Blackstone 17-Inch Griddle Review (2021 Guide)

| Last Updated: October 23, 2022

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If you’re a fan of outdoor cooking and travel regularly for camping and exploring new places, then the Blackstone 17 Griddle is an optimal choice for you. Since entering the market in 2005, Blackstone has made a great reputation in the industry for manufacturing quality griddles and grills

The Blackstone 17 Griddle is a portable flat-top grill for outdoor breakfast, barbeque, or any type of cooking. The propane-fueled unit is very light in weight, which makes it very convenient to carry it around on any of your hunting or camping trips. 

The article further discusses the many incredible features of this product by Blackstone. 

  • Portable and convenient size
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • 12,000 BTU even heat output
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Blackstone 1650 Tabletop Grill without Hood Propane Fuelled – 17 inch Portable Stovetop Gas Griddle-Rear Grease Trap for Kitchen, Outdoor, Camping, Tailgating or Picnicking, Black


  • Easy Maintenance
  • Effective Operation
  • Distribution of Heat
  • Portable and Lightweight Design


  • Limited Heat Output
  • Distribution of Heat

What is the Blackstone 17-Inch Griddle Best For?

The Blackstone 17 Griddle is certainly popular among the masses because of its various handy features. It gives you a complete package to take along on a trip or hike up the mountains without having to worry about the size or weight. Here are some of the features that make the Blackstone 17 Griddle the optimal choice for any foodie:


The Blackstone 17" Griddle has a lightweight design to maximize the comfort and convenience it has to offer to the user. It can be carried around easily by picking it up and moving it around. It can be packed up after use by flipping the top and putting it on the top of the rest of the grill.


Cooking for an occasion means cooking for a number of people; therefore, it can take some time. A wide cooking area with even heat distribution throughout the surface can be used to cook several meals in one go. This can save time and get the food ready more efficiently.

Easy to Clean

Not having to worry about cleaning is one of the best feelings. The same is the case with the Blackstone 17 griddle, as you don’t have to worry much about the cleaning part. A clean paper towel can be used to wipe the grill after use, and you’ll be done.

Blackstone Griddle 17 vs. 22 - Comparison Overview

The Blackstone Griddle 17 and 22 are both designed to be portable and versatile in nature, but they vary in a few different things. Let’s see the two main factors that differ one from the other 

Heat Output

The level of heat any food item requires to be cooked is not the same for all kinds of food, especially when it comes to various kinds of meat. Some food items can be cooked at medium heat, but the desired flavor cannot be reached. 

The Blackstone 17 has a heat output of 12,000 BTU, which might not be enough for some food, whereas the Blackstone 22 Griddle has a heat output of 24,000 BTU, which is quite adequate for cooking any type of food. 

Plus, the latter uses 2 H-burners to distribute heat.

Cooking Area

Outdoor cooking means you are in for lots of types of mouth-watering food, like eggs, kebabs, and much more for breakfast on a Sunday morning. This requires a good amount of surface area to cook multiple items simultaneously. 

The Blackstone Griddle 17 has a 260 sq inch cooking area, which is a decent number to cook only a few items. 

On the other hand, Griddle 22 has a cooking area of about 330 sq inches, which is more than enough to cook a number of items together.

What Do I Need To Know Before Buying?

Choosing the best burner can get a little confusing. Here are some of the factors to keep in mind before buying a certain product:


Firstly, if you’re looking to buy a griddle for camping, hunting, or tailgating, you would prefer a lightweight unit that can be carried around easily. Portable models like the Blackstone 17 Griddle are specifically designed to maximize their movement. 

However, if you plan on getting a grill for your backyard, you should opt for a heavier one.


The type of food you will be cooking has a significant impact on the griddle you should buy. Some food can be cooked without having to worry about getting high levels of heat, but if you’re looking to cook something heavy-duty, you should get a griddle with a higher BTU. 

Models with larger surface areas require more BTUs; therefore, you should know what you want.


Buying an item after lots of consideration and time spent just to find out it broke or malfunctioned after some time is disappointing. 

Therefore, it is important to consider units that come with a warranty because if you’re a regular user of the grill, it can be hassle being without a griddle and having to buy another one again.


After having a detailed look at all the specifications and features of the Blackstone 17" Griddle, you now have a much clearer picture in mind about the product. 

To sum it up, if you’re looking for a unit that can be carried around without much effort and has an effective operation for cooking various foods efficiently, then the Blackstone 17" Griddle will definitely be worth the money.

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