Best Raclette Grills | 2019 Complete Buyer’s Guide

Everyone has enjoyed a fun fondue dinner out, but many don’t know there is an even better way to even melted cheese and much more right at home.

Popular in Europe and steadily becoming more well-known in the United States, Raclette Grills are the epitome of versatility and convenience.

Not only can they melt a variety of food beyond just cheese or chocolate, they can also easily fit in your home kitchen and are an excellent option for throwing a winning dinner party.

Comparison Chart of the Best Raclette Grills

What is a Raclette Grill?

Traditionally from Switzerland, Raclette Grills are indoor party grills that are designed to cook a wide variety of food for many people at once and make a great addition to any kitchen.

They typically have two levels: a lower level of individual raclette cooking units and an upper level for grilling bread, vegetables, meat, seafood, and more.

You can grill your favorite food and melt the cheese on them all together in a single, portable unit small enough to fit on your kitchen table.

Raclette Grills are also healthier than many alternatives because they are usually made with nonstick surfaces and typically don’t require that you add oil to the pan before cooking.  

How to Spot a Great Raclette Grill

So what features should you look out for when purchasing a Raclette Grill? Some of the most important components to consider are the grills’ maintenance, material, and added features.

Low Maintenance

An important aspect of any kitchen appliance is how easy it is to clean and maintain.

Some models to avoid are ones that have to be completely hand-washed or include pieces with tiny nooks and crannies that are nearly impossible to thoroughly clean.

Instead, look for a model that includes at least a few dishwasher-safe parts with an overall body that can easily be cleaned with a sponge and water.

Long Lasting Materials

Whenever you buy a grill, you want to make sure it is a worthwhile investment that will last. If the grill is made from cheap material, it won’t last long or cook food as well.

The best models will have a granite cooking stone surface, which is long lasting and locks flavor into the food.

Loaded With Extra Features

Every Raclette Grill will be able to melt cheese and grill food, but some models include add-on features that make them stand above the rest.

Be on the lookout for extras like precise temperature controls and power status lights for increased safety or included spatulas that coordinate with each individual Raclette pan.

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Review of the Best Raclette Grills

With a more thorough understanding of what to look for in a great Raclette Grill, let’s look at a few of our favorite models.

  1. Gourmia Raclette Grill

This model includes a cone-shaped top section for grilling meat and vegetables along with a bowl for broths and steaming.

Most importantly, there are 6 raclette pans for melting cheese. The body of the grill is coated in non-stick for easy cooking and cleaning. It is all contained in a compact 7 pound unit and is easy to transport.

The temperature is a simple, adjustable knob-style temperature control. All you have to do is plug the grill in, turn the knob to the desired temperature, and you’re ready to do.


  • Versatile
  • Easy to clean
  • Cooks food quickly
  • Serves 4-6 people
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Straightforward and precise temperature control


  • Cord is on the shorter side and may require an extension

Bottom Line

The Gourmia is a lightweight and easy-to-use model that will fit perfectly in any home kitchen. Though it’s cord is a little short, it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with an extension cord to be able to use this convenient, versatile Raclette grill.

2. Milliard 8-Person Raclette

The Milliard is an excellent option for any party or big gathering, serving up to eight people at once.

Unlike the Gourmia, it is rectangular in shape with two shelves. Along with the 8 personalized cheese pans, it also comes with eight wooden spatulas.

You can cook a range of food on it to douse in melted cheese, including meat, vegetables, and seafood. It is constructed with a non-stick surface for simple cleanup and healthier cooking.

The reversible grill top has a flat granite stone side and a grilled side, so you have the option of searing food or cooking it slowly on an even surface.  

There is also an indicator light that illuminates when the grill is on, so you’ll never forget to turn it off when you’re done.


  • Lightweight
  • Serves 6-8 people
  • Double-sided grill top
  • Power status light for safety
  • Grill top and coupelles are dishwasher safe


  • Cooks evenly but slowly
  • No instructions included

Bottom Line

This model cooks slower than some of the other models, but its design also allows for a variety of cooking methods. Considering its compact and lightweight design, it is able to serve a lot of people.

3. Swissmar Raclette Grill

The Swissmar, like the Milliard, has a rectangular shape with two shelves and serves eight people.

Its granite stone grill top measures 9 x 14 inches and overall it weighs 12 pounds, as well as boasting 1200 Watts of power. Each Raclette pan comes with a matching spatula, adding up to eight in total.

It is available in several different colors, including red, black, and silver. It can take a little while to warm up but cooks evenly and quickly once it is ready. It’s recommended to turn it on about 30 minutes before you want to start cooking.


  • Easy to clean
  • Powerful but lightweight
  • Serves 8 people (or more)
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Includes 8 spatulas and pans


  • Takes a while to heat up

Bottom Line

The Swissmar takes a little extra planning, but once it heats up and gets going, it can cook a variety of food for 8-10 people in no time.   

4. NutriChef Raclette Grill

This Raclette grill includes has a metal grill and stone plate to cook meat and vegetables, with the standard pans below for melting the cheese. It is designed to serve large groups with 8 spatulas and skewers.

It includes an adjustable rotary temperature control with a LED indicator light. It uses about 1200 Watts of power and is a little heavier than other models at 16.26 pounds.


  • Serves 8 people
  • Power LED status light
  • Two sizes of metal cooking trays
  • Adjustable rotary temperature control
  • Dual-cooking surfaces (stone and metal grill)


  • Minimal directions
  • Heats slowly at first

Bottom Line

The NutriChef grill stands out for its versatility. Providing different types of grilling surfaces and different sized metal trays, you can easily customize it for each specific dish. Like many Raclette grills, it heats slowly at first but gets very hot once it has been on for a while.

5. Salton 8-person Raclette Grill

The Salton has an immersible grill plate and a nonstick surface, both of which make for easy and simple cleanup.

It includes an adjustable temperature control and power indicator light.

The Salton is very lightweight and portable at a mere 8.85 pounds but still allows you to cook for a large group of people with 8 spatulas and 8 large cheese pans.


  • Very affordable
  • Serves 8 people
  • Includes spatulas
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Portable and lightweight


  • Limited grilling capacity

Bottom Line

While the Salton can easily melt enough cheese for 8 people at a time, it cannot hold the same amount of food on its grilling surface so that part of the process may take some extra time. That being said, this is an excellent model that is easy to use for a very affordable price.

How to Use a Raclette Grill

  1. Most Raclette Grills take some time to heat up. For most models, it is recommended to turn the grill on about 30 minutes before you really want to start using it to cook.
  2. Safely check that the temperature of the grill is warm enough and then add the vegetables, meat, or other food that will serve as the main course on to the grill.
  3. Once those are cooking, add the cheese and any additional ingredients into the raclette tray and slide it onto the surface below the heating element.  
  4. After the cheese melts and the other food is done grilling, you’re ready to eat!
  5. Make sure to turn the grill off once you’re done cooking.


With a simple, straightforward design and delicious results, Raclette Grills are an excellent addition to any dinner party or social gathering.

There are many different models and factors to consider, and it’s important to find the best grill for you and your needs.

We hope this article helped you choose the perfect Raclette Grill for your next get-together!

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