Best Knives for Cutting Meat – 2021 Reviewed

| Last Updated: January 10, 2022

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We all use knives regularly in our kitchens. It is a staple household item that nobody can live without. The essential purpose of a knife is to cut things up. You may wonder why such an ordinary everyday object has gotten so special that there are detailed reviews covering various aspects written upon it.

To answer your thoughts, a knife is an essential tool for any chef. It is a versatile product that does it all, chopping, slicing and mincing. But what about cutting meat? What knife excels at that? Surely not all knives are equal in cutting meat.

For this article, we have accessed some of the best knives available in the market to find out the best ones at cutting meat. If you are looking for a good meat cutting knife, then you will find this a useful read as it lists all the best knives for cutting meat. Read on to find out more.

Comparison Chart of the Best Knives For Cutting Meat

  • Comfortable non-slip grip
  • Made from premium material
  • Promises to last a lifetime
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  • Rust and weather-resistant
  • Flexible blade for deboning
  • Made to be very comfortable
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  • Best for the Money
  • Works well with different kinds of meat
  • High-quality and durable
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  • Best Knife for Cutting Raw Meat
  • Effective at dicing, chopping and mincing
  • Made with high-quality stainless steel
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  • Best Carving Knife for Meat
  • Has a hand-polished edge
  • Comes with improved hardness and flexibility
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Should Any Knife Be Used For Cutting Meat?

To be honest, any knife can be used for cutting meat. But using the correct blade to perfectly slice different kinds of raw and cooked meat products is a luxury everyone should experience. There are many different knives available on the market that offer tons of different uses.

For a beginner or amateur chef, it can be an intimidating experience to find the right knife for their needs. To simplify a bit, there are carving knives to slice meat on a board, boning knives to separate meat from bones, butcher knife to trim and section meats and slicing knives to slice cooked meats and large fishes. These are especially helpful for creating beautiful cuts and slices of meat.

What Size of Knife Do I Need?

The size of a knife is especially important for cutting meat. As the task is already a bit tricky, you should carefully select a unit that will get the task done easily and precisely. When searching for an appropriate item, make sure that it is made of non-slip material and fits your hand well.

If you opt for a carving knife, go for a minimum of 9 inches. For a slicing knife, the advised minimum length is 10 inches. It is also important that the knife is comfortable to use, even for longer periods of time. So we suggest that you go for a size that you are most comfortable working with.

Willy's Top Picks - Best Knives For Cutting Meat

Review of the Best Knives For Cutting Meat

Knives stand out as one of the most essential tools in any kitchen. They are versatile products that facilitate you in preparing good food. A good item not only eases your work but also contributes to the overall presentation of a dish. 

Everybody loves a well-cut steak and loaf. If you are in search of the best product for cutting meat, you can choose one from the one we recommend. Below is the list, along with a detailed review. 

Best Overall:
Victorinox Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife

Victorinox-Swiss-Army- 47645 Cutlery Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife, Granton Blade, Black, 12-Inch


  • Features an ergonomic non-slip handle
  • Constructed with a certified stainless steel blade 
  • Equipped with a narrow and sharp blade for precise cuts
  • Roundtop minimizes friction and improves meat separation
  • Covered by a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects 


  • Edge tends to lose its sharpness quickly
  • You have to be very careful because of its long blade 

What Recent Buyers Report

People who have recently purchased this product found it to be an amazing product. With the razor-sharp tip and edge, users have been able to produce clean and precise cuts. They said that it is very smooth to use with no need for sawing action.

They also noticed that the blade does not flex at all, so the cuts are all even and uniform. Users warn that this knife is actually very long, so you have to be very careful while using it.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This splendid item is the best one for cutting meat. It boasts a quality built along with an ergonomic design that makes it very easy to hold. The non-slip handle is quite comfortable to work with. Even when you are cutting a big batch, it does not tire your arm. The narrow and razor-sharp blade can cut through the toughest meat, producing the most professional-looking cuts.

Who Will Use This Most

We find this item to be suitable for cutting up a variety of foods, so people who are cooking enthusiasts will find this a useful product. It is known for its clean and even cuts, so professional chefs who want uniform cuts of their meat will benefit from using this particular knife. People will love taking it on barbecues and camping trips because of its easy functionality and smooth cuts.

Bottom Line

Overall, this product surely stands out from the rest of the products available on the market. The durable built and smooth performance ensure that it will become your go-to knife for any cutting purpose, especially meat. It has a narrow and sharp blade that guarantees better control. Backed up by a lifetime warranty, this sure is a worthy buy.

