Best Large Electric Smokers of 2021 – Complete Review

| Last Updated: January 10, 2022

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Smoking meat is a long-established custom across the world. However, this is a skill that does not come easily; having the right tools and equipment could be a game-changer, and if you host big parties and barbeques, then you would definitely not regret investing in a large electric smoker. It will allow you to get your meat tender, juicy, and just the right amount of smoked without hassles and troubles.

Comparison Chart of the Best Large Electric Smokers

  • Comes with air-damper for smoke control
  • Able to retain heat very well
  • Woodchips can be loaded without opening door
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  • Equipped with digital panel controls
  • Manufactured with 3 smoking racks
  • Comes with thermostat temperature control
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  • Best for the Money
  • Cooking grids heights can be adjusted
  • 1500-watt heating element
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  • Comes with front-access water tray
  • Has door-mounted temperature gauge
  • Insulated construction for better results
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  • Stainless steel locking latch
  • Control panel with LED display
  • Removable food thermometer
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Pros and Cons of Having a Large Electric Smoker

This is not one of those buyer guides that coerce you into buying a product; we want you to spend your money in the right place and be honest with you. That is why, while outlining the many benefits of owning an electric smoker, we will also highlight some of the cons of the product.


Buying an electric smoker could be one of your most promising purchases. It will take your smoking food game to the next level and allow you to host large get-togethers with relative ease.

Easy to Use

Electric smokers are simple in their functioning and can be easily set up. You just have to be mindful of the timing and heat regulation to get your meat tender and juicy. Moreover, it doesn’t need constant supervision, so you can just put your food into it, adjust the time and heat settings, and enjoy your party.


Since it is an electric smoker, you don’t need to constantly add fuel as it runs out. This is not only convenient but also allows the heat to spread out evenly as the temperature remains constant, owing to its temperature control settings, cooking your food thoroughly and evenly.

Large Storage Space

As the name signifies, large electric smokers are very capacious and have ample space to fit up to 50 lbs. of meat at a time. Since the heat is distributed evenly, you don’t have to worry about overcooking some of the meat while the rest stays undercooked; you can use all of the room it offers and host large gatherings.

Masterbuilt MB20071117


While we do not dispute the many advantages of an electric smoker, we do not want to keep you in the dark about some of its drawbacks.


Compared to propane or a charcoal smoker, this option requires you to loosen your purse strings a little more. Therefore, if you don’t require a smoker that has such large storage space, you may end up spending all that money for not a lot of value.

Dependent on Electricity

Since these rely exclusively on electricity, power failure, or a blackout in the middle can completely ruin your food. While the probability for such an eventuality is rare, it could render all your efforts useless. Moreover, due to this factor, it is more prone to mechanical malfunctioning, which could create a safety hazard.

Willy's Top Picks - Best Large Electric Smokers

Review of the Best Large Electric Smokers

Now that the essentials are done and dusted, it is time to dive down to the meaty portion: our collection of the best large electric smokers. These have been chosen after deliberate scrutiny and analysis, and only the very best have made the cut.

Best Overall:
Masterbuilt MB20071117

Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker, 30', Black


  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Lightweight yet have a string built
  • Body is fully insulated hence preserves heat
  • Digital panel with time and temperature controls


  • Cannot accommodate very large get-togethers
  • Highest temperature setting may not be high enough for some people

What Recent Buyers Report

Customers have reviewed this product extensively, and it has managed to get an incredibly high rating. They report it to work like a charm, and if someone needs to make further adjustments, although rarely required, you can do so to tweak it to fulfill your requirements. Furthermore, even chefs have given their input and asserted the overwhelming opinion that it produces exquisite food.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The most outstanding quality of this electric smoker is what the prime quality of any electric smoker should be, its ability to keep your meat juicy, tender, and well-cooked. This feature has not only been lauded by home cooks but also professional chefs, and this is what sets it apart.

Who Will Use This Most

People who do not hold very large gatherings; therefore, do not require vast cooking space, yet want all the other features of an electric smoker will find this product to their liking. It is easy to use; therefore, it can be easily used by people who are using an electric smoker for the first time.

Bottom Line

Overall, this Masterbuilt smoker has been a huge hit amongst domestic cooks as well as professional chefs. Its high-quality manufacturing and ability to cook your food the way you want it makes it a must-have. It’s definitely a purchase you would recommend to others as well.

Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow SH19079518

Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow SH19079518 Digital Electric Smoker, Black


  • Smoker body is fully insulated
  • Triple chrome-coated smoke racks
  • Detachable drip pan for easy clean-up
  • Removable water bowl for moisture and flavor
  • Digital control panel for temperature and timing settings


  • Customer service not up to par
  • No side window to feed chips so have to open the door which results in heat loss

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of buyers report that they bought this smoker with a few apprehensions, however, after unboxing and a little usage, it turned out to be a delightful experience. It has sufficient cooking space and can cook different types of food to perfection.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is a product that does not make boasting promises in their advertisements and then fails to deliver; rather, they fulfill the claims they made and have provided their customers with a unique and joyful cooking experience.

Who Will Use This Most

According to us, this is a simple product that has mastered the art of getting the job done. Therefore, if you require a smoker that does not possess many flashy features but is focused on cooking your food to perfection while keeping it tender and juicy, then you will love using this product.

Bottom Line

The final verdict on this product is that although you might have your doubts about it. Once you actually use it, you realize how it is designed to give you an extraordinary culinary experience and will make you a great hit amongst friends and family.

