Best Stainless Steel Electric Smokers – 2021 Reviews

| Last Updated: January 10, 2022

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We have all heard of, and eaten food that is either baked or grilled, but eating smoked food has always been a luxury, something people can only do when they go out. Smoked foods are quite exquisite as they appear with a distinct taste and texture that makes them unique. 

But most people don’t try smoking food at home because it is time-consuming, and if not done right, it can be quite annoying. But these issues should not stop you from trying a new and unique method of cooking, hence to help you out, we decided to review the best stainless steel electric smokers for you.

The list also discusses other important features of these smokers and compares them against each other so you can decide effortlessly the product that suits you best.

Comparison Chart of the Best Stainless Steel Electric Smokers

  • 22 lbs meat capacity
  • 400-watt Heating element
  • 4 shelves for good space use
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  • Stainless-steel and insulated construction
  • Equipped with 800-watt heating element
  • Offers with exact temperature control
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  • Best for the Money
  • Choose either cold smoke or hot smoke
  • Automatically shuts off after use
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  • Uses chip tray for added flavor
  • Controlled by heat thermostat
  • Juices drip right back onto food
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  • 351sq inches of cooking space
  • Chimney-like design for proper smoke-flow
  • Heat-resistant side handles
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What Makes a Stainless Steel Electric Model Great for Smoking?

A lot of people bear with the difficult procedure of smoking their meals simply because they enjoy the end result, but this procedure isn’t inherently time-consuming. You can finish the task much quicker with the help of a quality product. Having a stainless steel electric smoker can be one way to smoke your food. Let’s find out why it’s considered the most appropriate way too.

Accommodates More Food

You don’t want to be stuck with an electric model that doesn’t fit most of your food. Smoking them in smaller portions would mean that you’d have to spend a lot of time cooking whole meals. Stainless steel models are known for fitting relatively more food. They also come with 2 separate cooking racks that can easily accommodate more than 25 pounds of food.

Presto 06013 Electric Indoor Smoker

Low-Temperature Cooking

Electrical models usually scare people off because they consume a lot of electricity. With these stainless steel smokers, that isn’t an issue. This is because they have only a 350 Watt heating element. The best flavors are also ensured when you aren’t cooking your food to a very high temperature. This hence allows you to regulate your electrical bills in a much better way.

More Control

Smoking is a relatively new technique in the market; hence it is important that these products allow for more control to the users so they can better learn the technique. These stainless steel models come with a range of temperature settings and features. These can be changed throughout the cooking procedure. Also, once you set the temperature, you can leave the product to do what it does best.

Can You Really Find a Quality Stainless Steel Electric Smoker That’s Affordable?

The myth regarding cheap products always has distracted users who end up believing that only the most expensive products are going to be the most beneficial. This is completely false, and our elite list of superior, but relatively cheap products is a testament to that. All these models are of the top quality and do not lack any of the prominent features that we have discussed in the earlier sections.

Moreover, the products that are often cheap end up being of smaller size. This is not a disadvantage if you don’t use smokers very often. Smaller products also end up consuming less energy, which is cost-effective in the long run. Moreover, the use of stainless steel ensures that even the cheapest products end up having better durability and strength than other models.

Willy's Top Picks - Best Stainless Steel Electric Smokers

Review of the Best Stainless Steel Electric Smokers

Having read the review so far, we are sure you are as intrigued as we were when we were jotting down this list. Among so many products in the market, we had a hard time picking the absolute best ones, but with dedication and commitment, we managed to pick the top ones for you. They are compared against their pros and cons to help you decide better.

Best Overall:
Smokin-It Model #1 Electric Smoker

Smokin-It Model #1 Electric Smoker


  • Has a 22 lbs. of food capacity per load
  • Requires relatively less power to operate the thing
  • Features shelves that are removable and offer more space
  • Equipped with newer and better side handles for easy movements
  • Comes with a 3-inch diameter rubber caster that offers greater protection


  • Does not come with a very long power cord

What Recent Buyers Report

This product is one of the very few stainless steel smokers that have unyielding support from recent buyers. The model comes with one of the most versatile designs in the market that allows it to be used for a range of different purposes.

But that’s not all; buyers are also happy with the model’s cost efficiency in the long run. It doesn’t require much power to run, which means that it can significantly reduce your electricity bills.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The model stands out because of its efficient design, among other things. It weighs only 60 pounds and comes with 3 separate grills that can accommodate a lot of food. But that’s not its most superior quality. The product also comes with the best handles in the market. These are made with stainless steel too and have ample space in them to allow the cook to transport the smoker from one place to another.

Who Will Use This Most

This model is made for anyone looking for a durable model that is easier to handle and even carry on travels. It is made of the best stainless steel, which has the ability to distribute heat evenly. It’s also suitable for people who want to restrict their electrical costs in the long run. It has easy to use handles that make portability easier and ensures you can carry the product around on your travels too.

Bottom Line

Overall, this product has no competition, and it has successfully retained its position at the top of every review on the internet, and rightfully so too. It comes with excellent food capacity and requires a relatively less power watt to run.

