Best BBQ Grill Covers of 2020

Now that you’ve found your perfect grill, it’s time to find the best grill cover to go with it. You may have heard that covers aren’t that important, they are actually an essential part of caring for your BBQ grill.

Having a cover for your grill will extend its lifetime and keep it in much better condition. It’s important to find a quality product that can protect your grill from weather, animals, and all of the other potential ways it can be damaged from being stored outside.

In this article, we’ll go over what makes a great BBQ grill cover and compare some of the best options we’ve found and already reviewed for you.

Comparison Chart of the BBQ Grill Covers 


VicTsing 5+ Burner Gas Grill Cover

  • A heavy-duty protective cover
  • UV-resitant for added durability
  • Material stitched tightly for waterproofness
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Homitt Gas Grill Cover

  • UV-resistant to avoid fading and weakening
  • Handles allow for easier use
  • Design ensures no dust, snow, and water reach your grill
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Grillman Premium Grill Cover

  • Comes with sidestraps to fit securely
  • Manufactured from high-quality material for durability
  • Loop straps also aid secure fit
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Classic Accessories 73912 Veranda Grill Cover

  • Seams are on the inside for added durability
  • Made from waterproof material
  • Fits over all popular grills
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AmazonBasics Gas Grill Cover

  • Extra-large and durable cover
  • A bungee cord helps keep cover securely in its place
  • Features air vents to prevent condensation
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Do Grills Even Need Covers? 

While grill covers may not seem essential, they are actually very useful and important for extending the life of the grill.

The beauty of having a grill is being able to enjoy cooking outside, but keeping the grill outside also means it needs to be protected more than most other appliances.

Even the most high quality grill will eventually be worn down by the elements if not properly protected.

A cover will prevent the metal from bleached from sun exposure or pitted by rain and snow.

It also protects the grill from any small animals who might try to make it into their new home.

Regardless of the type of grill you have, there is a cover that will fit it well and guard it against the many different ways it can be damaged.

A grill is an investment and there’s no better way to extend its life than buying a durable grill cover to protect it.

Features of a Great BBQ Grill Cover 

So what features should you look for when searching for the best grill cover for your grill? There are a few different components to pay attention to when narrowing down your options.

One of the most essential details is the material of the cover. You want something that is strong and durable. Materials such as unlined vinyl, polyester, oilcloth, or nylon are some great options.

It’s best to avoid covers that are lined with felt or flannel because small animals like mice like to use them as nesting material. It’s also best to select a cover that is waterproof for the ultimate protection against weather.

Many companies offer covers in a variety of sizes, often ranging from small grills to XXX-Large. It’s good to have many different varieties so you can choose the size that best fits your grill.

If it is too large or too small, it won’t be able to properly protect the grill. Measure the length, width, and height of your grill so you know the exact size you’ll need.

Are All BBQ Grill Covers The Same?

There are many different styles of BBQ grill covers out there with a variety of different materials, designs, and colors to choose from.

It’s important to consider the specific grill you have and the climate it will be stored in. The best covers will be made of thick and durable material. Some also come with air vents, which can prevent condensation.

A good BBQ grill cover will have some kind of tie down to secure it to the grill to prevent it from being blown away in the wind. Some covers come with elastic around the bottom, while others have tie strings or velcro you can use to secure it.

While many grill companies sell grill covers as well, they definitely aren’t the only option when finding the best cover for your grill.

There are many from different brands who make covers that fit well with grills from popular companies and provide cost effective, quality options.

Willy's Top Picks - Best BBQ Grill Covers

Review of the Best BBQ Grill Covers

Now that we know what to look for in a grill cover, let’s look at some great options that we have found and reviewed.

VicTsing Grill Cover, 72-Inch Waterproof BBQ Cover, 600D Heavy Duty Gas Grill Cover for weber,Brinkmann, Char Broil, Holland and Jenn Air(UV & Dust & Water Resistant, Weather Resistant, Rip Resistant)


  • UV-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Less expensive
  • Durable rip-resistant and weatherproof
  • Handles and Magic Tapes make it easy to use and secure


  • Comes in one size
  • Material tends to fade slightly after a few months

The first one we’ll look at is the VicTsing 5+ Burner Gas Grill Cover. It’s a very durable option, made from 100% 600D polyester hydrophobic fabrics.