TUO Cutlery Slicing Carving Knife

TUO Slicing Knife 12 inch - Granton Carving Knives Hollow Ground Meat Cutting Knife Kitchen Long Slicer & Carver - HC German Stainless Steel Pakkawood Handle - Gift Box Included - Fiery Series


  • Comes with a money-back guarantee 
  • Longer blade ensures accurate precision
  • Feature an easy to hold ergonomic design
  • Attractive handle is made from durable black resin
  • Made from the high carbon Japanese stainless steel


  • Needs constant sharpening for out of the box performance
  • Being light and thin, the blade can break under intense pressure 

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers who recently purchased and wielded this knife report that it exceeds all expectations. Being very lightweight, they had not expected much from it. But once they started using it, it has become their go-to knife for cutting purposes. They like it for its ergonomic design that makes it easy to work with. They say that it does not fatigue their arm, even after a longer period of usage.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is one spectacular knife. Its design is all about attractiveness and functionality. Crafted with quality materials, the manufacturers are so sure of its performance that they offer a money-back guarantee with it.

With smooth, even, and uniform cuts, it gets the job done in the most satisfying manner. The 12-inch long blade offers you better control over the cuts. This amazing knife is quite comfortable to work with, as well.

Who Will Use This Most

People who are on the lookout for amazing knives to add to their collection will find this a perfect buy. Chefs who want a reliable and dependable knife in their kitchen will also benefit from having this one. It is great for cutting and chopping purposes, so home cooks who struggle with this tiring chore will also find it to their advantage.

Bottom Line

If you are searching for a quality knife to add to your cooking ammunition, then this is a must to add to your collection. A long knife with an ergonomic design and a razor-sharp blade, this will fulfill your wildest cutting dreams.

Feeling like a fruit ninja? You can even act it out with this knife. It produces even and beautiful cuts so you will get uniform steaks every time you use it. All in all, it is surely a product worth investing in.

Best for the Money:
MAIRICO Ultra Sharp Premium Carving Knife

MAIRICO Ultra Sharp Premium 11-inch Stainless Steel Carving Knife - Ergonomic Design - Best for Slicing Roasts, Meats, Fruits and Vegetables


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Made with rust-resistant materials 
  • Features a long and ultra-sharp blade
  • Durable construction makes it long-lasting
  • Comes in a sturdy case for storage purposes 


  • Difficult to sharpen 
  • Comes at a hefty price tag

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers of this knife have found this to be an amazingly satisfying product. Although it comes at a large price tag, users say that it appears much more expensive than it really is. People have been using it to cut a variety of foods to reap impressive results for everything. They report that it produces especially beautiful cuts of meat. The attractive case is also a major plus point for many of its buyers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is an attractive and functional addition to any cooking arsenal. It is rustproof and quite easy to maintain. The steel construction does not add to its weight that is evenly distributed throughout the knife. This beautiful knife comes in a stylish cushioned case that makes it a splendid gift. You can also use the case for storage purposes.

Who Will Use This Most

People who like preparing food with their own hands will find this knife a very useful product. Professionals who want their knives to cut quickly and uniformly will also benefit from using this one. Restaurant cooks who want identical cuts of their ribs and steaks are also likely to use this the most.

Bottom Line

This is a great knife with all the whistles and bells of a high-end model. It has an attractive and stylish appearance that will look very good in your hand. It combines looks with functionality to give you a reliable companion in your kitchen.

Coming in a beautiful cushion-lined box, it is an excellent gifting option. The case also serves to keep the knife safe and out of the way. To warp up, this is a knife that is worth your money.  

Best Knife for Cutting Raw Meat:
Sky Light Cleaver Knife


  • Quality blade is treated with Nitrogen
  • Thick blade can easily withstand brute force 
  • Can easily cut through thick and hard bones
  • Angled edge produces even and precise cuts 
  • ABS handle is sturdy and comfortable to hold 


  • A heavy cleaver 
  • Not suitable for people with small hands 

What Recent Buyers Report

Those who have recently purchased this knife report that it is a super find at a great value. They found it to be a very stable knife that cuts and chops very well. They say that it is heavy, but the balanced structure makes the job of cutting meat way easier. It gave them even and precise cuts and is found especially good at mincing and chopping.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is a splendid kitchen knife. It is a heavy-duty piece of art that can withstand brute force. Its blade is crafted with German steel that is treated with Nitrogen to make it extremely hard. The blade spine features a 2.5mm thickness that ensures clean cuts through hard materials. It has a long handle that is comfortable to hold and resistant to heat or pressure damage.

Who Will Use This Most

People who like to apply a lot of force while cutting food will find this an amazingly satisfying product. Chefs who channel out their inner butcher while cutting or mincing meat will also benefit from using it. This is a beautiful and functional addition to any kitchen, so people who love cooking are also likely to use this the most.

Bottom Line

In all, this is a cleaving knife that can cut through hard and soft materials alike. It is especially useful for chopping and mincing purposes. It features a thick and shape blade installed on a sturdy and comfortable handle so you can easily use it for longer without being fatigued.

If you are searching for a heavy-duty cleaver that you can use to cut through bones or other hard materials, then this is the one for you.

