2020 Buyer’s Guide – The Best BBQ Lights

This article will serve as an informative guide for those who wish to ply their barbeque trade under the darkness of night. We will be discussing the practicality of BBQ lights, as well as examining the individual differences between different models so as to distinguish what one should look for in a quality light setup. 

We'll then delve into specific BBQ lights we feel have the most to offer in terms of quality and features.

We hope that this article will aid any grill master who is unsure of how to efficiently light their barbecue work-space at night, and hopefully enlighten those who have kept their barbecuing under sunlight.

Best BBQ Lights Comparison Chart

Benefits of Using BBQ Lights

The barbecue light is one of the most underutilized and under purchased grilling utensils on the market. Quite frankly, the majority of grill owners probably haven't even considered one.

As most barbecuing takes place in daylight, many grill owners don't have any reason to think about a BBQ light.

However, for cooks who want to barbecue not just during the summer but year round, or for those people who live in areas where daylight hours are sparse, a BBQ light can open up an entirely new aspect to grilling.

With an attachable light, cooks can now illuminate their grills at night, providing them with ample opportunity to grill at anytime, all year round.  

What Makes a Great BBQ Light?

As BBQ lights are generally an addition to a grill as opposed to a built in feature, it is important that they be versatile in use so as to appeal to, and work with, a wide range of grill models.

With this in mind, let us look at few characteristics of what we consider to be good, quality BBQ lights.


Any good BBQ light should be made of a durable metal or fiber. Due to the intense heat of the grill itself, and the implied proximity of the light setup, it should be constructed with a strong, heat resistant material in lieu of plastic, which can melt at high temperatures.  


As BBQ lights must be attached to a grill, it is necessary that they come equipped with a reliable mounting system.

There are many different ways to mount a light, though the most common are via a handle mount, magnet mount, or clamp mount. 

The best BBQ lights offer a combination of these mounting options, to ensure that the light will be compatible with any grill model.


In order to maximize grill specific, quality illumination, a light needs to be able to move and contort to illuminate any area on the grill.

Lights that can be turned 360 degrees allow for maximal illumination and safety, by giving the cook maximum visibility in any and all parts of the grill.

This flexibility can also solve problems for lights that do not have multiple mounting options.  


Aside from the practicality of setting up the BBQ light, the strength and efficiency of the actual light produced is an important factor in deciding which model to buy. We recommend LED, as they provide a powerful, efficient light.

Furthermore, it is important to consider the positives and negatives of cordless vs cord models, as the former allows for incredible mobility and doesn't need an outlet, while the latter ensures that your light won't lose power in the middle of cooking and eliminates the need for batteries.


Ideally, BBQ lights would be unaffected by the elements. However, even those who claim to be 100% waterproof are seldom so; the reason why we recommend you keep your grilling endeavors confined to friendly weather conditions, and store lights and other grill additions indoors when not in use.

Types of BBQ Lights

Handle Mounted

These tend to be the most common option for grill lights. Built with a small rounded clamp, they attach to your grill handle, and provide sufficient lighting.

These are a fantastic option for most grills, as the average grill handle would put the light in a very advantageous position.

However, while it may provide adequate light from above, there is no guarantee that handle clamp lights will work with every grill model, and they offer little mobility or versatility. If the area can't be lit from the lights position on the handle, there is no way to illuminate it.


Magnet lights, as opposed to the aforementioned handle mounted lights, are able to be moved around freely on the grill; so long as they have a metal which will support them.

This allows for maximum mobility and/or placement options for the light, which makes even the hardest areas simple to illuminate.

The only drawback to the magnet light is, as mentioned, the dependence on a strong metal base. For this reason, magnet metals aren't always the best option, as some may not remain rigidly in place on certain grills.


Clamp mounted lights are essentially a larger version of the handle mounted lights, who attach to any flat surface on the grill.

These clamps, as opposed to the rounded style of handle mounts, use a vice style clamp which provides reliable stability on any flat surface.

Clamps can be incredibly useful for grills that don't hold magnets well, or for cooks looking to use their BBQ light for various other tasks.

While the versatility is great, the clamp can present problems in quality light distribution, as well as awkward mounting angles on certain grill models.


It is important to reiterate that all of the above discussed model types are only as productive as the material they are made up of.

Plastic is something to stay away from; instead, look for a durable metal, carbon fiber, or nylon fiber light to ensure that the intense heat of the grill doesn't adversely affect the product.

Willy's Top Picks - Best BBQ Lights

Review of the Best BBQ Lights

Since we've identified a few different types of BBQ lights and what makes a great pick, we're going to move onto the review portion and discuss our top options. We're going to highlight each models pros and cons, as well as their main features. Let's begin!

1. LED Concepts LED-BBQ Grill Light 12 Super Bright

As one of the most versatile, dependable models on the market, the LED-BBQ Grill Light 12 Super Bright is a fantastic addition to any outdoor grill.

