Best George Foreman Grills – 2021 Round-up Review

| Last Updated: January 7, 2022

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Since its inception in 1994, the George Foreman Grill has grown from a trendy infomercial product, into one of the most recognized culinary brands in America. Though the brand has recently expanded into the outdoor grilling market, these innovative grills were initially created as a quick, healthy, indoor alternative to stove top, gas, or charcoal grilling.

As the clear cut industry standard for small indoor grills, George Foreman Grills have become almost a necessity to the everyday cook's kitchen arsenal. In this buyer's guide, we will discuss the versatile nature of George Foreman Grills and dig into just what makes them such a popular choice for so many at home cooks.

We will then transition into some aspects to keep in mind when on the market for one of these wonder products, and finish with a few reviews of some of the best George Foreman models.

Best George Foreman Grills Comparison Chart

  • 60-square-inches of grilling space
  • Removable plates and a slope to draw fat away from food
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean
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  • Compact and easy to store in a variety of places
  • Premium ceramic coating and designed to remove up to 42% of fat
  • Equipped with variable temperature control (up to 400°F)
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  • 144-square-inches of grilling space
  • Easy-to-clean drip tray makes cleaning a breeze
  • Indicator light informs users that grill is ready to use
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  • 72-square-inches of grilling space
  • Backed by a 3-year limited warranty
  • Best George Foreman Grill With Removable Plates
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  • 240-square-inches of grilling space
  • Removable stand is perfect for a variety of environments
  • Best George Foreman Indoor Grill
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What Are George Foreman Grills Best For?

George Foreman Grills offer an interesting take on the classic grill, seeing as it uses a design that cooks food from the top and bottom simultaneously.

This intriguing design can be well utilized for a variety of food products, though some are much better suited for dual plate cooking than others.

Take for example, the Panini; George Foreman grills are ideal for any sort of hot, grilled sandwich because its two plate design cooks both sides at once, reducing cook time and saving you from the difficulty of flipping a partially grilled sandwich.In fact, almost any food that needs to be routinely flipped during the cooking process would be a great option for a George Foreman.

Ideally, one should stay away from grilling anything complex in these grills. One would be smart to stick to well contained or singular foods like sandwiches and meats; foods with sauces or any sort of liquid would probably be better off in a pan.

What Sets George Foreman Grills Apart From Other Grills?

George Foreman Grills have made a name for themselves as a brand due in large part to the incredibly versatile, innovative, and efficient nature of its products.

Whether you're looking for an indoor alternative to outdoor grilling, quicker cooking, or a slightly healthier diet, George Foreman offers a slew of efficient products that are sure to improve the quality of your cooking experience.

George Foreman approves of this review (source)

These compact electric grills are a wonderful addition to any kitchen, as they offer a panini press style grilling experience with its double plate design. This remarkably innovative grilling technology cooks food from both the top, and bottom, which drastically cuts cooking time.

This design is a large part of why so many people swear by the brand; quick, high-quality food benefits anyone looking to make the most out of their time. The adjustable hinge that binds the aforementioned cooking plates allows the grill to cook a range of food sizes; be it thin paninis or thick cuts of meat, these grills can handle it.

Further features of these electric grills include a sloped design and non-stick surface, which, together, productively rid the food of excess oil/grease, and subsequently produce a healthier final product.

Willy's Top Picks - Best George Foreman Grills

Review of the Best George Foreman Grills

Let's take a closer look at our favorite George Foreman grills. We'll outline why these models are so unique and what recent buyers have to say about their experience. We did our homework here so you don't have to. 

Best Overall:
George Foreman 4-Serving Grill

George Foreman 4-Serving Removable Plate Electric Grill and Panini Press, George Tough Non-Stick Coating, Drip Tray Catches Grease, Black


  • Cleanable: removable plates make cleaning easy
  • Healthy: 42% fat removal design significantly lowers calories
  • Efficient: 10 minute cooking time and 35% faster warm-up time
  • Non-Stick: 2x the durable coating guarantees your food won’t stick


  • Dishwasher: many customers have complained of discoloration or non-stick surface damage
  • Hinge & Temp Control: this product doesn’t offer the floating hinge or temp control, which severely limits cooking options

What Recent Buyers Report

Every customer loves this grill. They particularly like its removable plates that make cleaning easier for everyone. Its new and improved new-stick coating also helps the users. People do not have to use oil anymore. The size is also perfect for users since it’s not too big.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

This has a perfect and compact design to use in your kitchen without crowding it. It has a serving area of four, as the name suggests. The grill plates are removable and non-stick, so cleaning is effortless. The heating time is claimed to be 35% faster than previous versions. Plus, it has the famous slope design of the George Foreman Grills that helps remove grease easily. It has a 3-year warranty and is very durable.

