Best Outside Deep Fryers – 2021 Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: October 23, 2022

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Indoor deep-frying might be convenient for everyday use, but what about when you’re catering to a relatively large audience? Or you’re absolutely tired of your monotonous routine? If that’s your case, take it outside!

Outdoor deep fryers are a great alternative to regular indoor cooking for the reasons just mentioned and a lot more that will be discussed later on. They help you make the most of your time; you’ll be able to cook while also being involved in the friendly chatting that you’ll probably miss if you were cooking in the kitchen. 

To get a fine idea of what you’re going to be getting, read through our list of some of the best outdoor deep fryers in the market. 

Comparison of the Best Outside Deep Fryers

  • Made form strong long-lasting material
  • Comes a large cooking space
  • Can heat up quickly to desired temperatures
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  • It is made with a no-scourge design
  • Boast with strong construction
  • It has quite a large cooking area
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  • Best for the Money
  • Comes with easy grip handles included
  • Equipped with many safety features
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  • Best Outside Propane Deep Fryer
  • It has a large cooking space
  • This is made from high-quality materials
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What Makes a Great Outdoor Deep Fryer? 

For a product to exceed expectations and really hit the mark of what’s generally considered an exceptional product, it has to have some worthwhile features, right? So let’s see the features a trusty outdoor deep fryer should have to be considered great.  

Oil Filtration

Deep frying is a tough grind, and on top of that, it’s excessive in terms of the amount of oil used. But what can you do when the result is so delicious, right? 

You can’t minimize the amount of oil used, but you can make it reusable for later use. For this exact purpose, you need to hunt for a model that offers some kind of oil filtration. 

Outdoor deep fryers generally tackle this situation with a number of different procedures. Some may feature an oil particle filtration system for the small food particles, while others may rock a potent oil treatment process. 

Automatic Basket

A good feature to have in your outdoor deep fryer is an automatic basket. It’s motorized and moves the basket with your food around in the oil. The mentioned feature is a great way to reduce the amount of oil used and hence, the amount of oil transferred in the food. Consequently, it makes for a healthier option. 

King Kooker 1618

Control of Temperature

Each category of food requires a different level of heat to be cooked to perfection. For this reason, the temperature requirements in your deep fryer become crucial. The different types of deep fryers, which are discussed later on, highlight a distinct temperature control set up, i.e., mechanical or electronic. It’s better to buy a model that accents a temperature control system. 

Cold Zone

When deep-frying, it’s highly likely that your heavily-coated wings or breadcrumbed fish fillet will leave some of the food particles within the oil. These particles have somewhat of an impact on the overall taste of the items you fry next, provided you’re using the same oil. The bits of food and fatty substances can alter the oil and decrease the quality of your next fried sustenance.

So what do we do? We look for a deep fryer that incorporates a cold zone. This feature makes the food particles settle down at the bottom, disabling them from ruining your oil’s flavor. It’s typically installed further down the contraption. 

Aspects to Consider Before Buying 

While buying a good-quality deep fryer, there are some factors that make the overall configuration extremely worthwhile. The aspects that we’ve discussed below are of prime importance when you go out and buy an appliance of your choice. Considering these while making a decision will help you obtain good value for your money.  


The capacity is one of the most imperative aspects to consider because you don’t want to be frying a turkey in a deep fryer that has the smallest basket. Likewise, if you fry smaller food items, you can do so with a decent-sized frying basket, but it will need more oil for cooking

In order to get an idea about the capacity size of your appliance, look at the ratings for the basket size put there by manufacturers. The higher the number of cups, the higher the competency of your appliance in handling food that requires a great deal of oil.

Additionally, some models showcase a double fryer mechanism so you can cook two different servings at once. 

Safety Concerns

Safety should be the utmost priority of anyone and everyone, and with outdoor deep fryers, you’re bound to be more cautious due to their nature. Since you’ll be working with naked flames, it’s a good idea to have a fire extinguisher around. But an even better option is to buy a model that already comes pre-installed with the right safety features. 