Boasting excellent reviews on Amazon, this product includes numerous features which are sure to keep any grill master happy.

Its heavy metal construction means that it is incredibly durable and heat resistant, which is crucial for any grill attachment. Its 22-inch flexible neck allows for 360° movement, meaning this BBQ light can illuminate any part of your grill.

While the flexible neck can light the entirety of your grill alone, this product offers two different modes of grill attachment: magnet or vice grip.

This dual attachment allows for increased mobility, flexibility, and customizability, and is guaranteed to work on nearly any grill model on the market.

These features make this particular model by LED Concepts stand out amongst the competition, but what truly gives this product its winning edge, comes from its namesake; the addition of LED lighting.

Its 12 LED lights provide high quality, comprehensive illumination while being simultaneously energy efficient. The product uses AAA batteries, and is, therefore, wireless.


  • Flexibility: Goose neck allows for 360° movement
  • Inexpensive: Cost is quite low, easily justifiable given the amount of time it will save
  • Efficient: LED lights provide high quality and energy efficient illumination
  • Mounting: Dual mounting means that this product is moveable and works with all grills
  • Durable: Heavy metal construction means that this product can stand up to grilling temps


  • Warranty: No warranty is a pitfall of an inexpensive product
  • Impermeability: This product is not waterproof; it will suffer damage if exposed to water

Bottom Line

The LED Concepts LED-BBQ Grill Light 12 Super Bright is a wonderful addition to any grill, as its numerous design features render it incredibly versatile, durable, and efficient in terms of illumination and usability.

While this product may be subject to damage in harsh weather, and work for a relatively short amount of time, its very cost-efficient price point should wash away any fears.

This product is a fantastic option for any grill master who wishes to ply their trade after the sun goes down, and we would recommend it to any and all cooks looking for a BBQ light.

2. Barbecue Grill Light Bright Eyes with 10 Super Bright LED Lights

This BBQ light by Zeust is one of the more popular models on Amazon for good reason.

Its nylon glass fiber construction is both heat and weather resistant, which render the product quite durable in comparison to competing models.

However, while its durable construction may be appealing, its energy efficient lighting is what truly makes the Barbecue Grill Light Bright Eyes a fantastic product.

With 10 Super Bright LED Lights, as well as the energy saving auto off feature, this model can produce a strong, efficient light that is capable of illuminating even the toughest of nighttime grilling setups.

The aforementioned auto off feature allows the light to get up to 50 hours of work out of one set of 3 AA batteries; a level of efficiency rarely matched by competing lights.

The light itself is relatively small, as it consists of only the handle mounting clamp, and the light itself. the product is backed by Zeust's 60-day money back guarantee, as well as their commitment to lifetime customer satisfaction.


  • Usability: Touch activated power switch, and 360° rotation make it very user friendly
  • Efficiency: Powerful LED lights coupled with auto-off produce a very strong light for hours
  • Warranty: Unlike many others, this light is covered by a comprehensive 60-day warranty
  • Durable: Nylon glass fiber is a modern, sturdy alternative to metal that doesn't give up strength or durability


  • Price: Slightly more expensive than most models; smaller product with fewer features
  • Flexibility: The light is directly attached to its base, with no neck flexibility; dependent on grill setup to achieve maximum illumination
  • Function Issues: Multiple customers report water damage and touch sensitive on/off switch damage, despite claims that the product is weather immune

Bottom Line

The Barbecue Grill Light Bright Eyes with 10 Super Bright LED Lights is a solid light that will give cooks the ability to take their grilling endeavors under the stars.

However, where its Nylon Glass Fiber body and efficient lights move it ahead of the competition, its vulnerability to water damage, reliance on handle clamping, and lack of flexibility means this model isn't the best option for every grill in every location.

This product can be a great one if you take care to keep it out of the elements and know that your grill handle is in a good location of illumination. In sum, this light is a reliable option; if it fits your situation.

3. Zeust 'Capella' Barbecue Grill Light by Magnetic BBQ Light

Our second Zeust product on this review, the Capella Barbeque Grill Light is a reliable, customer approved way to illuminate your grill.

Its well planned aluminum body, coupled with a 12 inch goose-neck, allows for a flexible, yet heat resistant light fixture, which can illuminate every inch of your grill.

Its ultra strong magnet mount allows for ultimate customization in placement, meaning this model can be tailored to fit almost any grill.

The combination of the magnet mount and goose-neck allows for endless light coverage customization, and creates ideal light distribution for nearly any situation.

Like most other Zeust lights, this model is equipped with energy efficient LED lights, and is powered by 3 AA batteries.

The light is back by Zeust's generous warranty, which offers a 60 day money back guarantee as well as a one year replacement promise.

Couple its design with both its efficiency and warranty, and it is clear that this light is a can't miss product.