As the flagship George Foreman Grill, the 4-serving removable plate grill is one of the best options on the market.

Like many other George Foreman models, its dependable fat-cutting, sloped design produces a much healthier product than traditional grills.

This specific model was designed with small families in mind, as it claims to cook four servings of food simultaneously.

Building on the reputation for speed and efficiency, this model boasts a 35% faster warm-up time than its adversaries, meaning you’ll spend less time waiting to cook, and less time waiting to eat.

In total, customers have reported 10 minutes as the average cook time for a four serving meal, a time which normal grills can’t even dream of approaching.

Who Will Use This Most

The four serving size is perfect for a small family. You can grill your vegetables in it too. This will give you a complete main course very quickly. It is 60 square inches in size, so it will not take up a lot of space, making it ideal for small kitchens.

Bottom Line

George Foreman Grills have been in business for a long time and have proven their worth. This is one of their most popular grills and rightly so. You should not have to spend extra for a large grill if you do not need it. It has a high-quality non-stick coating that will last a long time.

The 4-Serving model from George Foreman is a tried and true indoor grill. This grill will make you healthier, quicker meals than any other grill or appliance. As the flagship model, its design is fairly simple, meaning a loss of creativity for the culinary inclined.

Its materials and inability to be dish-washed are certainly a concern, but one must remember that many other products of this nature have similar, if not the same, issues.

All things considered, if you’re going to get a George Foreman, you can’t go wrong here; you just won’t be able to cook a bunch of food at once.

George Foreman 6-Serving Grill

George Foreman 6-Serving Removable Plate Grill and Panini Press with Adjustable Temperature, Black, GRP1001BP


  • Ceramic: a 5x better non-stick surface than traditional George Foreman Grills
  • Size: you can easily fit 6 burgers on to the grilling surface; its size won't let you down
  • Customizable: addition of temperature control and floating hinge give cooks ample room for creativity in the kitchen
  • Classic: the fat-removing design and all the other features that made George Foreman Grills famous are present in this model


  • Size: large size is great for cooking, rather awkward for storage
  • Temperature Control: customers report variable levels of control over temperature, sometimes it doesn't seem to work at all

What Recent Buyers Report

This grill is very satisfactory for users. The plate removal option and the non-stick coating make the dreaded cleaning after eating easy, and it works fine as reported by many users. The controllable temperature setting is a plus point for users, as well.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This grill has a serving of six with a small enough size for your average kitchen. It has a ceramic coating which makes it more durable and resistant. The plates are removable, and it has the fat removing slope that is a characteristic of every George Foreman Grill. You can also adjust the temperature yourself in the range of 300-400F. Plus, its height is adjustable to accommodate bigger vegetables or bigger pieces.

George Foreman's 6-serving grill seems to be, at first glance, just a 50% larger version of their classic 4-serving model.

It boasts the same basic design, complete with removable cooking plates for easy clean-up, as well as the fat reducing, angled design of the grilling surface.

However, this grill does, in fact, make some key changes to its materials, as well as the intricacies of its design.

The addition of a ceramic coating in lieu of the normal surface results in a non-stick surface that's 5x as effective as its predecessor.

Further additions to this model include the floating hinge, which enables the user to adjust the gap between the cooking plates to cook food of various thicknesses, as well as a temperature control switch, giving the user full control over grilling conditions.

Who Will Use This Most

If you have a big family or are planning on hosting a small party, then this would be the better choice. You can cook six servings at once, which will save you a lot of time. You still do not have to make a lot of extra room for the grill. It can easily be accommodated in a normal kitchen.

Bottom Line

Whether you buy the 4 serving grill or the 6 serving one, it depends on your requirements. They are both of high-quality and very durable. It is one of our best picks because people usually prefer smaller-sized ones. At the same time, for a big family, the 6 serving one would be the way to go.

Like any other George Foreman Grill, the 6-serving model will serve as a valuable addition to any kitchen. The larger size of this model is ideal for families or individuals looking to cook a higher volume of food, even if it is difficult to store.