Fryers powered by gas tend to have a lid to protect you from dangerous oil splatters while their electronic counterparts feature a break-off cord and shutdown features. The former keeps the power cord accident-free while the latter disconnects the power once your oil has been heated to a certain temperature.


Bayou Classic 700-701

BTUs or British thermal units give you an idea about your traditional heating unit and if it’s hefty enough for your needs. The standard 375-degrees Fahrenheit temperature that is ideal for most cooking instances is possible to achieve if your appliance has a BTU of at least 30,000. 

Always opt for a model offering a high level of BTUs. If you don’t, your oil will take longer to heat up and a lot longer to recover once the food is added. 


Nonstick appliances have proved to be a great innovation. They prevent little bits and pieces from sticking to the interior of the machine. 

Hence, you should choose an appliance whose interior comes pre-coated with a non-sticking material, facilitating the whole cleaning process for you. It also helps keep your food fresh and unaltered. 

Type of Material

When shopping for this device, you’ll come across two different materials, stainless steel and steel. 

While the latter makes the overall contraption more affordable, it’s also very likely to degenerate upon frequent use, owing to its expansion when heated. 

Stainless steel is a great option as it’s extremely sturdy and moisture-resistant. 

Willy's Top Picks - Best Outside Deep Fryers

Here are the best outside deep fryers:

  1. King Kooker 1618
  2. Bayou Classic 700-701
  3. Chard TFP30A

Review of the Best Outside Deep Fryers

So now that you’ve made up your mind on actually buying one, let's see which one will prove to be the best for your requirements. Check out the options we’ve discussed below. 

Best Overall:
King Kooker 1618

King Kooker 1618 16-Inch Propane Outdoor Cooker with Aluminum Pan and 2 Frying Baskets, Multicolor


  • Includes a temperature gauge
  • Stand is durable to ensure the safety of the chef
  • Great for large gatherings due to the large capacity
  • Dual basket feature is excellent for frying different foods without mixing
  • Remains steadfast even in windy conditions as the propane burner is close to the fryer


  • Low-quality pan and basket

What Recent Buyers Report

All buyers were extremely pleased with their purchase. Apart from a few saying the pan and basket were not of the best quality, they claimed that the burner was extremely functional. They also reported that the heat recovery time was excellent, and helped them cook food for a fairly large crowd of approximately close to a hundred individuals. It heats up very quickly. 

Why it Stands to Us

The King Kooker deep fryer is perhaps the most affordable option there is, considering the exceptional accessories included in the set. This appliance has a stand that features two pairs of jointed legs, so it’s relatively more stable than most models. Stability is a crucial feature to take into account because of the nature of these appliances. 

For food that’s cooked to absolute perfection, a frying thermometer comes in handy because it gauges the exact temperature the oil is at so you can adjust it according to your food item. This frying thermometer is an additional accessory that comes with this appliance, making the whole frying process a lot more effortless. 

Bottom Line

With such high-quality aluminum pans and baskets, your food is bound to stay fresh and your deep fryer, as good as new. The aluminum material further helps to keep the contents lightweight, making it easy to put the baskets and pans inside the fryer or remove them. All in all, King Kooker is worth every penny. 

Bayou Classic 700-701

Bayou Classic 700-701 4-gal Stainless Bayou Fryer Includes 2 Stainless Mesh Baskets Fry Thermometer Drain Valve High Pressure Regulator w/ 48-in Stainless Braided LPG Hose


  • Very easy to assemble
  • Specially designed V-shape ensures oil doesn't burn 
  • Heating time is very quick, and it stays hot for a long time
  • Includes two stainless steel baskets for moisture resistance and robustness
  • Temperature gauge to control the temperature according to the type of food being fried


  • Uses a fairly large amount of oil

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers seemed to love the drain valve installed in this device, making the cleaning process extremely facile. The assembly hardly took them about 20 minutes in total. It’s fuel-efficient and fairly compact for the amount of capacity it offers. What stood out to the most was that it holds the temperature no matter what you add in the oil.

