Best 2 Burner Gas Grills | 2019 Complete Buyer’s Guide

In this article we will be exploring our top picks for two burner gas grills. Whether you’re on a budget, have small storage, or are new to grilling, we will have the perfect grill for you listed below. We’ll also take you through how to pick the grill that’s bet for you, and the advantages of owning one.

Best 2 Burner Gas Grills Comparison Chart 


Char-Broil Quickset 2-Burner Gas Grill

  • Constructed with porcelain-coated grates
  • Easy to assemble in a matter of minutes
  • 265-square-inches of cooking space
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Char-Broil Classic 280 Gas Grill

  • Weather-proof design allows users to grill in a variety of conditions
  • Constructed with Piezo ignition to hassle-free ignitions
  • 280-square-inches of cooking space
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Char-Broil Signature TRU-Infrared 325

  • Cutting edge TRU Infrared technology leads over other models
  • Features folding shelves on each side for storage and food prep
  • 325-square-inches of cooking space
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Char-Broil Performance 300 Gas Grill

  • Brand trusted grill cover is very affordable
  • Grill is equipped with a storage cabinet for versatility
  • 300-square-inches of cooking space
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How to Pick a 2 Burner Gas Grill

1. Material

The material of your grill is extremely important to how long it is going to last. It is best that you go with a porcelain-enameled grill. Porcelain will allow your grill to withstand any weather damage without buying a cover.

2. Size

Two burner grills should have at least 200-square inches of cooking space, otherwise they’re not worth the money. The point of having a two-burner grill is to make sure that there is plenty of space to cook large amounts of food. It’s also a plus to have at least a warming rack on your grill, so you don’t have to worry about cooked food going cold.

3. Grates

Something you should make sure your grill has is cast-iron grates. Whether they are porcelain enameled or just regular, cast-iron retains and radiates heat faster and easier than stainless steel grates. Cast-iron also doesn’t allow food to stick to it, and is easier to clean.

Advantages of Owning a 2 Burner Gas Grill

1. Space

Whether your grill is big or small, you can always count on a 2-Burner Gas Grill to be able to take on a lot of food.

Most, if not all gas grill, some with at least 200 square-inches of cooking space, plus additional space for warming. 2-burner grills also come in a variety of sizes, so if you need something small and compact, you will still be able to find a great grill while still having a lot of cooking space.

2. Flavor

2 Burner Grills are a great choice if you want your food juicy and flavorful. Although convection ovens can cook food great and it will come out tasty, there is nothing like a grilled burger. Grills allow meat to come out juicer, allowing the natural flavors of food to come.

3. Heating

With other cooking methods, you have to wait quite a while for them to heat up. However, with 2-burner grills you can cut out that wait time.

It only takes minutes for burner grills to heat up to their top temperatures, and they are also easy to control and retain heat when needed.

Willy's Top Picks - Best 2 Burner Gas Grills

Review of the Best 2 Burner Gas Grills

Now, let’s move on to the review portion of this article.

1. Char-Broil Quickset 2-Burner Gas Grill


  • 26,500 BTU
  • Two Plastic Side Shelves
  • 265 Square-Inches of Cooking Space
  • Durable Porcelain-Coated Lid and Firebox


  • Small Grease Catch
  • Problems with Heat Regulation
  • Porcelain Grates instead of Cast-Iron

The Char-Broil Quickset is a perfect pick for all your grilling needs. This 2-burner 26,500 BTU gas grill is fast and easy to assemble to have your perfect grilling experience in minutes.

With 265 square-inches of cooking space, and two plastic side shelves you’ll have plenty of work and cooking space.

This grill comes with porcelain-coated wire grates, built-in handles and tool hooks for extra cooking help. The outside of the grill has durable porcelain-coated lid and firebox, meaning its designed to withstand the elements.

This grill is great at retaining heat, and getting up 600+ degrees in just a matter of minutes, so you can get started on your grilling quickly and easily.

However, this grill can come with a few problems. Because the grates are porcelain-coated food will easily stick to them, making it a pain to clean after each use.

However, if you grease the grates beforehand then that should eliminate the problem. It’s also takes some time to learn how to use this grills temperature settings.

Once the grill turns on it quickly rises in temperature, making it hard to get that perfect medium temperature.

The grease catch this grill comes with can also be a bit of a problem. It’s a small cup that hangs on the bottom of the grill; because of its size it fills up relatively quickly.

Luckily, if you do have any problems with the grill it does come with a warranty.

Bottom Line

This grill is high powered, and has 265 Square-Inches of Cooking Space. However, the grates are made of porcelain and customers have reported problems with heat regulation.

2. Char-Broil Classic 280 2-Burner Gas Grill


  • Side Shelves
  • Piezo Ignition System
  • Two Steel-Line Burners
  • Porcelain-Coated Steel Lid
  • 280 Square-Inches of Cooking Space


  • Hard Returns
  • Hard to Assemble
  • Unclear Instructions

The Char-Broil Classic 2-Burner Gas Grill comes with 280 square-inches of cooking space, over porcelain-coated grates and two stainless steel-line burners for great cooking and grilling performance.

The outside of the grill is also just as great as the inside with a porcelain-coated steel lid and firebox will allow it stand against any form of weather.