The increase in customization options due to the floating hinge is nice, however, the lack of a reliable temperature control significantly affects a cook's options.

As we would suggest with all George Foreman Grills, wash the grilling plates by hand; products that claim to be dishwasher safe are very often not, so it's best to not take the risk.

In short, this product will certainly give you everything you wanted from a George Foreman Grill, though it certainly could be a lot better.

Best for the Money:
George Foreman 9-Serving Grill

George Foreman 9-Serving Classic Plate Electric Grill and Panini Press, Silver, GR144


  • Efficient: quick warm-up, and crazy fast cooking
  • Size: incredibly large capacity can handle plenty of food for a family
  • Classic: upholds the George Foreman standard with the classic features
  • Design: floating hinge gives users an extra bit of control, allows for wider range of food options


  • Cleaning: the cooking plates are not removable, so cleaning is a bit more difficult
  • Usability: lack of temperature control, power switch, or timer makes this model a bit too simplistic

What Recent Buyers Report

The non-stick coating and slope design have made this grill a favorite of all health-conscious people. George Foreman is a well-known name that never disappoints, and customers always come back for more. Even users that cook in it everyday report no problems. It has proven to be reliable. The cleaning is also easy for everyone.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This grill comes in two different variations. One variation has fixed hinges and horizontal storage while the other has an adjustable hinge with vertical storage. They both accommodate 9 servings. It has a non-stick coating, fat removing slope, and dishwasher safe tray. All these qualities make its use easy. It heats up pretty fast, and with the adjustable hinge, you can grill vegetables as well.  

The 9-Serving Classic Plate Electric Grill is yet another tried and true George Foreman model which capture exactly what made the brand famous.

The classic George Tough non-stick surface eliminates the need for oil, and subsequently speeds up prep time.

The sloped design present throughout George Foreman models rids the food of excess oil, and gives you a much healthier final product than a grill could offer.

The addition of the floating hinge gives cooks a way to cook larger sized items, as the user can fully adjust the gap between the two cooking plates.

Aside from its larger grilling capacity, this model separates itself from other George Foreman grills with its heat potential.

It boasts a 5 minute warm-up time, and the plates cook food at such a quick pace, that many customers reportedly burned the first few items they cooked.

Who Will Use This Most

Unlike most other grills, it has a much bigger serving area. You can fit it in your kitchen and cook for a party. If your house is the go-to place for your friends and family dinners, then you will need this grill. It will reduce your cooking time by a considerable amount by cooking 9 servings at once.

Bottom Line

It has all the features of a good George Foreman Grill but in a bigger package. It is the biggest indoor grill by George Foreman. If you find the size of most other grills to be unsuitable for a party, then this will do the trick. 

The 9-Serving George Foreman Grill would be a great addition to any kitchen, particularly for large families, or over worked kitchens, where grill space is hard to come by.

Its size, coupled with its heating capacity, make this model one of the most efficient on the market, though not at the expense of the classic Foreman features we have come to expect.

Cleaning is rather difficult in comparison to other models, and the lack of temperature control, a power switch, and a timer, certainly doesn't give this model an edge over its adversaries.

Nonetheless, this product offers a much larger size, and still works just as well as the classic George Foreman models. If you're looking to cook a high volume of food with your grill, the 9-serving grill will be a satisfactory model.

Best George Foreman Grill with Removable Plates:
George Foreman 5-Serving Grill

George Foreman 5-Serving Removable Plate Grill and Panini Press, Platinum, GRP472P


  • Size: slight increase in grilling surface area gives extra room for larger meals
  • Ceramic: the addition of ceramic pushes it above the similar 4-Serving model
  • Classic: this grill doesn't stray from the brand standard; includes the classic George Foreman features


  • Ceramic: tends to wear away rather quickly; we recommend gentle hand washing only
  • Simplistic: lack of temperature control, floating hinge, on/off switch, or timer is a definite negative

What Recent Buyers Report

Cleaning the removable plates of this model for most people is as simple as putting them in hot water. The grease comes right off because of the non-stick coating. Some people have been using this family-sized grill for years without any complaints. Usually, families of four to five have found this to be their go-to option. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is a two-in-one product, i.e., a Panini press and a grill with a serving of five. It has dishwasher-safe removable plates that have a ceramic coating. It is durable and stain-resistant. It also has an adjustable hinge and light indicator for when the desired temperature has been reached.

