Best Wireless Meat Thermometers for Smoking – 2019 Buyer’s Guide

Owning a wireless thermometer grants one amazing benefit unmatched to owning a traditional thermometer: freedom. In this article, we’re going to take a look at five of the best wireless meat thermometers so you have a better idea of what’s available.

Someone as tech savvy as you needs a thermometer that can keep up with the jones’ while delivering accurate readings. Today, we’ll be answering a top question: “what is the best wireless meat thermometer for your smoker?”

Comparison Chart of the Best Wireless Meat Thermometers for Smoking


ThermoPro TP20 Wireless

  • USDA approved pre-programmed settings for a variety of meat and poultry
  • Backlight LCD screen allows for easy cooking during all hours of the day
  • Settings for temp and timers are saved even when model is turned off
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Wireless Meat Thermometer by KONA

  • Features a built in light for nightime grilling.
  • Reads temperatures up to 500 degrees
  • Free 5-year guaranteee
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Cuisinart CSG-900

  • Wireless connection works up to 300 feet away
  • Features a built in stand that doubles as a clip
  • 6-inch dual probe is perfect for a variety of meats
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JINTOP Digital Meat Thermometer

  • Remote control connection works up to 230-feet
  • Dual probe functionality allows users to monitor two types of meat at once
  • 8 pre-programmed modes and 5 doneness levels to avoid overcooking
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ThermoPro TP22

  • Temperature reads range from 32 - 572°F
  • Count down and count up timer has a maximum of 99hrs 59 minutes
  • 9 types of USDA pre-programmed meat settings
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What are the Benefits of Owning a Wireless Meat Thermometer?

Thermometers are a dime a dozen when it comes to availability. There are a ton that will do the job, but only a few that will do it while providing the freedom to do other tasks too.

While old school thermometers will never go out of style and continue to do the job, why work hard when you can work smart.

In today’s tech age, you need a thermometer that will stand by your side and allow you to multitask or just simply relax. 

Benefits of a Wireless Meat Thermometer:

  • Less stress about overcooking
  • Less standing (hovering) by the grill
  • Ability to prep other parts of your meal
  • More time to visit with your family or special someone
  • Cheering on your favorite sports team while your meat cooks

Willy's Top Picks - Best Wireless Meat Thermometers

Review of the Best Wireless Meat Thermometers

Now we're going to move onto the review portion of our article and take a look at some of the best wireless meat thermometers. 

1. ThermoPro TP20


  • 2 probes are included
  • Very user friendly and accurate
  • Amazing customer service offered by ThermoPro
  • 1 year warranty with option to upgrade to 3 years with registration
  • Constructed from quality materials and delivers accurate readings


  • A few customers have had difficulty reaching the 300 ft. maximum range
  • Grill clip that comes with model has the tendency to sit awkwardly sometimes

The first one we’re going to highlight is the ThermoPro TP20. Featured as one of the best selling thermometers on Amazon, there’s a lot to be said about this wireless model.

ThermoPro has been around for a number of years and continuously delivers high quality products to consumers.

Later in the review, we’re also going to cover a different ThermoPro model, the TP22. But first, let’s jump into the main features of the TP20, then check out what recent customers had to say.

Main features of the ThermoPro TP20 include:

  • Probe cables are high quality and bare temperatures up to 716°F
  • USDA preset ‘doneness’ levels pre-programmed for 9 different types of meat
  • Stress free since the transmitter and receiver are both pre-synced at the ThermoPro factory
  • Ability to view grill temperature and meat temperature at the same time via the LCD screen
  • Wireless range up to 300 ft.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that all of these thermometers bring their own diverse qualities and we’re going to run through them one final time to sum them up.

The ThermoPro TP20, one of the best selling thermometers on Amazon is also our top pick as the best wireless meat thermometer for your smoker.

With a wireless range of nearly 300 ft, USDA preset doneness levels, an ultra clear LCD screen, and great warranty - this thing is packed with all the bells and whistles. 

2. Wireless Meat Thermometer by KONA


  • Includes 4 AAA batteries
  • Extremely easy to use and very user friendly
  • Built in LED light is handy for a variety of different uses
  • Base thermometer features mini magnets to safely secure device to metal surfaces
  • Constructed from heavy duty materials - steel probes and connecting wires are water resistant and made to withstand high heat


  • Learning curves vary regarding the directions
  • Does not feature automatic turn off to save battery

If you’re looking for a user friendly, versatile wireless meat thermometer, and cost effective thermometer, this KONA model should be your next purchase.

At just under $40, the KONA Wireless Meat Thermometer follows the 'less is more design' and works to ensure customers get exactly what they’re hoping for.

With it’s pre-programmed settings and bright LED screen, this product is well lit and perfect for diverse environments.

After reading reviews and learning about this thermometer, we can’t wait to share why it made our list. Let’s cover the main features then uncover the pros and cons you can expect to receive.

Main features of the Wireless Meat Thermometer by KONA include:

  • Wireless range up to 150 ft 
  • Preset settings for 7 different types of meats
  • Temperature ranges up to 500 ℉, be sure to utilize the preset USDA suggested temperatures for level of doneness
  • 5 year warranty supported by KONA
  • Illuminated LCD screen permits use of the BBQ thermometer even during the evening

Bottom Line

The Wireless Meat Thermometer by KONA is another top model we wanted to share with readers due to its wide range of uses.

With pre-set USDA levels compared to the ThermoPro TP20, this thermometer has half the range of its competitor but a better warranty.