Why it Stands to Us

The Bayou Classic 700-701 is an incredibly well-built product, especially considering its price point. It is light enough to carry and easily move around, but it is heavily welded and rock-solid, meaning no corners have been cut short. 

Its V-bottom design is what sets it apart from the rest with the heating tubes set a few inches above the bottom. This helps the oil on the bottom be comparatively cooler and ensures that the fallen crumbs and batter don’t burn off too quickly. Not only does this keep the cooking oil cleaner, but it also saves wastage as it can be reused. 

Another great design application is its robust heat exhaust placed at the back, regulating the heat and keeping it away from your legs.

Bottom Line

This fryer boasts a variety of features such as dual baskets, temperature gauge, lid, etc. at a modest price. It is a versatile product that is very easy to operate, and you’d be able to make delicious, crispy food in no time. Its amazing design is what we love the most. 

Best for the Money:
Chard TFP30A

Chard TFP30AC Turkey Pack-30 Qt Fryer, 30 Quart, Black, Stainless


  • Comes with a safety timer and hose
  • Ideal for your camping endeavors, tailgating, or backyard cooking
  • Features a heavy-duty aluminum stock pot and handles for easy grip
  • Offers 50,000 BTUs for extremely efficient and high heating temperatures
  • Includes a 12-inch thermometer so you can measure the exact temperature of your oil


  • Instructions are not explained well
  • Installed regulator has to be reset every 15-20 min, or the gas shuts off

What Recent Buyers Report

Users liked the product because they received exactly what was advertised. Most were unhappy with the regulator demanding to be reset every 15-20 min, but they thought it was a nice trade-off for the overall price and build quality of the appliance. They claimed that it heats evenly and cooks thoroughly. 

Why it Stands to Us

The Chard TFP30A is a very affordable product that does not seem to be substituting quality for a cheaper price point. It includes additional accessories such as the poultry rack and safety hanger, and the steel tripod stand is decently built. 

The aluminum stock pot can hold up to an 18lbs bird, and the auto-shut-off timer helps control the temperature, making the cooking process easier and more consistent. The side handles on the pot provide a nice grip and accommodates the overall design. 

At the price point, this unit is great to have to make your outdoor cookouts have more variety and won’t hurt your wallet.

Bottom Line

If you can get used to the regulator, this product will be a great addition to your cooking station and will help you delve into the delicious world of crispy fried foods with ease. It can be used for boiling and steaming as well. Plus, with this unit, you get all that at an incredibly low price point.

Best Outside Propane Deep Fryer:
Bayou Classic 2212

Bayou Classic Propane Outdoor Fryer Package with Steel Frame Cooker Base, Aluminum Fry Pot, Fryer Basket and Stainless Thermometer


  • Provides a one-year warranty to buyers
  • Showcases a 10-quart aluminum deep-fry pan for a tough and robust design
  • Well-built basket makes it extremely easy to empty the food once it is cooked
  • Includes a flame adjustment option that raises or lowers the flame as per need
  • Basket features a cool-touch handle, ensuring safety from touching a heated handle


  • Hard to control the flame intensity 
  • Pan/basket is smaller as compared to other models

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers labeled this to be an inexpensive outdoor deep fryer that delivers well above its claims. When you turn on the flame, very little heat is wasted, and the majority of it goes straight to the pan. Its design is extremely robust, and it is easy to set up and take apart. 

Why it Stands to Us

The Bayou Classic 2212 offers a complete set of cooking tools for you to fry and eat in style. Whether you’re using it for outdoor parties, camping trips, large gatherings, or anything else, you’re in for a real treat. 

The propane burner features a special leg design for utmost stability, and the extremely well-built aluminum pans and baskets offer longevity. The design additionally comes with a stainless-steel thermometer for maintaining a safe oil temperature each time. 

The handles of the basket are specially designed to be cool-touch to protect you from any burning mishaps. The flame adjustment option is the cherry on top. 

Bottom Line

To sum up, this product offers a one-year warranty, so you don't have to worry about your money going to waste if something goes downhill. Made for use with a 20-pound LP gas cylinder, it will surely deliver the maximum number of BTUs you need for each frying activity, all while ensuring excellent heating capabilities. 