The metal side shelves measure 12x13-inches, providing extra storage and prep space. This grill comes with a Piezo ignition system so it’s fast and reliable when starting it.

Since it is a convectional grill you can be rest assured knowing that it will retain heat easily and quickly.

Unfortunately, this grill is known to be an assembly nightmare. First off, when ordering this grill online many customers have reported it showing up with missing parts that often times seem essential. The instructions aren’t always the most-clear either, making it even harder to assemble then it already is.

However, besides of the assembly of this product there doesn’t seem to be many negative reviews of how this product works. This grill also does come with a warranty, although returns have been reported to not be so easy.

Bottom Line

This grill comes with 280 Square-Inches of cooking space and has a Piezo Ignition System for easy lighting. However, it is hard to assemble and customers have reported problems with returns despite their being a warranty.

3. Char-Broil Signature TRU-Infrared 325 2-Burner Cabinet Gas Grill


  • 18,000 BTU
  • A Swing-A-Way-Rack for Warming
  • Surefire Electronic Ignition System
  • 325 Square-Inches of Cooking Space


  • Extremely High Temperatures, may require gloves

The Char-Broil Signature TRU-Infrared grill comes with 325 square-inches of primary cooking space, with porcelain-coated cast iron grates, and a 120 square-inch porcelain-coated swing-a-way-rack for warming.

This grill comes with top-ported 443 stainless steel tube burners for lasting performance and better temperature control.

It’s easy to start because of its surefire electronic ignition system, offering a reliable spark at every burner. The folding side shelves are great for added work space and easy storage while working.

It also easily converts from liquid propane to natural gas, so long as you add the conversion kit to your purchase. To make this grill even better, the main burner’s BTU is 18,000.

There haven’t been too many reported problems with this grill, but the most frequent one is how hot this grill this.

Although this a great feature to have on a grill it can also be a dangerous one. Because this grill gets so hot it is best to work with grilling gloves.

Another pain about this grill is that it takes a lot of effort to clean up, especially because of how juicy the meat gets in this grill.

If you order this grill online, there have been many complaints about how the grill gets delivered. Luckily this grill does come with a warranty, so if shipping is a pain you can still get it easily fixed or replaced.

Bottom Line

This grill comes with 18,000 BTU and 325 square-inches of cooking space, plus an added swing-a-way warming rack. However, there have been problems with delivery of the grill and gloves are required when cooking.

4. Char-Broil Performance 300 2-Burner Cabinet Gas Grill


  • 24,000 BTU
  • Mounted Temperature Gauge
  • 300 Square-Inches of Cooking Space
  • Comes with a swing-away warming rack


  • Easy Stick Grates
  • Hard to Assemble
  • Uneven Cooking Flames

This 2-burner, 24,000 BTU cabinet gas grill comes complete with 300 square-inches of primary cooking space and 100 square-inches of a swing-away rack for warming.

Both the primary cooking space and swing-away rack have porcelain-coated cast iron grates for the best grilling experience.

The Char-Broil Performance grill is electric ignited for fast and easy startups. The grill sits on 4 casters, two of which lock for mobility and stability.

The lid is made of stainless steel lid and UFC provides stylish durability. The lid features a mounted temperature gauge for added heat control. The metal side shelves are big and also fold down when not needed.

The bottom of the grill has a convenient access storage cabinet to store a propane tank and other accessories.

Although there have been few problems with this grill, there are still a couple of things to look out for. The first thing is that this grill takes some time to assemble. If you want it to come assembled then it is going to cost a couple of 100+ dollars. 

Although this product does come with a warranty, many customers have reported having problems with it.

Bottom Line

This grill comes with 24,000 BTU and 300 square-inches of cooking space and a swing-away warming rack. However, it’s hard to assemble and the grates get food stuck to them easily.

5. Weber Spirit S210 Liquid Propane Gas Grill


  • 7766.5 Watts-Per-Hour
  • 360-Sqaure Inches of Cooking Space
  • Cast-Iron Grates
  • Crossover Ignition System


  • Hard to Assemble
  • Problems Working Settings
  • Problems with Heat Regulation

The Weber Spirit comes with two stainless steel burners that releases 7766.5 Watts-per-hour. It comes with two attached side tables and is complete with a total of 360-square inches of cooking space, and 90-scare inches for warming.

The grates are made of cast-iron and the bars are porcelain-enameled Flavorizer. The outside is porcelain-enameled, with a stainless steel lid and door.

This grill is also easy to use with its electronic crossover ignition system that starts with just the push of button.

One of the downsides of this product it it’s heat regulation. The Weber Spirit can reach up to 500+ degrees, but many customers have reported that it has trouble retaining a temperature once reached.

Some customers have also have reported having problems with the additional settings on their grill, and say that they don’t work.

This grill is also hard to assemble on your own, and the included expert assembly will cost about $100+. Luckily, customer service is quick at its responses and this product does come with a warranty.

Bottom Line

This grill comes with tons of power and cooking space, as well as extra prep space. However, it’s hard to assemble and some customers have reported problems with working it.


All the two burner grills we listed above, will all make a great choice.

We suggest you go with our top pick: the Weber 46100001 Spirit S210 Liquid Propane Gas Grill. With its cast-iron grates, heat retention, and porcelain enameled outside this grill is perfect for any of your needs. If you’re still not convinced, then any of the other grills we listed will be great options as well.

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