Featuring a wide temperature rage and accurate construction, those who aren’t looking to spend as much on the TP20 can receive half the benefits for about half the cost. 

3. Cuisinart CSG-900 Wireless Dual Probe Thermometer


  • 1 year warranty on product offered by Cuisinart
  • Easy to read LCD screen displays readings clearly and visibly
  • Timer will notify users when meats are perfectly cooked to perfection
  • Glow in the dark features allows you to cook even when the sun goes down
  • Thermometer prongs are 6” long meaning you can track bigger meats with ease


  • Probe wires are only 3 ft. long - some people feel this is too short at times
  • Probe wires are challenging to clean due to not being waterproof and braided to where grime can build up over time

Convenience can mean the difference between enjoying a long cooking session and having one become a chore.

The Cuisinart CSG-900 Wireless Dual Probe Grilling Thermometer is a great model for beginners and doesn’t over-complicate the process by adding a ton of bells and whistles compared to other models on the market.

Cuisinart has been in the industry for quite some time and sure does their part to ensure customers receive dependable, high quality products. Let’s see what the CSG-900 has to offer!

Main features of the Cuisinart CSG-900 include:

  • Wireless connectivity ranging up to 300 ft. 
  • Max temperature on the receiver is 572⁰F
  • 3 primary functions: meat thermometer, grill thermometer, and timer
  • Comes with a built in stand and/or clip on base of transmitter
  • Includes 4 AAA batteries with purchase

Bottom Line

The Cuisinart CSG-900 Wireless Dual Probe Grilling Thermometer is an awesome model for those just learning to smoke and doesn't over-complicate things.

With max temperatures reaching 572⁰F and wireless technology reaching nearly 300 ft, the only downside behind the Cuisinart CSG-900 seems to be the fact that the transmitter is not pre-synced to the receiver.

It’s glow in the dark functionality means you can take this hunting, camping, or simply enjoy a late night smoking session.  

4. JINTOP Digital Meat Thermometer


  • Very user friendly
  • Probes and wires can withstand heats up to 716⁰F
  • Thermometer comes in two colors: black and silver
  • Displays temperature readings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • LED screen is visible and easy to read - especially if smoking in the dark


  • Batteries are not included: 4 AAA
  • Black connector part is not waterproof/resistant
  • Thermometer does not come with protective sleeve or carrying case to protect it from damage between uses

Next on our list is the JINTOP Digital Meat Thermometer. While this is a lower priced model compared to other thermometers on our list, this is a great model if you’re on a budget or want an entry level model. 

JINTOP certainly made a Top of the line, value based thermometer and one loaded with a plethora of great features.

We did our homework and found out what made this stand apart from others, in addition to what recent customers had to say about their purchasing decision.

Let’s dive into the main features then cover the pros and cons connected to the JINTOP Digital Meat Thermometer.

Main features of the JINTOP Digital Meat Thermometer include:

  • Outstanding long range connectivity of up to 230 ft
  • Timer has the capacity to countdown from 59 second all the way up 99 hours and also notifies users when complete via beeps and flashes
  • Comes with 2 probes which are both heat resistant and waterproof
  • Comes pre programmed with 8 different meats and 5 doneness levels, plus 5 taste levels: rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, and well done
  • 1 year warranty offered to replace or return thermometer for any reason whatsoever 

Bottom Line

The JINTOP Digital Meat Thermometer carries a lower price but don’t let that be off putting. 

This thermometer still carries a wireless range of nearly 230 ft and is also pre programmed with 8 different meats and their appropriate doneness levels.

JINTOP offers customers a 1 year warranty and offers their thermometer in two colors: silver and black. 

5. ThermoPro TP22


  • 4 AAA batteries are included with thermometer
  • Great customer service offered to those in need
  • Easily manage temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Stress free setup being that it’s pre synced at the factory beforehand
  • Receiver beeps and flashes when timer is over clearly indicating when meat is prepared


  • Does not include protective case to protect while transporting or storing thermometer

A leading brand among the thermometer, grill, and smoking community, ThermoPro strives to deliver high quality products at an affordable price.

The company does a fantastic job at ensuring consumers have the ability to utilize top-end functions without paying half the cost of their griller or smoker.

The demand behind ThermoPro products speaks for itself and the benefits included within each product are a league of their own.

There are a handful of main features you should be aware of before deciding on which thermometer is right for you.

Additionally, you should hear what recent customers had to say about their experience of the ThermoPro TP22.

Main features of the ThermoPro TP22 include:

  • 1 year standard warranty and 3 year upgraded extended warranty
  • Wireless connectivity has a range up to 300 ft
  • Dual probe capability allows users to track two different temperatures at once
  • Pre-programmed settings have the capacity to monitor temperatures of 9 different types of meat and their proper donesless level in accordance to USDA temperatures
  • Timer setting ranges from 59 minutes to 99 hours - have full control over your next smoking or grilling experience

Bottom Line

The bottom line with the ThermoPro TP22 is that this model carries very similar traits compared to the TP20, but the biggest difference we found was size difference and durability.

With the TP20, you get an updated model that can withstand a few drops and spills. You (sadly) will have to be gentle with the TP22 but nonetheless, it’s still an amazing thermometer.


In the end, the five thermometers we chose to highlight all bring their own unique features to the table and we’re happy to have had the opportunity to share them with you.

We wish you the best in your adventure for the best wireless meat thermometer for your smoker and hope this overview has contributed toward your decision making process.

If this was helpful or you have any feedback, be sure to drop a comment and let us know. We love hearing from our readers. Happy smoking!

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