eggs, but you can also put items like French toast and hash browns on it. Burgers and a range of sandwiches can also be cooked on top of the tray.

Griddle Reviews

The links below are all buyer guides for various types of griddles: 

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