The 5-Serving George Foreman Grill offers a unique blend of the 4-Serving and 6-Serving models.

This model accurately captures the iconic Foreman design of the 4-Serving, yet introduces the ceramic surface, present in the 6-Serving model.

The only true differences between this particular model and the 4-Serving, is the previously mentioned ceramic surface, as well as the slight increase in grilling surface.

This model offers just a bit extra for those cook's looking to get a bit more cooking space, and the assurance that the extra surface is made of the best material that George Foreman has to offer.

Who Will Use This Most

If you cannot decide between the 6 and 9 serving grill, then choose the middle one. This will let you cook for your entire family in one go and still not be too big. According to the manufacturer, the ceramic coating on this one is five times more durable than the older models. If you have the faded kitchen appliances and the food stains, then you will love this product much more.

Bottom Line

This is the perfect medium-sized grill for all families. It’s not too big and not too small. You can cook a quick meal for your family, including Paninis and vegetables, because of the adjustable hinge. Overall, it’s the perfect indoor grill. 

The 5-Serving George Foreman Grill is another solid model from the brand, though it does little to distinguish itself from the other models.

It is nearly identical to the 4-Serving model, aside from the additional cooking space and its use of ceramic as the grilling plate surface.

Consequently, this grill is just as solid a choice as the classic 4-Serving, perhaps even better due to the larger size and ceramic surface. The distinction between these two models is rather small, and honestly boils down to personal preference and market price.

Best George Foreman Indoor Grill:
George Foreman 15-Serving Grill


  • Size: 15-Servings provides one of the largest cooking surfaces on the market for electric grills
  • Electric: this grill is ideal for apartment living, as the electric design allows it to be safely used on any deck or porch
  • Usability: 5-setting temperature control gauge encourages creativity, and opens up a wider range of meal options
  • Versatile: as the name suggests, this grill can function indoors and out, thanks to its innovative design and removable stand


  • Cleaning: the grilling plates are not removable, and its awkwardly large profile is not exactly ideal for sink washing
  • Size: the large grilling surface is ideal, but storing this grill might be a bit of a challenge if you don't opt to keep it outdoors

What Recent Buyers Report

It is a favorite of nearly all BBQ lovers. The size is perfect for outdoor use for everyone; in fact, people use it on their balconies with ease as well. The price is great, and the heating-up time is reported to be very quick and gives good and juicy meat.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is both an indoor and an outdoor grill. It has a serving size of 15, but it is not too chunky that you cannot put it in your kitchen, granted you are going to have to make some room for it. The removable stand makes its use indoors much easier. It has a non-stick coating and removable grill, so cleaning will not be a problem. There are five temperature settings so you can choose the one that suits your cooking needs. You do not have to use any charcoal or wood chips; it is all-electric.

We've truly saved the best, or at least most innovative, George Foreman Grill for last.

The 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill is a cross between the classic, indoor grill that the Foreman brand is famous for, and an ordinary outdoor grill.

In lieu of the top-bottom heating approach pioneered by its predecessors, this model opts for a more traditional grilling surface.

However, to stay true to the brand, the model employs two angled grilling plates, which brings the classic calorie cutting design of the indoor George Foreman, to the outdoor grill.

Further keeping with the brand standard, the 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Grill includes the Foreman Tough non-stick surface used by the indoor models.

A temperature control gauge gives cooks a bit of creative freedom when grilling, offering 5 distinct temperature settings.

While this grill may look like an outdoor exclusive model, its name does not disappoint. With relative ease, the grill stand can be removed, and the grill can be utilized within the confines of your own kitchen.

Who Will Use This Most

If you barbecue a lot and host big parties, then this grill will be better suited for you. You can give your food a nice smoky aroma as well if you want. It is easy to use and clean. If you are living in an apartment and are not allowed to keep charcoal-fueled grills or smokers then you will want to try this. It is all-electric and very safe.

Bottom Line

For your next barbecue party, surprise everyone with this George Foreman Grill. It is the perfect size for a gathering of friends and family. It is all-electric and safe with no hassle of charcoal. The ceramic and non-stick coating makes it durable and easy to use.   

The 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill is arguably the best George Foreman model you can find on the market, and it will serve you well.

The ability to work both indoors and out gives this product an edge over its predecessors, as well as any other competitors on the market. 