Best Carving Knife for Meat:
DALSTRONG Slicing Carving Knife

DALSTRONG Slicing & Carving Knife - 12' - Gladiator Series - Granton Edge - Forged High-Carbon German Steel - G10 Handle - w/ Sheath - NSF Certified


  • Easy to clean and maintain 
  • Crafted from high carbon German steel 
  • Features a chromium finish for stain resistance
  • Ergonomically designed handle makes it easy to hold and maneuver
  • Blade features oval-shaped hollows to prevent the food from sticking to it 


  • Requires regular sharpening 

What Recent Buyers Report

Chefs who have recently invested in this knife report that it is a professional one. They have used it to slice everything from mild to wild. It has not disappointed them in any way. Even in professional settings, users state that it serves very well. Carving prepared food with this knife has yielded impressive results. It has gained its users' trust immensely.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is one of the best carving knives that are currently available in the market. Although you may find similar products, this one truly excels in terms of reliability and performance.

The standout feature of this knife is its oval hollows on both sides of its blade. These hollows create air pockets that prevent the food from sticking to it while cutting food. It has a comfortable and ergonomic design that makes it easy and comfortable to use. Although costly, it is an amazing utensil that is worth having in your collection.

Who Will Use This Most

This knife is carefully designed to meet the daily demands of a kitchen. People who cook wholesome foods regularly will find this a useful tool. It is a must-have for professional chefs who are constantly cutting up foods in their kitchens. It features a stylish design so you can use it for slicing turkey at your next thanksgiving meals with full confidence. It is also a useful utensil at restaurants and cafes.

Bottom Line

To sum up, this knife is a suitable choice for anyone. From an executive chef to a person at home, anyone will benefit from having this versatile knife in their kitchen. Its Granton edge with hollow divots surely makes it stand out from the rest of the products.

It has quality built with hand polished satin finish and chromium finish that makes it resistant to rust and stains. This knife is surely worth an investment.

What Makes a Knife Great For Cutting Meat?

A knife is the most versatile tool that you have in your kitchen. You use it to cut any food. But when it comes to cutting meat, you need accurate and clean cuts.

To achieve this, you should invest in a good quality knife, so you have the liberty of cutting your meat any way you like. Using the right knife to cut meat turns this chore into a fun activity. If you also want to experience it, we suggest that you look for the following qualities in your new knife.

Easy Handling

A great meat knife is easy to hold and work with. It should not tire your arm even when you work with it for longer periods of time. It offers a comfortable and non-slip grip. This provides you better control over your cuts.

Sharp Edge

The standout quality of a great meat knife is its razor-sharp edge. Even an amateur can tell that sharp knives require less effort. With a sharper edge, it is easier to control as they are easier to maneuver through food and more predictable, so you are safe from injuries.

DALSTRONG Slicing Carving Knife


It is important to invest in a knife that is crafted from quality materials. A low-quality knife is prone to corrosion and rust. It is also not suitable to handle heavy-duty jobs. A great meat knife is constructed, keeping professionals in mind. It is not only designed to please, but it is devised with utmost care using high-quality materials to ensure the best performance and durability.


The post-work care of a knife is as important as its usage. A great meat knife is easy to clean, sharpen, and store. It not only ensures that you do not spend a lot of time working with it, but also saves you from the hassle of maintaining it.


The size of a meat knife is its most important aspect. Knives with longer blades are the best for cutting meat. The greater length ensures that you have more space to move your knife back and forth. It also offers better control over the precision and thickness of your cuts.


Knives are the most versatile tool in your kitchen. They can slice or chop almost anything you set them on. Fruits, nuts, herbs, vegetables, poultry, or meat, with the right knife, you can slice or chop anything you want. Although you can use any knife to cut your meat, it is best to get yourself a proper meat knife.

There is a huge range of knives available in the market that boast excellent meat cutting performance. We have gone through them to find out the absolute best ones for cutting meat. If you are planning to buy a new knife, our list of recommendations will surely help you narrow down your choices.

We have also highlighted some qualities of great meat cutting knives to help you figure out which is the right one for you. Buy a suitable one, and you will fall in love with a tedious chore.

People Also Ask

The market is piped sky high with a huge variety of knives. Every manufacturer is coming up with new and improved models every single day. So people who head out to buy some suitable knives for themselves are overwhelmed with the huge range available in front of them.

They are confused, and this confusion gives rise to some questions. Some of the frequently asked questions about meat cutting knives have been answered below.

Can You Use a Bread Knife to Cut Meat?

Bread knives are long serrated knives that are suitable for cutting through bread without damaging it. You can also use them to cut some fruits and vegetables like lemon, tomato, pineapple, and lime.

When it comes to meat, a bread knife's serrated edges are more of a con than a pro. It can tear and mangle your meat because of the serrated edges. However, if you have a wider, scallop serrated bread knife, then you can use it to cut juicier and cleaner slices of meat.

Can You Use an Electric Knife to Cut Raw Meat?

Electric knives are an invention of modern technology to facilitate chefs in kitchens. They are versatile products that are known for their clean and precise cuts through soft meats. You can use an electric knife to cut through raw meat. But it is advised to avoid using it on bony meats as the blade can easily break if it hits a bone. 

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