Editor's Pick:
Bioexcel Two Tank Fryer


  • Lids over basket prevent oil splatters
  • Small enough for easy transportation and storing
  • Removable oil tank makes cleaning an extremely easy task
  • Includes two different frying baskets for frying different edibles at one time
  • Temperature display shows the exact temperature to cook your food perfectly


  • Most models do not heat evenly
  • Metal used in the appliance burns easily 

What Recent Buyers Report

According to buyers, this is a great product to have around. It’s easy to set up and fries your food in a few moments. They enjoyed having the two baskets, making it easier to fry fish and chips or onion rings and fries at once. That way, they could fry multiple items without having to drain the oil every time. 

Why it Stands to Us

The Bioexcel Two Tanker fryer is an impeccable choice for all your outdoor frying ventures. It’s small enough to be compact while still being spacious enough to fry a great deal of food items in one go. The capacity of this is phenomenal, which is why it’s ideal for commercial purposes or for a large number of guests. 

This propane-compatible fryer comes with a dual frying mechanism. It also comes with removable handles, aiding you in transporting it, and its stand when needed. Moreover, the oil tank is removable so you can clean up the fryer after use with extreme ease. 

Bottom Line

With a built-in temperature display to gauge the exact temperature and the ability to select the right one while cooking, the Bioexcel two tanker becomes an impeccable choice for all users. It surely is a bang for your buck. 

Types of Outdoor Deep Fryers 

If you can’t stand the heat, then take it outside! Outdoor deep fryers differ on the basis of their heating mechanism and can be powered either by gas or electricity. The type of appliance you choose depends on your intent of use. If your purpose is domestic, opt for an electricity deep fryer, and if it is mainly commercial, buy a gas deep-fryer.

Electricity Deep Fryers

With electricity deep-fryers, one of the top concerns revolves around the accessibility of electric power and the distance between your appliance and the power outlet. The reason why electricity-powered fryers are better for domestic purposes is that they’re not made for heavy-duty frying tasks. 

One of the advantages of these is that they constitute a power rating, providing you the option to adjust your heating temperatures according to what you’re frying. The other major advantage we’d like to mention is the safety factor. Electricity-powered deep fryers are a lot safer than flammable hydrocarbons, whereby being close to the naked flame can be seriously hazardous. 

Gas Powered Deep Fryers

Generally, natural gas or propane is used in these types of deep fryers. They overcome the drawback of electricity-powered ones where you can’t take them far away from the power socket. 

With a gas-powered appliance, you can take it wherever you please as the propane tank is within reach at all times. Designed for heavy-duty frying activities, this is a great option for parties or large gatherings. One of the cons we’d like to mention here is the overall impact of hydrocarbons on your surroundings and hence, the environment. 

Safety Considerations to Keep in Mind 

Since deep-frying is not the safest task in the world, you need to take some safety considerations into account, so nobody ends up getting hurt. They include:

Choosing the Right Oil

It is recommended to use non-flavored oil with low amounts of free fatty acids since it has ample oxidation stability. Different oils have different smoke points, which is the point of heat at which the oil starts to burn and produce fumes that give off a foul odor to the food and the surroundings. 

Using oil that has a high smoke point is crucial to saving it from burning too fast and also its reusability, thus creating less wastage and, in turn, saving money. 

Keep Water Away

Hot oil has a tendency to catch fire, especially if it is not properly handled or managed. For example, putting in wet food in hot oil will likely cause the oil to bubble, burst, and splatter. It can also catch fire, and it is essential you never try to put that fire out with water. Rather, keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case of such emergencies.

Wear Protective Clothing

Safety first should always be your motto when dealing with such high-risk commodities. Wearing full clothing, covering the arms, and wearing gloves can help protect you from splatters while protective glasses will protect your eyes. It is also suggested that you gradually bring up the temperature of your oil and put the food in before the oil becomes too hot. This won’t cause the oil to react as vigorously. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Outdoor Deep Fryers

Like all appliances, deep fryers rock some highly advantageous features but also a few drawbacks. We’d like to put everything in front of you so you can make a well-informed decision. 