Not only this, but this electrical smoker is also made up of 18-gauge steel, which ensures better protection and easier portability. All this, coupled with easy movements, make this model worthy of its position.

Smokin Tex Pro 1400

Smokin Tex Pro 1400


  • 6-inch long power cord makes usage easier
  • All stainless steel model with higher durability
  • Has a high relative capacity than most other models
  • Comes with a rubber bumper frame case that is extremely thin
  • Comes with 3 individual grills that secure all the juices of your food


  • Relatively heavier than most other models
  • Requires a 700 watt for running its operation

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers couldn’t be more pleased with the performance of their smoked cooker. It comes with rubber framing that is extremely thin yet extremely strong. This, coupled with high-end stainless steel construction, gives the model the strength that it needs to slow cook the food effortlessly. Buyers also praise the inclusion of a relatively long power cord, which makes portability much easier.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The natural wood effect is the most exhilarating feature of this amazing smoker. Unlike other brands, it doesn’t give you a redundant texture on your smoked food. The food is specially cooked using lower temperatures. This is done by putting it over real wood smoke that produces mouthwatering flavors that are rich and strong. Hence the model’s ability to replicate real smoked food is what makes it stand out.

Who Will Use This Most

Well, the model comes with one of the longest power cords in the market, making it a suitable model for anyone looking for better portability. This longer cord also comes in handy when your power source is at a distance from your shelf. Moreover, the model comes with 3 separate grills, efficient wheels, and a cookbook, which make it the perfect smoker for both amateurs and professional cookers.

Bottom Line

To sum up, this electrical smoker might look old fashioned but don’t let its antique look fool you. It is certainly a pro at what it does, and that’s smoking your food to the best degree. It comes with a rubber bumper frame that is extremely thin yet really strong. This, coupled with high-end steel construction, ensures you get the best of both worlds from this model.

Best for the Money:
Presto 06013 Electric Indoor Smoker


  • Smoker comes with an automatic timer
  • Allows you to choose from 3 distinct settings of smoke
  • Can work both indoors and outdoors and in any setting
  • Relatively cheaper hence considered best for the money 
  • Better soft touch controller is attached with digital touchpad


  • Outer paint can wear off with time
  • Slightly shorter power cord than some other models

What Recent Buyers Report

Nearly all recent buyers had absolutely no trouble understanding the instructions of this model. One main reason for this was the inclusion of a cookbook and an instruction booklet in the package. Recent buyers loved this consideration as it helped them learn the basics of smoking food. Not only this, but they are also extremely pleased with the relatively lower cost of the model.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Most of the products in this list are durable and come with better consistency, but there is rarely anyone that offers users a lot of convenience, but this smoker is definitely different. It comes with an efficient timer system, which lets you know when your food is smoked at the right temperature.

Apart from indicating this, it also automatically shuts off to ensure the food is smoked to just the perfect temperature.

Who Will Use This Most

The model is one of the only ones that work perfectly both indoors and outdoors, so anyone looking for multi-functionality can make use of it. It also comes with automatic timers, which makes them suitable for employees who have to leave home for work at any time of the day. But most importantly, this model is one of the cheapest in the market, which makes it suitable for people looking for affordable options.

Bottom Line

With its better customization ability and its touch controller, this model is already making rounds in the market. It is one of the cheapest models in the market and comes with 3 distinct and versatile settings of smoke. This includes hot smoke, cold smoke, and a special combination of both. All this, coupled with the inclusion of an automatic timer, makes it truly stand out in the crowd.

4. Old Smokey Electric Smoker

Old Smokey Electric Smoker


  • Fitted with a chip tray to put wood chips on
  • Relatively large size helps accommodate more food
  • Controlled by an easily adjustable heat thermostat
  • Comes in an attractive grey color that looks appealing
  • Equipped with a flat top to ensure juices come back to your food


  • Heat consumption is also more
  • Larger size makes it relatively expensive than other products

What Recent Buyers Report

The plethora of positive reviews and comments by recent buyers prove how much they all love this smoker. They have repeatedly highlighted the need for a proper thermostat in smokers, and they have gotten their demands fulfilled in the shape of this smoker. They have also praised the relatively larger size of the model that gives more room for cooking heavier foods.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It wasn’t easy deciding the most noteworthy feature of this model because there are just so many. But after much contemplation, we decided to pick the most unique one. The smoker comes with a special chip tray. This is placed over the main heating element. You can place wood chips on top of it to give your food an ideal smoked flavor.

Who Will Use This Most

This model is ideal for a lot of things, but mostly it is used for cooking chicken, turkey, and seafood. It comes in a grey, attractive color with double coated paint. This allows for more resistance and ensures that the product doesn’t wear out with time. Moreover, it comes with a heat thermostat, which makes it easier for amateur cooks to control.

Bottom Line

With a relatively large size and an attractive exterior, this model is truly considered a game-changer in the industry, especially when it comes to smoking meat and seafood. It has a flat top that is unique to this product. This, coupled with the accurate placement of wooden chips, help ensure that all your food’s juices are well retained in the dish.