The innovative mixture of the classic George Foreman design and a traditional outdoor grill gives this grill a winning edge.

The difficult cleaning process, troubling lifespan, and materials are of some concern, but they seem to be fairly ubiquitous aspects of George Foreman Grills. 

Whether you want to grill in the backyard, on the patio, in the kitchen, or at a tailgate, this grill has you covered. All in all, you cannot go wrong with this model if you're in the market for a George Foreman; or any grill for that matter.

Aspects to Consider When Buying a George Foreman Grill

When sifting through potential George Foreman models on the market, there are a few key aspects to consider. As George Foreman has many different options available, at varying levels of price and quality, there are a number of differences between models.

For the sake of this buyer's guide, we are going to focus on the following four characteristics that especially distinguish a high-quality George Foreman Grill from an economical one:

  • Temperature Control
  • Efficiency
  • Usability
  • Cleanability

As is the case with many other culinary appliances, Foreman temperature control serves as an easy way for cooks to monitor and adjust cooking temperature.

Some of the more economic George Foreman grills lack this option, meaning temperature is constant from the illumination of the ready indication light until you unplug it. 

Effectively, this means that models who lack the temperature control option are vastly more limited in terms of their versatility than their counterparts who do.

Efficiency seems like a no-brainer for nearly any product on the market, culinary or otherwise. Regardless, it is crucial to repeat it here.

The better George Foreman models are going to offer a much stronger final product in a much shorter time than some of the lower echelon grills.

It’s important to consider the temperature that a specific model can reach, how quickly it can cook, and how well it cooks.

The usability of a George Foreman product ties in well to the aforementioned temperature control.

Those products that offer temp control offer a tremendous opportunity for culinary creativity and customization for those at home chefs looking to get a bit more out of their grill, though they can be a bit more difficult to use for inexperienced cooks.

Aside from temp control, a model’s usability can be affected by its warm up time, design (especially with the grease slope), and cleanability. Each of these aspects may individually add to a product’s ease of use, but can pose significant problems if neglected.

As briefly mentioned above, cleanability is yet another major aspect to consider when comparing two different models.

The big distinction with George Foreman grills is whether or not the two plates are removable.

If they are, cleaning is a much more user friendly experience. For those models that do not have removable plates, the design often results in poor cleaning, and consequently rust, or failure of the non-stick coating.


George Foreman Grills are some of the most handy appliances you could ever have in your kitchen.

The prospect of additional grilling space is always a positive, but the quick, efficient, calorie cutting design that is synonymous with the Foreman brand gives these grills that extra edge.

Whether you are cooking a meal on the run, or making a full course dinner for your family, these grills will provide you with a quick, healthy alternative to traditional grilling.

Take your time to thoroughly look through the fine details when comparing models on the market, as some distinctions are rather minuscule.

Ultimately, almost any of the George Foreman models will suffice for an indoor grill, though some models certainly offer more advantages than others.

Regardless, the decision is ultimately up to you, as finding the right George Foreman grill is more about personal preference and cooking needs than fancy features or new models.

Be patient on the market, compare models based on your needs, and rest easy knowing that no matter which model you decide on, you'll have a handy, innovative grill at your disposal.

People Also Ask

If you have some questions about George Foreman Grills or how to use them, the following questions can help clear out your confusion. 

Do You Flip Burgers on a George Foreman Grill?

You do not need to flip your burgers on a George Foreman Grill or any other meat or vegetable that you might cook in it. It has a grill on both the top and the bottom and heats them both simultaneously. You do not need to do anything after putting the food in other than waiting.

Can You Cook Raw Meat on a George Foreman Grill?

Yes, you can cook raw meat on them. They have a high-temperature setting, so cooking raw patties or meat will not be a problem. Just season your meat the way you usually do and preheat the grill like you would an oven and enjoy the juicy and tender result.  

Can You Use Aluminum Foil on a George Foreman Grill?

Yes, you can use aluminum foil on the grill if you want to avoid getting it dirty. Just wait for the foil to cool down before you remove it. But it will not give you the grill marks that you would get without it. George Foreman grills are mostly non-stick, so they are already easy to clean.

How Do You Clean a Burnt George Foreman Grill?

Use paper towels soaked in vinegar and water. Put them inside the grill when it is still warm and close the lid. After a while, you can easily wipe the stains away with the same paper towels.

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