While its short neck and reliance on one method of mounting can be troubling, its numerous benefits significantly outweigh its drawbacks.


  • Aluminum: Heat resistant, can be exposed to grill heat
  • Cost: Price point is relatively inexpensive; similar to other models
  • Efficiency: LED lights give the product a solid light output as well as solid energy efficiency
  • Goose-neck: 12in flexible neck allows for 360° movement, which means optimal light coverage
  • Magnet: Heavy duty magnet mount will keep the light sturdy and allows for placement customization


  • Design: Some customers have suggested that the neck is a bit too short to entirely illuminate the grill

Bottom Line

The Zeust 'Capella' Barbecue Grill Light by Magnetic BBQ Light with Flexible Goose-Neck is one of the best BBQ light models on the market. Its well thought out design, which stresses versatility and durability, renders this product incredibly user friendly.

For that reason, we can comfortably recommend this light to anyone who wishes to begin nighttime grilling.

4. BBQ LED Grill Light Fixture for Grilling

This LED grill light by Do-Be Products is a great option to consider when looking for a BBQ light. Built with flexibility and mobility in mind, its goose-neck construction and magnetic base allow for optimal placement customization.

The magnet mounting mechanism means that this product will work in any position on any grill, which gives buyers plenty of room to experiment will placement.

A word of caution: this product is built with plastic as opposed to metal, which means that its structural integrity can be compromised if placed too close to the heat of the grill.

Nonetheless, this model comes with ultra efficient and powerful LED bulbs, which create a quality of light to rival even the best competitors.

Listed at a price point that is relatively inexpensive compared to other lights, this Do-Be product is incredibly cost-efficient, especially when you consider its one year money back guarantee.


  • Light Quality: LED lights provide an efficient, powerful illumination
  • Customization: Magnet and Goose-neck allow for customer placement customization
  • Cost Effective: One year warranty and relatively inexpensive price point make this a small financial risk


  • Composition: Plastic is NEVER a good idea on a grill; this model will melt if too close to heat
  • Malfunctions: Some customers have reported power button jamming resulting in inconsistent functionality

Bottom Line

While the Best BBQ LED Grill Light Fixture for Gas Electric or Charcoal Grilling by Do-Be products offers almost every feature one could desire in a BBQ light, its fatal error comes in its material. 

While the price point and other features may render this product appealing, the use of plastic is a major negative. This light will function for many grills, but if you choose to go this route, take caution with where you place this product on your grill.

Ultimately, this product will illuminate a nighttime grill space as well as any other light would, and would provide users with flexibility in terms of placement. 

We've saved the best BBQ light on the market for last. Its dual-mount design of magnet base and screw clamp gives this product  incredible versatility; it can adapt to any placement situation with any grill.

The use of two magnets instead of one creates a sturdy hold on any metal surface.

The freedom of movement generated by the magnet design, combined with a 24" heat-resistant silicone covered goose-neck, allows for a wide range of lighting angles, and nearly comprehensive illuminating coverage.

LED lights, a fixture in grill light models, give the product a strong efficient light, and guarantees that your nighttime grilling will be well lit.

This TOPCHARM light is slightly more expensive than competing products, but its 60 day money back guarantee and 1 year replacement warranty ensures that your money is well spent.


  • Compatibility: Magnet and vice grip mount guarantees compatibility with all grills.
  • Production: LED lights fueled by 3 AAA batteries provide high quality illumination
  • Versatility: Dual mount system and goose-neck encourage variable uses outside of lighting a grill
  • Coverage: 24" goose-neck and magnet base allows for comprehensive light coverage
  • Warranty: 60 day money back guarantee and 1 year replacement ensure investment security


  • Price: Slightly more expensive than competing models

Bottom Line

The TOPCHARM BBQ Grill Light is, without a doubt, one of the best options on the grill light market.

Its versatile mounting system, flexible design, and sturdy construction make this product a can't miss for anyone looking to purchase a light for nighttime grilling.

Even with a slightly expensive price point, the TOPCHARM warranty, combined with the aforementioned slew of product features, makes this light outshine the competition.

This grill light is the best option for any situation, and would make a fantastic addition to your grilling setup.


A BBQ light is a must-have product for anyone looking to take their grilling under the stars.

These relatively inexpensive products will drastically lengthen your daily grilling window, and provide comprehensive illumination to your grill space to keep you safe and ensure your food is of the highest quality.

When shopping for a grill light, remember to thoroughly consider the product material, mounting system, mobility, and light quality to ensure that your grill is as well lit as possible.

Be sure to weigh positives and negatives, as well as cost and warranties, before deciding on the right product for you.

Rest assured, if you follow the guidelines highlighted in this article, you will end up with a high quality product that will open your grilling potential, and allow you to ply your trade when the sun falls under the horizon.

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