5. Americana Stainless Steel Electric Water Smoker

Americana Stainless Steel Electric Water Smoker


  • Has a built-in temperature gauge
  • Comes with 2 chrome-plated smoking grids
  • Allows for a 351 square inch of cooking space
  • Produces a constant flow of the new smoke for maximization of flavor
  • Stainless steel design comes with a loose-fitting lid and some tight-fitting doors


  • Comes with a relatively smaller power cord
  • Relatively smaller size makes cooking more food difficult

What Recent Buyers Report

It’s hard getting an efficient and safe model at the same time, but recent buyers promise they couldn’t get a more suitable model for their needs. They have particularly liked the high-end construction of the model, which gives it high durability. They also like that it is cost-effective and does not put a huge burden on their pockets.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We haven’t really found many products on the internet that care about the safety of the user as much as they ensure perfect cooking of food, but this product is certainly different. It comes with wooden sides and wooden handles that are adequately placed on each side. They are also completely heat-resistant, which means that you don’t have to worry about your safety while picking the smoker.

Who Will Use This Most

People looking to achieve moist and perfectly smoked foods at the end of the procedure can invest in this model. It is relatively smaller than some other brands, but that helps save on the initial as well as the electricity cost in the long run. Not only this, the brand comes with 2 distinct plates, which allows you to put 2 different types of food at the same time.

Bottom Line

Turn up your cooking game by investing in this top-quality electrical smoker. It provides you with the most delicious and mouthwatering smoky flavor that you get in restaurant prepared foods.

It’s also one of the most versatile models, thanks to its inclusion of a2-level electrical water system, and its in-built gauge system makes it suitable for a range of users. So if you are looking to achieve perfection in your first try, then this is the model for you.

Pros and Cons of Stainless Steel Electric Smokers

More and more people are turning towards stainless steel electrical smokers because of their advanced cooking mechanisms and their higher customization features. These are also highly durable and come with good warranties. However, mentioning their pros alone would be unfair; therefore, we will also be discussing some cons of these electrical smokers for you.


Before going through the cons, let’s go over some pros of electric smokers.

Double-Walled Construction

When cooking food, it is important that you get the best energy output. This means that if you are using a 350W energy source, you should get a fair amount of that power. 

Contrary to what people think, having double-walled construction using stainless steel is not going to be a deterrent to good heat distribution. Stainless steel being a conductor will help ensure that all the energy goes into smoking the food.

Glass Viewing

Smoking food is a delicate process; hence it is important you view your food as you cook, thus having a glass door with these stainless steel smokers helps a great deal. They ensure that heat is equally distributed within the food and that no leakage happens. At the same time, it allows the cook to view the food from outside, thus keeping tabs on progress.

Energy Efficiency

Most people end up dining outside because the cost of smoking food indoors is too much. However, that changes with stainless steel smokers. These are highly energy-efficient and ensure that your electrical bills are kept to a bare minimum.

Smokin-It Model #1 Electric Smoker


On the other hand, you will have to deal with the following limitations:


Smokers tend to be energy efficient; however, there is no denying that their initial cost is relatively high than simply going out and eating readymade foods. This often acts as a deterrent to a lot of people making the initial investment.

Thermometer Needs Replacing

More often than not, the thermometer of these smokers requires replacements every now and then. These can wear out with time and hence require changing.


People who have tried smoking their foods at home, especially with the help of these stainless steel electrical smokers end up praising the performance. Each of these smokers is super unique and caters to different needs. 

Larger ones can cook more food at the same time; however, they end up consuming more power. Similarly, smaller ones tend to be inexpensive but also come with limited food capacity. 

The models in our list are all durable and come with good warranties. They are also super-fast and do not need much maintenance. So whether you want to smoke your juicy chicken or your raw vegetables, rest assured that a stainless steel smoker is the way to go about it.

People Also Ask

Electrical smokers were a game-changer when they entered the market. Most people thought that smoking was something only professionals could do, but this myth was successfully debunked with the introduction of high-end products. Despite their popularity, some people are still confused about their functions. This is our attempt to end that confusion.

Are Stainless Steel Smokers Better?

The purpose of this whole review was to conclude one thing, and that was, stainless steel smokers are the best option possible. But what makes them so good is the fact that they offer better durability. This not only protects the model from corrosion and rust but also makes it much easier to clean these products.

Are Electric Smokers Better?

If you live in a tiny apartment or in a condo, then having an electric smoker is far better. This is because they are easier to control and do not make a mess while doing the job. Moreover, they prevent any production of gas from charcoal or pellets. Not only this, but they also offer more control over how far you want your food to be smoked.

What Size of Electric Smoker Should I Get?

This wholly depends on the amount of food you usually want to smoke each time. Having a larger smoker is going to be more expensive, but at the same time, it’s going to accommodate more food. On the other hand, smaller smokers tend to be more cost-efficient in the long run.

Hey there, I’m Will, and I’ve been smoking and grilling for as long as I can remember. I made this blog to help others who are looking for honest and reliable info from someone they can trust. In my own efforts to try to perfect my smoking and grilling skills, I’ve done a lot of research and would like to have it compiled as a resource for others to use. Happy smoking!