Let’s first have a look at the pros:

Cook Fast For More

The purpose of deep-frying is to fast cook food, which is crispy on the outside and retains its moisture on the inside. Outdoor deep fryers help expedite the process, and with their spacious standard size offerings, they are built to cook for and feed large gatherings of people. Hence, most models have dual fryers.

Stay Cooler, Cleaner, and in Control

You have more control over the temperatures of your oil due to features such as electronic temperature control as well as your surroundings as the boiling fat doesn’t heat up the kitchen or you. This also helps eliminate the odor left behind by the heated fats.

Features to Make Cooking Easier

Such fryers are quite easy to assemble and safe to operate due to their features like overheating shutdown, indicator lights, temperature control, etc. Therefore, not only will you be saving lots of time, but it also will be making delicious food without much error.


On the flip side, some cons that you are bound to face include:


Heat and oil will always be a dangerous combo, making these products quite a safety hazard. 


They are an investment with a single purpose that is deep-frying and can be costly to operate as there is a large amount of oil wastage and electricity usage (in electric deep fryers).

Bioexcel Two Tank Fryer


Our final verdict is that these appliances are a great investment. Outdoor deep frying has its own perks. You can relish the beauty of nature around you instead of being confined in a small kitchen. It’s a lot less hot, so you’re not sweating the whole time you’re cooking a meal for your friends or family. 

This is exactly why choosing to invest in a good-quality model can go a long way. With each distinct model offering something unique, we’re sure you’ll find one that’s exactly what you were looking for. 

People Also Ask

Let’s now look at some of the most common questions that might come to mind when searching for the ideal deep fryer. We’re sure you’ll have a better understanding of the topic once you reach the end. 

Is it Worth Buying an Outdoor Deep Fryer?

Outdoor deep fryers are extremely advantageous. You can cook food a lot faster and more in quantity. Also, you’ll be able to achieve restaurant-quality food from the comfort of your home. There’s also less mess, and you can re-use the oil for several additional frying affairs. Hence, they can be a worthwhile investment. 

How Often Should You Change Frying Oil?

You can change the oil after you’ve had about eight to ten uses. This number, however, comes with a prerequisite. You need to clean and store your oil properly to increase its reusability. For this, always remove as much batter as possible from the oil after it’s cooled. 

In addition, use a mesh-strainer and a cheesecloth to further refine the oil of any left food particles. If you clean the oil appropriately, you can use it before it’s absolutely necessary to change it. 

Can You Use a Deep Fryer Outside?

Yes, you can. Outdoor deep fryers are designed so they can be used outside. You can either connect them to a power socket or use propane or natural gas to produce the flame for your frying activities, depending upon the model. 

What Can You Fry in an Outdoor Fryer?

You can fry anything you like in this appliance, whether it’s deep-fried desserts, small pastries, or chunky fries. You can make the old, fish and chips or cook a whole deep-fried turkey. The choice is up to you, and the possibilities are endless. 

Bayou Classic 2212

How Do You Store an Outdoor Deep Fryer?

Outside deep fryers can be very easy to store. Just store them inside in your pantry or a storeroom or outside in a shed. One thing to keep in mind is to keep it off and not turn it on when transporting or when it’s not in use. 

Another thing to take into account is that deep fryers do not work well at low temperatures. So don’t keep them in an unheated shed as the liquid fat can freeze, owing to the cold temperature.  

Can You Put a Frozen Turkey in an Outdoor Fryer?

You should never put a frozen turkey in an outdoor deep fryer. It’s very obvious that water and oil don’t mix at all. And when the oil is hot, and the water is cold, it’s a bigger mistake to combine the two. 

Always let your frozen turkey thaw at room temperature before you put it in for deep frying. If you don’t, the ice from the turkey will form into steam once dropped into the hot oil, causing serious health hazards and ruining your food.

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