Best for the Money:
Smoke Hollow 26142E

Smoke Hollow 26142E 26-Inch Electric Smoker with Adjustable Temperature Control


  • Has a sturdy and reliable build
  • Adjustable chrome coated grills
  • Porcelain-coated chip tray and water pan
  • Large cuts can be smoked with a small impression
  • 1500 watt heating element to provide a range of temperature settings


  • Doesn’t have a window to check your food by sight
  • Only 2 grills so you might have to buy additional ones

What Recent Buyers Report

Most reviewers were thoroughly satisfied with the performance of this smoker. It has been used in different settings to cook different types of food, and it did not disappoint. One thing that has been mentioned a few times is that the heating element started showing signs of malfunctioning after a few uses; however, this was only for some customers. Others reported it to be a high-quality product.

Why it Stands Out to Us

What makes this electric smoker stand out from the bunch is the wide range of temperature configurations it allows and the many types of meat that allows you to accommodate. Some cuts like beef and mutton need slow cooking in even heat while others like fish and chicken do well if cooked in high heat and quickly; this product allows it all.

Who Will Use This Most

Since this Smoke Hollow smoker allows a wide variety of meats and foods to be cooked, people who like to experiment with their recipes and hold large parties will find that this smoker meets their criteria. However, to make the most out of the spacious interior, you could buy an additional grill if you need more cooking space.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, this smoker is one of the best electric smokers that offer such features and performance at a very affordable price. The craftsmanship of this product speaks volumes for its performance, and we highly recommend it to everyone.

4. Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker

Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker


  • 3 chrome-coated cooking grills
  • Has a built-in temperature gauge in its doors
  • Double-wall insulated structure with two exhaust openings
  • Detachable drip tray makes the cleaning process a lot easier
  • Grease cup, water tray, and wood chip tray have front access


  • Doesn’t have wheels, so transportation is hard
  • No glass doors so cannot look at the state of your meat while cooking

What Recent Buyers Report

This Char-Broil smoker has managed to receive tons of positive reviews and comments from its users. It has also gained high star ratings on various platforms, which indicate how well received this product is. The side locks were a feature that many customers were grateful for.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The most defining and separating elements of this product are the large cooking room it provides you and its excellent performance. It is highly reliable and durable, and if used properly, it will continue to give you exceptional results.

Who Will Use This Most

Owing to its spacious cooking room, this product is perfect for people who like to host large dinner parties or gatherings and feed their guests live cooked food. It also allows different kinds of meat like beef, mutton, chicken, and fish to be cooked to perfection, so it can cover many recipes.

Bottom Line

To sum up, this is a remarkable smoker that is focused on cooking your meat to perfection. Although it does not have a digital display or glass doors, its built-in temperature gauge in the door and outstanding performance are more than compensatory.

5. Char-Broil Deluxe

Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker, 1000 Square Inch


  • Insulated double-wall craftsmanship
  • Innovative control panel with a digital display
  • Food thermometer can be removed or attached
  • Smoke-tight seal by a large stainless steel locking latch
  • Glass doors allow you to check the state of your food by sight


  • Doesn’t have an option for high heat
  • Smoking fuel is consumed rather quickly

What Recent Buyers Report

Although electric smokers are not bought because of their appearance but for their performance, according to many customers, this particular smoker checks both boxes. It has been used in various settings, and it has been reported to deliver every time. Reviewers were thoroughly impressed with its phenomenal performance and sturdy built.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Simply put, this product stands out to us for the impeccable features it possesses. The easy to clean technology, its accurate and high-performing thermometer and its smoke-tight capacity make this a smoker that is worth your money.

Who Will Use This Most

This product is fit to be used by anyone who wants value against their money, and a smoker that not only features impressive specifications, but those specifications also work as advertised. This allows you to experiment with different recipes and food types, so if you are a passionate cook, you will love using this.

Bottom Line

Char-Broil is a trusted and renowned brand when it comes to electric smokers, and this product is a testament to how they achieved that image. It is well-built, easy to use, and will definitely take your cooking game to the next level. It is highly recommended.

How Do I Choose a Large Electric Smoker?

Large electric smokers do not fall light on the purse; hence you should do sufficient research before making a purchase and should know what features to look for. We have tried to make that process easier for you and highlighted the main features and concerns that should be considered prior to making a purchase.


One thing that you should be extremely mindful of and will greatly dictate the performance and durability of your smoker is the material it is made up of. The material that we recommend and the one you can’t go wrong with is the stainless steel, especially for the interior. It can handle high temperatures and is easy to clean, making it a great option.

Cooking Area

Generally, electric smokers are used outdoors and offer large cooking areas. However, you can find variations in the number of racks, and if you’re someone who regularly holds gatherings of up to 50 people, then invest in a smoker with up to 4 racks. However, if your requirement is for less, then you can go for other options.

Temperature Controls

Another important aspect of an electric smoker is that the machine maintains a constant temperature, and the heat is distributed evenly throughout. Therefore, ensure that the smoker you are considering to buy allows a range of temperatures and is apt in maintaining the said temperature.


Large electric smokers are becoming quite a hit because of their relative ease of affordability and high performance. However, we understand that choosing from an array of options can be intimidating; hence, we have provided with a complete buyers’ guide. We hope this was helpful. Happy Cooking!

Hey there, I’m Will, and I’ve been smoking and grilling for as long as I can remember. I made this blog to help others who are looking for honest and reliable info from someone they can trust. In my own efforts to try to perfect my smoking and grilling skills, I’ve done a lot of research and would like to have it compiled as a resource for others to use. Happy smoking!