It is water-resistant, dust-proof, and windproof.

It’s also UV-resistant, which is a great feature that is harder to come by. It comes with Magic Tapes on the bottom of each of the sides, which makes it easy to fasten the cover over the grill and prevent it from being blown away.

Bottom Line

This grill cover is a good deal, with good quality and durable material for a cheaper price. It is easy to use and clean. However, it only comes in one size, so it won’t fit some grills as well as some other more customizable options.

Homitt Gas Grill Cover, 58-inch 3-4 Burner 600D Heavy Duty Waterproof BBQ Cover with Handles and Straps for Most Brands of Grill -Black


  • Longer warranty
  • Long-lasting material
  • Heavy and durable with waterproof lining


  • Does better in rain or snow than sun
  • Straps use velcro, which isn’t as secure as actual tie downs to protect from wind

This grill cover is also weather resistant and rip resistant, made from a heavy duty 600D Oxford fabric. Measuring 58" x 24" x 48", it fits many different grill brands.

It comes with straps that you can use to secure it and prevent it from being blown away by wind. It comes with a 12 month warranty and a 60 days money back guarantee.

Bottom Line

This grill is one of the cheapest options we’re looking at today, but is still heavy-duty and long-lasting for the price. While it is a very durable product, the Velcro straps may make it less secure during heavy storms or high winds.

Best for the Money:
 Grillman Premium Grill Cover

Grillman Premium (58 Inch) BBQ Grill Cover, Heavy-Duty Gas Grill Cover For Weber, Brinkmann, Char Broil etc. Rip-Proof , UV & Water-Resistant


  • UV-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee


  • Velcro straps
  • May be a little too long for some grills

This option is very heavy duty and made from PVC-lined Oxford material, so it is waterproof, UV-resistant, wind resistant, and rip resistant. Its measurements are 58" x 24" x 48".

It is designed to fit many popular grill bands, including Weber, Char Broil, and Brinkmann. It also comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee for issues like ripping or fading.

Bottom Line

The Grillman Premium Grill Cover is very good quality. It is not just weatherproof but UV-resistant as well and made to fit many popular brands. It’s made to last. If you do have problems with it, it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Classic Accessories Veranda Water-Resistant 58 inch BBQ Grill Cover for Weber Genesis

Classic Accessories Veranda Water-Resistant 58 inch BBQ Grill Cover for Weber Genesis


  • Three year warranty
  • Fits many popular brands
  • Waterproof and wind resistant
  • More unique and decorative style
  • Sizes range from X-Small to XXX-Large


  • Thinner material than other options
  • Light colored material more susceptible to stains
  • Doesn’t completely cover the wheels or legs of grill

This option is more customizable with a range of sizes to choose from. It has interior bound seams and high-density stitching, making it strong and durable.

There is attention to little details with this product, with features like padded handles for comfort.

It fits well with many popular brands, especially Weber models. It measures 58" x 24" x 48".

Bottom Line

This grill cover has a more unique and modern design than the other options and is designed to fit well with many popular kinds of grills.

Its material is not as thick or durable as some of the other options, but it still protects against weather and can be secured so it won’t be affected by wind.

AmazonBasics Gas Grill Barbecue Cover, 72 inch / XL, Black

AmazonBasics Gas Grill Barbecue Cover, 72 inch / XL, Black


  • Integrated air vents
  • Elastic bottom, easy to secure
  • Simple, straightforward design
  • Durable and easy to clean material


  • Limited warranty
  • Elastic may make it too short for some models

The AmazonBasics cover is made of polyester-woven fabric and comes in three different sizes. It comes with elastic bungees to secure it and measures 72" x 28" x 46".

It comes with a limited 1 year warranty and also includes integrated air vents, which help prevent condensation.

Bottom Line

This cover is a basic and cost effective option while still being sturdy and good quality. The elastic at the bottom secures it to protect from wind, but also may make it too short on some grill models.


Regardless of the type of grill you have or the climate you live in, there is a perfect BBQ cover grill out there for you. Sometimes overlooked, grill covers are an essential part of making a grill last and stay in good condition. 

With so many kinds of materials, sizes, and features, you can find one in the style you like that also gives your grill the best protection from the elements.

All of the options above are great products that are both cost effective and good quality, and we hope this review has helped you find the best one for you.

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