Brinkmann Gourmet Smoker and Grill Review

The Brinkmann Gourmet Smoker and Grill is not only a great smoker, but it’s also from a brand you trust.  This smoker is a great tool to have for any backyard chef, it’s a smoker that produces delicious smoked flavor to any food, but then easily converts to a grill for additional options for your meals.  This smoker and […]

Bradley 4 Rack Digital Food Smoker Review

The Bradley 4 Rack Digital Food Smoker is the best choice for entertaining or just enjoying a good smoked flavor to your food.  This smoker includes four racks and is fully digital, so chefs can get the best flavor out of small or large amounts of meat.  It has 572 in² of space for roasting, cooking, and […]

Masterbuilt Electric 30” Digital Electric Smoker Review

The Masterbuilt Electric 30” Digital Electric Smoker is known for its innovation and good quality, with its powder-coated steel casing and four smoking racks, this digital electric smoker is among the best.  Turkey, chicken, pork, fish, vegetables, nuts, jerky, ham, sausage, and ribs are just a few of the delicious meals that can be smoked to perfection in […]

Meco 5030 Electric Grill and Combination Water Smoker Review

There are few foods more delicious than smoked meat. Rather than heading out to your nearest restaurant, you can easily smoke foods at home with an electric smoker. It not only saves you money, but you can also cook your food exactly the way you want it. To add to the benefit of smoking your […]

Cajun Injector Stainless Steel Electric Smoker Review

Sometimes, you don’t want your meat cooked on a grill or an oven. You’re simply craving that delicious, smoky flavor that results from using a high quality smoking machine. The meet comes out of that electric smoker tasting tender, moist, and absolutely flavorful. With the endless selection of electric smokers, it can be exceedingly difficult […]

Landmann USA 32910 Smoky Mountain Vertical Electric Smoker 32-Inch Review

There is nothing like finding a top BBQ meat smoker that is both easy on your wallet and meets your needs. The Landmann 32910 Smoky Mountain Vertical Electric Smoker 32-inch is that kind of product. With this powerful electrical smoke-box, you can easily make a professional-like BBQ for your entire family and buddies. This tough […]

Smokin-It Model #3 Electric Smoker Review

The Smokin-It Model #3 is the top dog when it comes to electric smokers. This thing will be able to handle all of your smoking needs and wants at a very affordable price. You will have a hard time finding another electric smoker that comes with all of the features that this beast has. This […]

Old Smokey Electric Smoker Review

The Old Smokey Electric Smoker gives a delicious smoked flavor to pork, beef, poultry, venison, and everything else you want to smoke.  Locking in the taste is easy with its flat-top feature, which allows constant heat for basting, causing your food to be less dry and so much tastier. It’s properly vented to aid in the […]

Smokin Tex Pro 1400 Review

The Smokin Tex Pro Series 1400 Smoker is a high quality, easy to use smoker.  Four easy steps and your food is ready to smoke.  Put in the wood, load your food on the grilling racks, shut the door, set to desired temperature, and allow the Smokin Tex Pro 1400 to do its job.  This smoker includes 3 stainless steel grilling racks, […]

Big Chief Front Load Smoker Review

The Big Chief Front Load Smoker is a very good electric smoker that comes with an even better price tag. You will be bale to pick up this smoker for a very good price and it is still one of the top 10 electric smokers currently on the market. This smoker allows you to smoke up to […]